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  1. Hello all, I would like to join the Alliance of Loreroot. [quote name='DarkElfMage' date='14 January 2010 - 12:47 PM' timestamp='1263491253' post='52738'] Hello all, I would like to join the Alliance of The Guardians of the Root please. [/quote]
  2. DarkElfMage

    The Sisterhood

    If Windy of Magic Duel wishes to make a Sisterhood guild then let her...She is doing no harm. -DEM
  3. haha, That's the gem, I shoved into Stormrunners mouth to destroy it... XD
  4. Here is my award winning portrait of the all powerfull Dark Lord Khal...Beware....yes...it is scary...due to the horror in this portrait I recommend 18+ years should view it. Khal.bmp
  5. I hate to be a pessimistic A-Hole, but I think the story is rather dry at times....There can be some good parts too though.....which then you could ultimatly argue that there is a balance and nothing needs changing....lol
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