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  1. Sacrificing

    or cookies!
  2. December thoughts

    Ungod, I am disappoint. What about "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?"
  3. December thoughts

    I would very much like to read your analysis of "I saw mommy kissing santa clause".
  4. I received 3 Gold from Eara today. Thank you!
  5. New Collectable Creature: The Wookie Cookie

    Faceless, the stats are an affectionate joke and would be in text only, not implemented in code. The numbers next to the stats are binary and spell out the name C H E W E T T XD The two pretend abilities are also just an affectionate homage. The only workable ability would be the one that gifts chocolate chips. Because chocolate is best gift in world
  6. This is not a creature for fighting, but a collectable to be awarded for a very special occasion, such as Christmas or MD Birthday. It is my homage to Chewett, who you all know has put his blood sweat and tears into MD and never asks for anything in return. On a personal note, it is my way of thanking him for being a friend who has helped me more than he may know. So here it is: WOOKIE COOKIE This Wookie Cookie is already maxed as it is the Chuck Norris of cookies. Combat stats and abilities: (Cannot be used as too op) Stats: Vital Energy: 01100011 Regeneration: 01101000 Defence: 01100101 Initiative: 01110111 Attack: 01100101 Power: 01110100 Coding: 01110100 Targets: Single/All Ability: [1337] Can use all abilities of the other creatures in the ritual and does so in alphabetical order. Ability: [brewup] When combined with a nice cup of tea, Wookie Cookie instantly demolishes the enemy ritual. Non-combat ability: Ability: [wookiegift] After a hard day's work, Wookie Cookie puts chocolate chips in the pockets of his friend.
  7. Thank you I can't quite believe that, congratulations to Mallos and dst. I would like the quarter staff please.
  8. WTS/WTT/WTB Stuff

    In that case I will bid against myself and offer 2 Gold 45 Silver!
  9. WTS/WTT/WTB Stuff

    I would like to offer 2 gold 25 silver for the shsmsh
  10. Thank you! Rophs also recommended this! Am trying it now, it is exactly what I needed
  11. Hi, I would really like to learn coding to help with quest set up and as this topic says I am a complete beginner. This is an awesome thread and very helpful, but it is not compatible with the way I learn something practical D: Does anyone have any advice/websites/time to show me a little the very basics in a more active form? I need to do it myself, practically, and then it will be easy for me. If so, please message me on the forum. I hope I explained myself all right! (Let me say again, there is nothing wrong with samon's post at all. There is something wrong with my brain in the way it learns things!)
  12. The Labyrinth and the Mind

    Comment removed