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  1. well it is quite interestin tumbler i must say
  2. even if ya are dead and unattackable, that doesnt mean ya are spell immune, if hit with things like prot-weaken ya gonna still lose yoar ve, but i still doubt its cuz of prot-weaken spell cuz then somebody would have to be persistant for yoar each afk session and had a whole bunch of stones, but still this is only viable thing that i am aware which could have happened, it simply must be a spell/item since it aint dead-mechanics and on another note there are players with spells which are exclusive only to them, and many arent publicaly revealed that they exist, so who knows, although i have
  3. isnt rep thingy a modification for ipb? in which case invision probably has nothin to do with it... >_> unless they made that mod by themselves
  4. i have a question would it be possible to add vote counter under rep thingy that would show how many people actually vote on that post in addition to final rep value for example post can have rep value of -1/0/1 or similar, but still like 20 people could have casted vote, i would like to know how many people actually voted
  5. or maybe lower mda gates base ap cost instead of ranting about visc
  6. a lil bump to the dyin thread, well heres another kewl screeny, nuthin extreme picture of mine alt family at its home location 50 accs all mp5s as ya can see (the dots in front of player name in scenes online list show which mp level player is) [img]http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/9082963/1024/Anonymous/minefamily.jpg[/img] [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5027"]alternative image link[/url]
  7. no... avy feature is free, first avy still costs 1 cred
  8. oh oh oh... why ya mention 6 waitin intervals in story multiplied by 15 mins before free roam? if ya checked then ya should know that mp3s can pass whole mp3 story WITHOUT waitin at all or by max wait time of 15min, its their choice, if they pick 15min then why wouldnt they wait 15min, its not forced on them, its their choice, if ya chose somethin on yoar own then ya do it no? also avy feature is already free in mdshop, one only needs to reach it, few days ago i got suprised on mine alt that once i got deep enough for avy feature it was given free, which is already very generous from md
  9. [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1345667673' post='120774'] I do not get any tangible reward. I get an item effect removed from me. That is all. I, as the Leader of the TKs, can use the Treasury as I see fit, bar a few restrictions, one of which, is that I may not use it for personal gain. Is getting an item effect removed a personal gain? No. I do not think it is, because that would imply that being killed is a permanent negative effect. Or that being "alive" is something that is a reward, not a normal state. A normal state is NOT a reward or a be
  10. can pls everybody stop with this troll posts "if i was alive", and not just here, but throughout whole forum, ty
  11. actually if heat values get higher for few mils, then creat price should go up as well, especially if its all about common creats without age whos only use is to get them infused, the person at loss here is the seller, so seller should be allowed to change price after such thing happenin
  12. buy the leash and get killed afterwards
  13. [quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1344364156' post='119606'] Our incomplete story mode can be confusing and is in some ways irrelevant to gameplay, yet it certainly contributes heavily to our culture with hidden meaning and symbology, gorgeous artwork, and (somewhat) personalized character development. If the (up to 24 hour) wait times turn people away and make them bored, can't we just do away with the wait times and stats/principles bonuses they give? You can make up all those stats in a short period of dueling and we all know it, but newbies don't. It would also be nice if the story wasn'
  14. exactly, thing is we dunt know how much of which coins are in use and how much of which coins are treasured (especially since theres no such thing as central banks so we have to assume that global/total amount of currency is same as amount of currency in use, due to assumption all coins are in circulation, unless we deduct coins from tks... since they are closest thing to bank) the exchange rate shouldnt be static, it should flow according to the amount of currency in use, and banks reserves should be used in order to maintain wanted currency exchange rate.... then we come to the other prob
  15. man MoM, ya got really worried by seeing that graph? that graph is short of few years ya should check out full graph... forgot where i saw it compare md in middle of 08 and now tell me if ya survived heart stroke cuz back then md had 10 times more unique visitors than it is largest number on yoar lil graph, more over number of singups for md in 08 and early 09 make up half of all md accs, nuff said
  16. [quote name='The Warrior' timestamp='1344204313' post='119360'] I see instantly that this leaves little possibility of changes in exchange rate many people regard 1GC = 15SC as the best exchange rate, but for me, and I'm sure there must be someone else who thinks alike, I prefer a different exchange rate when selling things. My personal exchange rate is 1GC = 13SC and any notes value I see as 1 less than printed (e.g. 10 Gold Note, to me is worth 9GC). [/quote] ya are probably one of few who realized it, when coins got released 1gc was worth around 15sc, and that value remained, however at
  17. thing that i dont comprehend is why ya want creds in exchange, ya sellin all yoar creats, and want creds while in mdshop there is pretty much only combat related stuff O.o
  18. man SOE is primary alliance of MB, not KOB soe badge is coat of arms of mb soe was made first number of seats doesnt mean anythin kob was formed coz mur wanted that each land has "civil" and military ally, otherwise kob wouldnt have ever existed more over military alliances in those days dont mean anythin, nothin is decided by them or by creat fights
  19. ooo look somebody is jelly cuz he aint in SOS and SOS purpose didnt change much since it was formed, granos was villain, eon is villain, only difference is they both have their own methods
  20. i dont understand why are ya tellin necros that one of their own is takin necro resources? if it were outsider then oke i guess, but like this O.o
  21. wait..... wut??????? game mechanics doesnt allows ya to leave aramory before ya get creats and click continue in story, there is no arrow, this scenario is only possible on mp4/5 but then its no longer the issue OR if ya got creats by trade that doesnt counts to system, so that might be problem, system predicts ya will HAVE to enter aramory, which ya cant leave before that shade thingy triggers with clickin continue in story so ya got creats by trade? or ya talkin for higher mp levels?
  22. yeah why not simply login normally on phone and then go to http://magicduel.com/bar/status.php which is mood panel link that ya would bookmark, SIMPLE
  23. [quote]"wait till next year to have a one in twelve chance to get the snowman your shooting for again"[/quote] that and happy bday akasha
  24. yeah in fact champ dome already has many purposes, i used it as an example since it somehow "already fits" with that story, i in no way propose for it to be used for that especially since i am against this whole idea in general
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