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  1. isnt it old useless bug when you keep clickin on names in online player list really fast sometimes medals and idle status of previous player accidently show on next player mini-profile?
  2. nad, look what i quoted, you colored word "multiple" yoarself, i quoted "succesful multiple uses", and mine point was on whole phrase mainly on "succesful" part of it, now you even have public confirmation from bugs, but yeah in short mine point was that if somethin looks incriminating it doesnt means it actually is, or in this case, eyes can see wrong (or they cant see at all) so in the end ya had one insufficent evidence which proved only that somethin is wrong, but which couldnt prove wut, ya gave answer to second question by yoar own indications, ya failed to provide evidence that proves
  3. siegh i dont blame ya for not understandin, there was a post by 3rd party person in here that actually said what this all was about, but it "disappeared" (skyarmy's post) now now now if ya really think somethin wrong happened, which by yoar reaction, ya obviously do, why dont ya contact bugs and/or council, they got logs of everythin they can easily check wut exactly happened, instead of askin others to do it in yoar place and get burned [quote]Report it to Council, let Council deal with it.[/quote] or are ya encouragin nad to push it to council for a trial? i am pretty
  4. nad ya are just shootin in dark, do ya have proof that its [quote]successful [color=#ff0000][b]MULTIPLE USES[/b][/color] of Herbs Basket[/quote] all you have with that screeny is that there are bunch of notifications of him collecting herbs in wrong place to prove that its not just bunch of useless notifications, you need multiple screenshots each containing one by one notification in chat and his inventory items increasing (so you need to see it in action at the spot) there are no indications on that screeny about time each action was performed either, moreover since it might be bug
  5. there ya go zyrxae explained it i am still here cuz of bits of antiquity that tends to get washed to surface by tides of time
  6. back then things were happenin, nowdays majority of players are passive
  7. md lacks old days and that godot thingy is very true
  8. [quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1349884039' post='123705'] Torah [/quote] php bible for wookies
  9. great post rhaegar as for external view on 90s war in here, i must say that world medias not only picked on serbs, when war starts somewhere everyone gets bad image, world gets divided on who to support or not to support, very important factor in addition to yoars arguments is the fact that yugoslavia wasnt the only "strong" country thats made of more ethnical groups, take a look around today, for example spain, uk, even france, there are quite a lot of countries that have internal struggles, guess who they saw in our case as bad guy, ofc they didnt wanted to support trend that co
  10. [quote] [b][color=#7E5132]Liberty[/color]: [/b]also a well known thing already but i must ask [b][color=#7E5132]Liberty[/color]: [/b]grasan lvl 2 cant be obtained at mp3, but if you have pimpy you can upgrade him to lvl 2 [b][color=#BC9434]Crash Test Dummy[/color]: [/b]post on forum [b][color=#7E5132]Liberty[/color]: [/b]there isnt mp level requirement for him, is that intended? [b][color=#BC9434]Crash Test Dummy[/color]: [/b]dont know, [color=#990000]Mur[/color] did it [b][color=#BC9434]Crash Test Dummy[/color]: [/b]probably not intended [/quote]
  11. woah you are giving away bigc, meru chi and ... what was the name of guy with bird... silver... pheonix? edit: think his name was tremir and role was silver pheonix alas... dude... ya givin away bigc... >_>
  12. aw man, tnx for all yoar help once moar, bb
  13. ya knuw ya have been on md too much when ya have made several failed attempts to quit the game
  14. [quote name='SkyArmy' timestamp='1349415012' post='123135'] Amoran [/quote] (eh???... w/e) DST
  15. [quote name='Vicious' timestamp='1349294284' post='122999'] fruit salad [/quote] omnomnomnom
  16. peacy-poo, lol, <3 dat, gonna call her like dat too XD
  17. he has appointment at plastic surgeon libby fyi hes gettin those mellons... XD
  18. [quote name='Chengmingz' timestamp='1349143331' post='122778'] Last Whisper (This is your solution) [/quote] personal message
  19. [quote name='Chengmingz' timestamp='1349139212' post='122774'] Ashe [/quote] thornmail [spoiler]played whole day with ashe... mine match history is horrible uff dat rammus, uff dat teemo, uf dat thornmail[/spoiler]
  20. error: cant kill greedo while loged out, please login first
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