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  1. Xcercses (ID: 53632, Days: 1088 of 1842, 59%)   Lands of the East: 456 Alliance: Caretakers   Haven't been active for a long time now, trying to get back on my feet. cheers!
  2. first of all, every single artwork of you is unique and great, nice to see you taking part in this quest about the judges, we are still searching for the right ones, if we do not find them then we (the Caretakers) will judge your Art's. so people, keep on rocking! you are awesome! hope to see some more drawings, [b]you've still got 2 weeks![/b] regards, X
  3. [quote]Please state any restriction you may have in the making of the drawings (or for the entry to be valid) or special requirement you may have[/quote] There aren't any Restrictions, you can use every type of drawing Material/Programm/etc.( only thing we expect is that People do not Upload any Pictures from Coffins(and Urns) that already exist, by taking them from the Internet) Regards, X
  4. Greetings Everyone! Many Deaths occured lately and so the Caretakers came up with a new Quest. the Ghost's of [u]Sagewoman, Chewett and Spartiatis[/u] are still haunting this Realm.....so what's the Solution for their pitty? right....a burial!!! But there is still a Problem that hast to be solved.....we need Coffins for the Dead ones(and an Ash Urn for Spartiatis of course) - [b][u]How to Start[/u][/b]: Draw a Picture of [u]a coffin for Sagewoman and Chewett, and an Ash Urn for Spartiatis[/u], that YOU think Suits best for one of those three(multiple paintings/drawings/etc. are possible), if you're finished then please post your drawing in this Topic so everybody can see them ([b]we do not accept Pm's![/b]) - [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b]: None, Everybody can Particapate in this Quest! - [b][u]Rewards[/u][/b]: For every coffin (or urn) the best drawing will be rewarded with 1GC and 5SC - [u][b]Quest Start[/b][/u]: Now! - [b][u]Quest Ends[/u][/b]: We will keep this Quest up for [b]3 Weeks or till they Revive, whatever comes first![/b] So Questers, The Caretakers wish you Good luck and [b]HAPPY COFFENING[/b]! [b]MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!![/b] [b]if you got Questions then feel free to state them here or Pm us.[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oigZEt99WdI[/media]
  5. will be away till wednesday, will finish it most likely on friday(for true this time ). Again Guillak, this Quest is Wonderfull, keep up the good work regards, X
  6. goodbye Marv, you will be missed may the evil butterflies protect you on your journeys!
  7. too late but i still wish you a happy birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday ledi! keep it up with....um....what ever you're doing!
  9. well, heres the party flyer, hope you all wil be able to come! [u][b] START[/b][/u] [u][b]15:00 servertime, day 266 on September 24th[/b][/u] [u][b]GAMES[/b][/u] A list of games that sephi provided you so you can play if it gets to boring (thanks sephi!) Team Up: The players will be secretly divided into two or more teams of an equal number of people. The Master of the game asks the group a question and everyone writes down an answer and send a PM to the Master, the answer is secret and should not be shown to anyone else. Then the Master read all the answers. The matches of a same team add one point. The winning team is announced at the end of the game. Code Phrase: Make a phrase with pictures and symbols instead of words. Here are some examples: instead of "I," draw an eye instead of "can," draw a watering can instead of "love," draw a heart instead of "be," draw a bee Mia: The minimum of players is three. Two dices; An empty room (since we don’t have how to play the dices covered, maybe Burns can help); Allplayers start with six lives. The dice will be rolled and the first player will receive a PM with the value. that will be one of these: 21 (Mia) (highest), 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 54, 53, 52, 51, 43, 42, 41, 32, 31 (lowest). The player then has three choices: Tell the truth and announce what has been rolled. Lie and announce a greater value than that rolled. Lie and announce a lesser value. After this move is the turn of the next player that now has three options: Believe the passer, roll the dice and pass it on, announcing a higher value - with or without looking at them ( The dice will be rolled and if the player choose to look at them (s)he wilI receive a PM). Call the passer a liar and look at the dice (will recive the PM). If the dice show a lesser value than that announced, the passer loses a life and the receiving player starts a new round. However, if the dice show a greater or equal value, the current player loses a life and the next player starts a new round. Pass the dice to the next player without rolling or looking at them, announcing a higher value. This relieves the original passer of all responsibility. If Mia is announced, the next player has two choices: She may give up without looking at the dice and lose one life. She may look at the dice. If it was a Mia, she loses two lives. If it wasn't, the previous player loses one life as usual. Auction: Each team receives 50 Coins (imagine them, you can see them..). Then, we have 5 spots which I will auction off!! Now each team will, with each round, bid for one spot. The team which has the most spots at the end wins, with the one bidding more receiving the spot, all coins bid are taken. If 2 teams bid the same amount, nobody gets it. Since this might happen, if a tie in terms of spots has been reached the team with more remaining coins wins, if that is also a tie, then the last spot won determines the winner. Each round has to have a minimum bid of 1 coin. In the example i will just have 2 teams. Example: Round 1 A bids 6 coins B bids 10 coins. B gets the spot, B has 40 coins left, A 44. Round 2 A bids 15 coins, B only 5. A gets the spot, A has 29 coins left, B 35. Round 3 A and B both bid 5 coins. Nobody gets the spot. A has 24 left, B 30. Round 4 A bids 1, B 8. B gets the spot, A has 23 left, B 22. Round 5 If A now bids 23 and B just 1, then A gets the spot but B has 21 coins left and the same amount of spots, so B wins. If however A bids 23 and B 22, then A gets the last spot, both have 0 coins, and thus A wins. Now if A only bids..2 coins and B 1, then they both have 21 coins left and A wins. If A bids 8 and B 15, then B wins because B has 3 spots (with less coins left). Clear enough? These rounds, according to speed, could be repeated...obviously the one who are good with psychology and counting have an advantage with this game. Edit: Obviously the bids have to silent, via PM to me. Liar’s dice: Unlimited Number of participants per game, just one winner. The rules are rather simple. The host creates a set of dices (1 to 6), 5 for each participant, and then sends out PMs to each participant with 5 'dices' for each. In the end, you should give out all the dices created, obviously. The participants then start to guess, based on the limited ammount of dices they see, what's on the whole 'table' (all dices together). The lowest bid is 'one 2', the highest bid '# of participants times 5 6es'. The 1 is an ace, and the number of 1s is added to whatever value is being counted. Once the first bid is given, the next contender has to either bid more (more of the same value, or a higher value), or call the previous bidder a liar. For example, Bidder A bids 3 2s, then bidder B bids 4 2s, then bidder A goes up to 2 4s etc., until one thinks that the other has gone too far and calls him a liar. Then the host, as only person knowing all dices, adds up if there are that many of the called value, plus the aces. If there are, the bidder wins, if the bidder was over, the person who called him liar wins. Avoid the snares (Hangman): Official Rules: In this version of the popular game of Hangman, anyone from Team Bunny that guesses a correct letter gets a carrot. Anyone who guesses the right word gets all the remaining carrots. But a Bunny that makes any sort of wrong guess is snared, drops their carrots, and can't make any more guesses. Whoever gets to eat the most carrots, which happens between words, wins. [Clarification: Session score is running total of how many letters you got in each of the words during which you were NOT snared. - Fyrd.] [b]MUSIC[/b] it isnt necassary to listen to that what we send, you can send your own links into the chat log if you want to. Sephirah Caelum Phantasm Xcercses [b] DRINKS[/b] hopefully nobody will take all the beverages away! beer absinthe red wine white wine grasan ferment distilled tears tequilla well thats it, hope that you people will come, i will mark directions so you can easily get to the pub. regards, X
  10. still some things left to do, will announce time and date of the party on monday, i hope you will all come!
  11. that was anyway the plan fire, we will announce it a week before it starts, so everybody can get there in time. thanks windy, thanks for the offer, same for you and sagie if you need something for your pubs. regards, X
  12. First of all i want to thank Phan, he was the one who spent his WP for the pub, thanks phan, i owe you one, free drinks for you a life long....I will gladly do on my job as the bartender, i will try to get as many people drunk as possible,we caretakers are also planning a big"new pub in town" party, with lots of alcohol and much nonsense i will announce it at the moodpanel and in the forum, i hope that many will come! we are also looking for a co-bartender, if you are interested then please send me a message ingame or forum ( same with waiters and waitresses) you can also come to the pub and speak directly to me. for IAB, havent heard much from him in the past, i will send a mail to him that we have "overtaken" the pub, hopefully he wont be angry about this. he's never at the pub anyway, and it would be better to have pub owners hanging around there. regards, X
  13. Xcercses


    well i got my name from a book for satanists when i was like 14 years(no i am not a satanist nor have i ever been one, i have found that book in the library and so i started to read a bit out of it.....weird that such a book lies around in a public library....) there was a list of demon names in it, i looked at the names and their descriptions till i found the meaning of Xcercses: "fourth demon high lord, once a great leader of his army but now sealed away for his betrayal on satan" or so, not sure if that was the correct description. a bit later i started to play the Browser game Tribal War, i had no idea which name i should choose when this name popped out of my head. thats how i came to my name and using it almost everywhere on the internet. so no it is not from the film "300" his name is spelled xerxes. "Edit": and no its not from persian history! happy Rhaegar?
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