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  1. i think we should be selective about what information to put....or it will make the world less interesting since it held less mysteries. frequent question: - adept? - MP level? - Adventure Log? - RPC? - Papers? - Avatar? - Protector? - Spell? - Mur? - Principles? - creature age?
  2. does every one in here who belief in god. ever thought that since the begining of time God only teach us ONE religion. we human taint His teaching thus differentiate it.
  3. @ Udgard. Hello Udgard.. Indonesian? i thought i live in Bali... :lol: I'm glad to have you around too brother.. @Dst Wow It's been several months? :shok: ...... i had a very very bad memory then....
  4. if my memory serve me well..... i was trying to say hello
  5. @ sish thank you Sish... that wins was unintended i was idling at that time and exreemly shocked that my name is up on the announcement. @ mishadowst thank you I gues i'm a new old player.. lol @ stormrunner aww come on.... just for me please?
  6. i'm just another lost soul in the MD land who happen to life a mediocre character.. in the begining it gave me hard time for trying to understand the game concept.... but till now i still got confused once in a while. so not much is changing. LOL..
  7. FumaKilla

    Alliance Bug!

    my loss counter only rise up when alliance attack me and score victorious. but my win counter never rise up when i won an alliance fight. fighting with nin alliance never change my counter. perhaps the bug dst found only works on older account?
  8. when is this darn war experiment ends? it's driving me mad.. i had full VE wanna try things..... :'(
  9. when you heard MP3 or MP4 and your first thought isn't a media format / player. when you replying e-mail you do it in hurry and looking for how much time left for the mail to be valid. you start dreaming beating the second loreroot guard.
  10. i manage to escape from dst but some how non alliance player can still kill me? any way when is this war testing thing ends? it reduce Magic duel the game in to magic duel the chat... i can only chat... nothing to do... just watching people pass by and asking "what happen?" frustrating in short.
  11. after reading all that.... O.o i feel so tiny
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