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  1. As soon as the black box touched Kross' hands, it seemingly dissolved for a split second, and moved as if it had a life of it's own. It still retained it's black color, and that made it a rather eerie scene, as if it was some sort of living liquid, yet not quite liquid, and not quite living. The box's form was warped, wrapping itself around Kross' fingers slightly, quickly forming a chain, and some sort of emblem wrapped along it, which did not fall to the ground, only because the chain had wrapped itself around the young one's fingers. It only took the box a couple of seconds to take on it's new form: A completely black necklace, with the form of two triangles, sideways, each pointing to each other. That was a hourglass, of sorts, though something was wrong about it: It was sideways. Even though it was only a symbol, it was quite weird. A hourglass couldn't have sand flow through it properly if it was sideways, on normal conditions. What this symbol represents is a perspective that can be explained with a single sentence: "Time does not exist." The reason for this is that, for someone outside of time, it is merely a string of events, each with a different distance from each other. Of course, it is not a single string, but for simplicity's sake, it can be explained in that manner. That may not be how Kross sees things currently, but, taking that idea in consideration, it doesn't need to be. It can be how he perceives things in the future, after gathering more knowledge. The meaning for all of that is up to him to discover by himself. But in the event that he does, he would then dedicate his life to understanding time, and seeing through it. I'm actually trying to make a whole Role a mere consequence of the outcome of a Quest. Well, that's it. ^^
  2. Well first, an explanation. This is just the basic idea for my Role, though it is indeed my choice, I suspect it is too soon to be posting this, so I write this small explanation. I'm planning to link this Role to The Black Box Quest, if luck allows me to be successful in it. If not, this post could always be changed. The only reason I'm posting this so soon, without any insurance of my success, is how well it fits together. One can only hope. Time does not exist. If someone is outside of it, understands it, somehow, they can see forward, back, and so forth. This is a very interesting concept, and it has grabbed my interest. And so, I've decided to dedicate my time to watching both the future and the past, however, I still do not know how that can be done. Therefore, my first objective is to gather knowledge on time itself, and how it can be altered, perceived, and watched. That said, I consider myself to be a Prophet Apprentice, or a Prophet in the making, or even a Prophet in training. Whichever makes more sense. This sentence, "Time does not exist.", was gathered from a symbol: A sideways hourglass. (This is going to depend entirely on how well I do on The Black Box Quest.) Maybe it was pure luck that brought me to see that symbol, and even more so that brought me to understand it's meaning. Or perphaps I didn't understand it correctly. But for now, I must focus on gathering all understanding I can about such things.
  3. Even though I've just recently joined, I might just give that a try. Who knows, I'm still thinking about a role, and then about an object that might fit it. It should take me a while, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it before the time is up.
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