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  1. i silver for one of the shop jokers
  2. chrispr

    WTT imp

    yes please close topic admin
  3. chrispr

    WTT imp

    im looking for a knator with some heat
  4. chrispr

    alliance idea

    i find it such a weird coincidence how an alliance that protects bob was created today mood: confused
  5. chrispr

    alliance idea

    ive been thinking for some time how i'm able to see so many alliances that protect the lands and/or creatures but take a look at zleiphner (dont know how his name is written) he is all alone protecting a tree that can bloom so beautifully, he is quite the player to admire, then i got this idea that there shoulb be atleast an alliance that helps zleiphner protect bob (trees name) and help him grow
  6. some things must be destroyed in order for it to grow greater
  7. chrispr

    WTT imp

    im actually looking to trade my imp
  8. chrispr

    WTT imp

    imp age: 27 stored heat: 15769 will trade when satisfied with trade
  9. i can offer 2 imps for you BP Heat: 52270 Age: 23 Tokens: none or Sharptear Heat: 0 Age: 0 Tokens: none
  10. chrispr


    would trade 2 imps for your Joker 764 days 1,385,006 heat Tokens: Claw1, emeraldglare, purplemoon, blooddrop1 and ill throw in 1 silver
  11. topic says it all age- 895 stored heat- 161549 bid will go on until stopped
  12. chrispr


    sorry but i cancel my bid
  13. 2 Angien 1 tokened claw I,kellethafire,emerald glare 286 days. 2 sc
  14. Name: chrispr MP-Class: MP4 Age: 265 active days Main Principle: Cyclicity Reason for applying: i liked the ways of how the alliance is neither good or evil
  15. please close topic already bought one
  16. i want to buy a pimped grasan i don't care about age but i wish for someone to sell it to me for a cheap price
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