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  1. Story time , and a new Journey

    Ah, it seems you've left the conversation, or deleted the PM
  2. Story time , and a new Journey

    As the next anniversary approaches, I'd sure like to get the reward I won for this. The creature was delivered by Chew, but the tour still has yet to happen. I sent a PM to the group message between Blackshade, Chewett and I back in December and received no response. I did manage to track down Blackshade on one of his rare visits to the mainland, and he told me the lighthouse needed to be fixed first. As no lighthouse was mentioned in this topic, I'm a tad peeved.
  3. Happy birthday Nim!
  4. Mega Creatures Auction

    No particular urgency, unless you're planning on running it for months.
  5. Mega Creatures Auction

    If nobody's outbid me in over a week, may I humbly request that you say so? Unless someone decides to outbid me after seeing this
  6. Mega Creatures Auction

    Angien - 563406 1gc15sc
  7. Mega Creatures Auction

    Angien - 563406 1gc10sc
  8. Mega Creatures Auction

    1gc5sc each for the three tokened angiens
  9. Mega Creatures Auction

    5sc each for all 5 angiens, or 1gc10sc in total
  10. Caretaking your heads!

    Pipstickz 29677 MP5
  11. Chat fight messages

    : Pipstickz gutted Ungod : Pipstickz thrashed *Sunfire* : Pipstickz cut in pieces Bathsha : Pipstickz BFH the WHITE As you can see in the fourth entry, one of the wins in the new chat messages for fights is empty.
  12. MB training ground

    Because it stopped being the MR's private training ground.
  13. All the other saws and axes and such have "This item is usable blah blah" in their description, but the Apprentice's Lumber Saw (ID: 9376) does not. I suggest it be added.
  14. Happy bday azull

    Happy broth-day!
  15. Ann 4268

    If you (Mur) are inspired to write more spell docs, then capitalize on that inspiration, totally! Now let's jump into the future for a second: Assuming more spell docs have been written and there's a way to distribute them in place again, I'd also like to see an implemented system for performing inner magic. It would make sense to have such a feature use the Research and Connections interface with some slight alterations.
  16. Story time , and a new Journey

    It's clear to me that dst is trying to boost your confidence and tell you to judge your quest independently next time I had fun doing this quest, and it gave me some confidence in my drawing ability. I know I'm not very good, but at least you can tell what it is I drew! Thanks for hosting, Blackshade!
  17. MD Meeting

    Here's a slightly edited log of the meeting today, full proper log coming from Chew later! Chewett: So im going to be changing how I work/code on MD Chewett: Each month I will set some kind of possible goal,etc, for the week Chewett: for th e month even Chewett: This means each month will have a single objective which I willattempt to coplete,a nd we wont be jumping around stuff Chewett: This month will be the fixed quest system Chewett: There will be 3 main aims to this current month. Chewett: The first is to allow a easier to access quest system as the quest page is dire. Chewett: This is to improve the visibility of quests and allow newbies to more easily find them withot the forum Chewett: One of the features will however be to link to a forum post so it wont be removing the use of the forum Chewett: The second part will be to publicize some of the internal MD quests such as the Lr guards, BPG and such Chewett: This will direct people to some of the permanent puzzles. This will also include the new quest chains people are working o Chewett: On. It means that if people are less sociable they can do Md quests, espicalyl in the time when we have fewer players around Chewett: The third, and most important IMO, will be opening it up to people running their own quests entirely indepent of MD staff. Chewett: They would be able to add/close/manage/etc their quests Chewett: This would let their quests integrate into MD just like the "permanent offical" ones Chewett: Hopefully these three will also let things like automatically leaving the gateway island rather easy Chewett: And reduces the need for people to be around as much, as we dont have many people at the moment Chewett: Does anyone have any questions about this months work, or the future plans for working this way? MRF: wouldnt it make more sense to have a story for the game to build quests off of first? >.< Burns: Does that mean people can make additions to scenes, probably with a25 features? Burns: Does that mean people can make additions to scenes, probably with a25 features? Chewett: What do you mean by a storyF? Chewett: That would be in the future plans yeah potentially Pipstickz: Chew, that second answer was in reference to Burns, correct? Chewett: Yes MRF: like story mode was... some idea and basic goal to work towards when you first start the game Chewett: The first quests, will be kinda like story mode Chewett: Without creating much lore, etc Pipstickz: So, is it fair to say elimination of canon lore is a goal for MD? Chewett: Nope Chewett: MD has canon lore Chewett: You think it doesnt? Burns: less question, more suggestion: you could split the quest page into permanent and player. Chewett: There would be various filters, difficulty, time, etc : Pipstickz shrugs Burns: make the chain quests appear in that section one after the other, have the finished ones tick themselves off Chewett: Yeah there would be quest chains, and other tuff Chewett: Like in the first gateway ones would be shown at the top Burns: alright MRF: [Spoiler: isn't md about using the story and environs for self discovery like zen?] Chewett: The first quests will suggest canon and ideas, while showing them most of the mechanics Chewett: You first draw in the many players with the mechanics, then you pick out the few with lore Chewett: Before we did it the other way, and reduced the pool too fast *Sunfire*: are the adds still running? Chewett: Not atm as far as I am aware Chewett: but maybe they are... not sure *Sunfire*: *nods* might as well shut them down until that questwork is done *Sunfire*: once we got a good foundation to welcome them it might be more productive Chewett: Indeed I think thats fair Chewett: With a more automated start which teaches people how it works, I think it should give a decent amount of guidance Chewett: Miq is doing wonders but he is one person Chewett: I think that Mur put him is a crappy position espically with BR and Fang disappearing Chewett: But he is wonderful and needs more support Chewett: The first couple quests will not just be automatic, they will require getting things from players Chewett: So it wont be 100% automatic Chewett: Afk for 10 minutes while I do washing up Chewett: The life of a rockstar me Chewett: We could bring back PC maybe, but Mur wants gateway to be "the thing" Chewett: so... not sure *Sunfire*: let it be "the thing" when we can support it? Chewett: Thats a fair argument Pipstickz: So, will requirements for unlocking the quest page change? Chewett: As in,adding quests to it? Pipstickz: Talking about the current requirement of giving 3 WP, or whatever it is Chewett: The current requirements, are that, or ping me a good quest and I give you access. Chewett: So no those wont change Pipstickz: So then, will WPCodes start to circulate more, in the future? Chewett: maybe, are they not circulating as much as you waant? : Pipstickz shrugs Pipstickz: Just refering to a hypothetical future with more newbies *Sunfire*: then there will need to be more quests Chewett: Probably *Sunfire*: but looking at the birthday, we are a bit burned out on creating those Pipstickz: Which chained quests should address? *Sunfire*: those are fixed, we'll need some originals in between now and then, for ewample to fill the festivals Chewett: I want to work with someone, or a couple people to implement the first chained quests Chewett: using the new quest system Chewett: considering th enumber of people I am very happy with the birthday Pipstickz: Why do they need to be original, Sunfire? Pipstickz: Valoryn's quest is a great example of something tradition-based, rather than original *Sunfire*: so we vets can do them too? Chewett: Sorry sunfire, you mean the chained quests? *Sunfire*: what i mean is quests that are not from the chains and are not reruns of past quests Chewett: And the gateway quests? *Sunfire*: i mean quests independent of the chained or gateway ones *Sunfire*: "normal" playercreated ones Chewett: Those could be made permanant? *Sunfire*: what i mean is that we cant "survive" on the chained quests alone Chewett: True true, but if you make a decent number, it can start things off right? *Sunfire*: ofc *Sunfire*: it's a problem for long term i guess Chewett: if people can finish 20+ quests we have shackled them to MD Chewett: To be less flippant, I hope by then they will be more involved in social aspects of MD Chewett: I want to start up some of the monthly things *Sunfire*: just cant get them to fall into a dark hole afterwards *Sunfire*: ahh thats good as well, sparking a bit of differeent interests Chewett: Indeed, to start with I want to start the HC up every 2 months Chewett: Minus the medals to start with : Pipstickz cheers Chewett: Anyone have any final comments before I go play some awesomenauts
  18. The Path to Pipness

    Complete at least three of the following five tasks to qualify (though, you won't assuredly get one for just finishing three, depends how much participation) for a reward. Obv if you complete more, you stand a higher chance of getting a better reward. What are the rewards? Uh...gimme a break I rushed this together yesterday! Will update later with personal sponsorship(s), and ofc you might expect some birthday rewards too! Incase of ties, your performance in the RP, research and/or diplomacy sections (or combat / resource sections if you feel you did something creative enough) will be judged to break it. To begin, post your ID, playername and a screen of your current win/loss counter and your current resource inventory, all with server time visible. To end, post lots of screens as proof of your deeds! Combat Gain 20 victories and 20 sheaths ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** These MUST be counted on your daily progress, meaning some players will have a disadvantage, this is intended RP Design and perform a dance / ritual / play / event depicting the story of your character as you see it Collecting / Trading / Processing Bring 10 water, 10 lumber, 10 bones and 10 of a mined material -One combined or processed (subject to the judge's discretion) item may be used instead of one set of 10, as long as you provide screenshots proving you didn't have this item or its composite materials before the beginning of the quest- Research What happens when a sworn enemy of Necrovion dies to one of its citizens? Why does this relationship exist, and are there parallels in other lands? Diplomacy Convince somebody to lend you their most precious creature for a day
  19. The Path to Pipness

  20. The Path to Pipness

    Submissions must be received by Sunday the 7th to be eligible for Anniversary rewards. I plan to continue holding this quest afterwards, so if you don't have enough time to finish before then, fear not!
  21. Humbly Stepping Down

    This exemplifies the weakness of any claim to Eastern Rulership that Sunfire might think he has: His own description, which he chooses to wear via the tag interface, states that he doesn't serve any land. The symbolism and meaning behind this action cannot be denied.
  22. Story time , and a new Journey

    : Pipstickz grabs a Golemus Golemicarum Flag. : Pipstickz arranges some branches and lumber in a campfire : Pipstickz strikes a heat stone against his basic iron ingot until a spark catches and the fire is lit : Pipstickz places some water in his empty paint can and places it beside the fire : Pipstickz plants his walking stick between the two : Pipstickz plucks a thorn from one of his flowers and uses it to carefully sew the Golemus Flag onto the walking stick : Pipstickz stands in front of the flag : Pipstickz bows his head : Pipstickz clasps his hands together : Pipstickz prays to Kelle'tha
  23. Story time , and a new Journey

    Drawn in pen, painted with fingers
  24. Story time , and a new Journey

    : Pipstickz clears his throat : Pipstickz places his Final Argument on the ground just off the centre of the Park : Pipstickz balances one-footed on the Final Argument Pipstickz: Hear ye, hear ye! Pipstickz: The Feral Queen of the East shall tell a tale! Pipstickz: Once upon a time, there were players crawling these streets at all hours Pipstickz: They were so distracted with asking each other if they could fight each other, they didn't notice my coming! Pipstickz: Some Shades came together to make a short exodus from Necrovion Pipstickz: They slithered down the Road of Battles, and left in the Paper Cabin a small, brown tuber Pipstickz: At the same time, from the heavens rained down a meteorite! Pipstickz: It sped through the opening in the roof of the Cabin at precisely the same moment the Shades placed their tuber Pipstickz: The two objects collided, and so I came to be, two wholes of a half, or something like that! : Pipstickz collects his Final Argument, and moseys on home