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  1. Story time , and a new Journey

    Ah, it seems you've left the conversation, or deleted the PM
  2. Story time , and a new Journey

    As the next anniversary approaches, I'd sure like to get the reward I won for this. The creature was delivered by Chew, but the tour still has yet to happen. I sent a PM to the group message between Blackshade, Chewett and I back in December and received no response. I did manage to track down Blackshade on one of his rare visits to the mainland, and he told me the lighthouse needed to be fixed first. As no lighthouse was mentioned in this topic, I'm a tad peeved.
  3. Happy birthday Nim!
  4. Mega Creatures Auction

    No particular urgency, unless you're planning on running it for months.
  5. Mega Creatures Auction

    If nobody's outbid me in over a week, may I humbly request that you say so? Unless someone decides to outbid me after seeing this
  6. Mega Creatures Auction

    Angien - 563406 1gc15sc
  7. Mega Creatures Auction

    Angien - 563406 1gc10sc
  8. Mega Creatures Auction

    1gc5sc each for the three tokened angiens
  9. Mega Creatures Auction

    5sc each for all 5 angiens, or 1gc10sc in total
  10. Caretaking your heads!

    Pipstickz 29677 MP5
  11. Chat fight messages

    : Pipstickz gutted Ungod : Pipstickz thrashed *Sunfire* : Pipstickz cut in pieces Bathsha : Pipstickz BFH the WHITE As you can see in the fourth entry, one of the wins in the new chat messages for fights is empty.
  12. MB training ground

    Because it stopped being the MR's private training ground.
  13. Happy bday azull

    Happy broth-day!
  14. Ann 4268

    If you (Mur) are inspired to write more spell docs, then capitalize on that inspiration, totally! Now let's jump into the future for a second: Assuming more spell docs have been written and there's a way to distribute them in place again, I'd also like to see an implemented system for performing inner magic. It would make sense to have such a feature use the Research and Connections interface with some slight alterations.