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  1. Totemizer not dusty enough!

    It seems to me the totemizer only eats one Timeless Dust when creating totems, unless I've got the magic touch! (or something else is going on I'm failing to realize, as is always my concern in MD :p)
  2. So how do we measure time in MD?

    I think you're tying yourself in knots Ungy... Here, have a kasha (cache?)
  3. So how do we measure time in MD?

    I mean there's instantaneous velocity vs average velocity distinction, instantaneous is technically immeasurable (I think) but it's still calculable and therefore "real" enough for me at least. Sorry! Hinting and alluding is second nature most of the time! Do you remember your childhood memories in order? Or are some stronger than others, and so they come to mind first? That's how it is for me, everything's a jumbled mess...none have timestamps, I have to figure out from context every time I try to recall something. Similar deal with MD's time, in my mind. It's not a line but a plane with peaks and valleys (literally and metaphorically :p) Cyclicity governs essentially all our perceived time within MD, actual time principle does other things, or perhaps it's a combination of the two. Though my intuitive understanding says Time Principle governs things that are not time itself within MD. Also welcome back ignnus, stick around! (or maybe you've been lurking all this time) Plz find me ingame if you can, I'd love to chat.
  4. Just give me the news

    It could all be lies

    Exciting over fair or the right thing at the right time

    Everything is clear

    Just how you described

    The way it appears in a world possessed by the human mind

    1. Pipstickz


      Then I think I smiled...

  5. So how do we measure time in MD?

    I measure time by the server clock, my regen timer, my tools and attack cooldowns, etcetcetc Why don't you ask him?
  6. Reviving this topic so we can have some debate about the value of Brilliant Diamonds Pure Gold has value already, it's basically set, but to my perception nobody wants to trade Diamonds because they have no set value, so their risk aversion / sunk cost fallacy says "Don't do it", so currently they're useless. Let's change that, please! I heard funsire has some secret plans, but someone else's scheming isn't going to stop be pushing forward. I say we set a value of 2-3gc to begin and see where it goes, or perhaps a set value of a stack of resources no matter how many there are in that stack.
  7. So how do we measure time in MD?

    As me, the player or me, the character? The character has a bit of trouble with the idea of time as a whole.
  8. So how do we measure time in MD?

    Sorry I must have lost this in the shuffle of all the anniv/plushie stuff! I remember an English teacher telling me "fiction should always be referred to in the present tense"
  9. Sushi Bar & Gallery

    So beautiful! I've been gushing about this stuff since you showed me the first time Sushi! Keep making pretty arts pleeeaaase *drooling*
  10. A more readable Adventure Log

    Yes! That way I won't go idle while reading it! That's what deterred me the first time(s) I tried and I just never bothered to try again...it's been a fun and interesting challenge putting the story together based on folks saying things like I (or others when I eavesdrop! ) should know what they mean (and checking individual pages for reference every once in a while)
  11. Herbs

    To continue the gentle purpose of this topic, I spied Sharazhad over-harvesting memory stones within my borders today. I informed her of the generally accepted rules of harvesting resources, and we then had a short tour through Eon's new-to-him mansion while our (my!) tensions cooled. Now that she's been properly warned and educated, I deeply hope not to catch Sharazhad doing so again, else I worry at the implications for her fellow citizens of Loreroot. To my fellow Easterners, some of you may disagree with me personally on some things but I hope we can all agree that our land should remain properly maintained and well guarded from ignorant outsiders or greedy opportunists and so I'll go forward under the assumption you all share my sentiments on this issue. Belief or disbelief rests with you.
  12. Happy Birthday Azull!

    Happy birthday good sir!