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  1. Hmmm, even if i Am against the Transformation or transmogrification of creature, I find that the Elemental, being a neutral creature, could be "bent" to another form... a Shadow Elemental/Light Elemental perhaps?
  2. Ah, well the only conversation i had with you was about the message i was sending this was the one you gave me last time: "We ask that you honor the rules of the Dojo. This location is now a safe zone for the study and practice of rituals. You may fight here, but only by mutual consent as in a real world dojo. Please see forum topic 2001, The Way of the Dojo. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.p...opic=2001" This was for the MP3's, i will update it to the new one you just put here. as for the MP4 im still using the "tougher" message: "A dojo means you cannot attack anyone you want, you must have mutual consent or explicit writing in the chat to "free to attack" For more information refer to the Magic duel Forums: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=2001 Your name has been taken down into the archives as first offense." ~Kadeshi
  3. Well, i saw Wodin Walking around and even talking in front of the Necrovian gates, so i am guessing that he is Reborn/Reincarnated/resurected or any other Re- you can think of XD
  4. I have already applied in the "way of the Dojo" thread, but i would like to make it an official candidature. I know i have not seen much of you around, but you may ask Eigger, Elias and Morrel about the time and effort i spend in the Dojo. I wisht to help around with knowledge, rituals and even some MD history when needed ~Kadeshi
  5. i have this exact book at my house but there are tons of images on google: Necronomicon
  6. Thats wierd, evry time i see a Grassan i think of: Warcraft 3 abomination: DotA's Pudge: anyways... they are both cute XD ive had MANY debates over Pudge already ~Kadeshi
  7. The Shades and Angians, we know there has been a war before, where both fought "face to face", humans were once the "collateral damage" of the old war. Now we are on the front lines of the conflict. Both Angians and Shades obeying some Old Laws, do not Enter each others land. They are almost like Old Teachers that do not interfere, but merely watch thier student bikker among themselves, never leaving their lands. Wodin could but would not enter Necrovion lands (confirmed in person). Why dint Wodin destroy the House of liquid dust? it is a spawning point, or at least a path or storage the Shades use. Also some have speculated the the Angians are Faceless, but in a way the Shades who are a mirror of the Angians are also Faceless. To quote the Shade sentinel: Listen to me i challenge you all find my face behind the wall as you rise so you should fall But when the Necrovian found him, he did have a face, oddly, he looked exactly like the Necrovians imagined what he would look like. Perhaps the shades are mearly showing them what they want to see, reflecting their vision of them, back into their minds. The shades are not acting entirely to blame for this rising agresion from the necrovians, they have been the pray of agressions from the Golemus wizzards. First by Binding a Shade to themselves, studying it, then by Summoning a warrior to eradicate them. This was reguarded as An abomination and a "breaking of the Ballance" by the shades. What the Angiens have thought of this Act is unknown. Tho, perhaps they would not apreciate a creature of pure light, but non-Angien... Furthermore, It has come to my attention that the Binding and Summoning, might have been done by the same wizzard and may of have been overseen by Morpheus. What ever happend to the Bound Shade is unknown. My theories are: The wizzard that sacrificed himself to summon Wodin, actualy became part of Wodin... Since the shades are actualy corrupted decendents of the Angiens, perhaps the Bound Shade was studied and the Golemus wizzard found a way to revert it it back to its Light energy. But it has lost so mch of its "angienity" that it was another form of light being... Wodin. Now that the "Abomination" is vanquished, either the Shades will calm down or double on the attack now that no oposition will interfere in their actions.
  8. Yes it is a full time job keeping the peace, ive personnaly been attacked at least 50 times. ive sent out about 100 Info and warnings. Most ppeople are very open to the idea once it is Explained to them. I would like to add a rule to remove any Adept spam (Yes even by SmartAlek), In my opinion the dojo should be a place of honnor and learning, not a place for publicity. I personnaly dont like the idea of the obligation of being an adept to share knowledge. I would like to send a shout at Elias, Eigger, Ivorytower for all the hours they spend in the Dojo. Also a big thanks to Morrel and SmartAlek for some great Healing and Avenging. ~Kadeshi
  9. ROFL. The tree is awsome, i have still to get why he has a bling crss, but the glasses are defenite nice touch XD. The dragon "vapor" looks weird because, he seems to be ehaling than inhaling it back again >.> i would think that it would just dissipate in all directions. but yea great job on Khal (my personal fav), you, and Killer.
  10. Since i have learned so much from Meiche and Yami no Sakura, that i wish to become a Helper at the Dojo. I will answer questions, assist with heal rits, send PMs to first time offenders, and even hunt down recidivists. ~Kadeshi
  11. I have seen many a Necrovian, speak of ballance. More specificaly, "New Ballance" i do not know what this will lead to. but they wish to destroy Wodin, and any who take his side. Wodin and the Golemus are not Free from blame tho, in the Binding of a Shade, and then Summoning a non-Angien being of pure light, they have indeed upset the Balance of Old. Weather this is due explanation and validation of the extermination of Wodin and his "Brightlings" is a matter up for debate.
  12. First off, About the house itself, i keep wondering if it is boarded up to keep us out, or to keep something locked in, and if it is something locked it, what is the dust then, a by-product of of this detention? a catalyst to the detention? or an unintended side effect of an experiment? (perhaps a result of the Golemus experiment to control a shade? as stated by the Shade sentinel) From what i know, Shades are a mirror of the Angians, so where ANgians reprisent Light, day, Wind and the sky; The broken windmill (anti-air), Liquid dust falling from the house onto the ground (oposed to the Specs of light rising up into the air from the Angiens city) It also seems to exist solely in the dark, and be almost solid when contained in such a manner (uneven planks holding it in), but when touched by light, turns to liquid, and when long term exposure leads to total disintegration of the dust.
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