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  1. Mini quest 6 riddle: You are a milkman and you take to your rounds one morning. Start with 200 pints of milk. In the first street 25 pints are delivered, and 2 are dropped. In the next street none are dropped, but ½ a pint is given to a stray cat, twice as many pints are delivered on this street as the last. In the third street, asleep at the wheel the cart ploughs into a tree damaging 50 pints and rendering them useless. 12 pints were delivered before the crash. If over 60 pints were remaining, what colour eyes does the milkman have? [spoiler] Whatever colour eyes the reader has. First line: YOU are a milkman, the rest is a diversion. [/spoiler] --- Other --- Purchases and sales remain unknown, but a gross profit of £4,999 was achieved. The mark up is 25%, what is the margin? [spoiler]If the mark up is 25%, then total sales are £24,995 and purchases are £19,996 therefore the margin is 20%.[/spoiler]
  2. [quote name='I am Bored' post='18654' date='Oct 20 2008, 12:18 AM']Way open to everyone: (unkown)[/quote] Mur tells us that the way for everyone is simply when the gates have been opened by someone able to open them. Once they are open, we can all enter freely, once closed we can not.... unless I have misunderstood...
  3. [quote name='Udgard' post='18189' date='Oct 10 2008, 03:42 AM']I'm on an alliance, so it moght end up frozen again... Though I might have to take drastic measures and farm losses again if people start to lose their balance again as well.[/quote] Same, although I'd rather balance remains.
  4. Credits. Then, at the end of a period (say a month) the alliance takes it credits and distributes it to it's members (after 10% tax!). So, let's say Mr Anonymous is a mercenary, and for whatever reason MRD decides he needs some more cannon fodder for his upcoming war. (Events completely fictitious!) He gives the Mercenary alliance 1 credit and that mercenary then appears in the MRD Fraternity for 24 hours. This happens, say 20 times in a month between various people & alliances. Come the end of the month, 2 credits would be deducted for tax, and the remaining 18 distributed between the mercenaries team. Thus increasing the people amount wanting to be in said alliance, and as such, increasing the difficulty of actually getting into it, and indeed the selection process taken by the leader. If possible, at the end of the 24 hour period, a list of alliance battles fought should be presented to the person who hired the mercenary. The mercenary should also remain anonymous, his name should remain in the mercenaries alliance list, but a fake name ought to appear during combat and what not (when he is fighting for a client). The person who hired the mercenary shouldn't be made aware of the persons real identity either, only the leader and the mercenary should know the true identity. Also, when not in a clients alliance, No Mans Land ought to be their homeland. Lastly, it would open some great RP opportunities... "In a dark alleyway, two robed exchange items silently. The taller of the two passes to the other some coins, while the other hands over a scrap of paper. "His demise is at hand, consider it done" They nod at each other and depart in separate directions, never revealing the face under the robes to the other." (Obviously better written). Or indeed... "Smashing through a throng of guards and henchmen, Mr Anonymous wades through with force, men fall before him. Heads rolls and blood drips from the ceiling, the carnage left in his wake is... unfathomable. His determination is like no other, arrows pierce his armor, axes fly past his head and his blood trickles from every orifice... and yet he continues onwards, as though possessed by some incredible power. Eventually, he comes to the end of the room, brining his axes squarely into the chest of the final guard he looks up at their leader. "If you will not pay... you will pay DEARLY!" The leader grimacing, takes up his sword and lunges at the mercenary, grinning Mr Anonymous brings around his axe parrying the leaders blow and kicks him in the chins, bringing him to his feet. "Your end is at hand" The axe comes thundering down into the head of the leader with such force that the head, neck and chest are ripped open, blood gushing from the massive impact, Mr Anonymous grins and walks off to seek a doctor." OK.. too long... I got carried away... and that also needs cleaning up... but you see the AL possibilities no? Might be a bit much, not sure...
  5. You meet a girl in a bar, and when she asks your name you reply Dragoonus...
  6. [quote name='lightsage' post='17602' date='Oct 1 2008, 09:24 PM']yeah well... I have my ways but they're like bugs, not aloud to tell =p PS yours is nr 123 dst =p[/quote] I'm 208, the way I found out wasn't much of a bug though...
  7. I enjoy stage I much more then stage II. Stage II relies solely on good rituals, which is fine, but I enjoy the hunt, the chase and the banter of Stage I (ask Udgard, dst and Cirith, they chased me all over the place in an attempt to get my heads... it was a lot of fun, for them too no doubt.). It is unfair, alliances do get the one hour advantage, true. But they also have more enemies, and generally get less AP. You can overcome the AP issues with an altered perception of time of course. And I say more enemies as we have to look out for alliance members of the other mind power levels, and believe me strength isn't what it takes to win... it is finding the right ritual for your opponent. For every ritual, there is an opposite. (Although in dsts case, you will need a lot of stats beforehand). The heads contest is fun, this is what it sets out to do. It is not meant to be taken seriously, I do not dislike anyone who took my heads, nor do I harbour any ill-thoughts to any one I stole heads from, I participated because it was fun, and I will likely participate again next month (if I can get my honor back up before then!). The contest is unfair... but like a certain wise somebody said earlier... it is unfair to everyone in some shape way or form, and thus, by some crazy logic... that makes it fair... maybe...
  8. [quote name='stormrunner' post='17524' date='Sep 30 2008, 06:34 PM']dragoonus that is both a good idea and a bad one it makes sense but it's no better than the first come first serve system[/quote] It means older players get priority (assuming it isn't random) it is first come first served... but first come first served to the game, as opposed to the first who gets online once new avatars are added. I suggest this because I think older players deserve an avatar before others, and if it were just to be random, somebody who has been playing only a few weeks may get an avatar and then stop playing a few days/weeks later... seems like a waste of an avatar (this is true of the current system also).
  9. I have another option. Once the avatars are ready, they stay there for say 24-48 hours, and several people can put in an interest to purchase. At the end of the period, it is either given randomly to someone, or it's given to the player with the most days...
  10. It's happened to me a few times in the past, with messages from Rick Blood... to tell the truth I simply forgot about them... Anyhow, the error is simple, I receive a blank message (I think in all scenarios they have been replies... long time ago since the Rick Blood messages though... so could be wrong) [img]http://www.firegoon.com/images/odd.gif[/img] I have all MD shop extra features that pertain to the messaging system, and I have rarely deleted any messages (although of course the system deletes any old unsaved messages after a certain number is reached).
  11. *shrugs* Alliance isn't the biggest issue in my opinion. It's people going places few others can. The heads contest is fun, that's all it's meant to be. Take winning as a bonus.
  12. You and I should settle our quarrels in alliance, and I was wrong to post here (my apologies). But no, although what you refer to does annoy me, that isn't the bulk of it. I may have a misinterpretation of your actions of course. I'll speak to you privately.
  13. [quote name='lightsage' post='17375' date='Sep 26 2008, 11:52 PM']btw honour doesn't count in alliances it's loyalty[/quote] Sorry, I meant loyalty. [quote name='dst' post='17374' date='Sep 26 2008, 11:29 PM']He worked for his place. I respected that.[/quote] He worked, this is true, and he accomplished his goal, he did a great job of angering various other people in oter alliances as well. It will be dealt with in alliance, I had great words for Lightsage previously, these are gone now. If it weren't for the conversations that were taking place in alliance ( as forum mode, DST, I'm sure you have seen them) I would congratulate him, but those conversations have taken place, and thus I will not. Again congrats to DST. I'd love to see what was happening in game right now, but I'm too stubborn an thus take the 24 hour options in storymode still EDIT: Cleaned typos from drunken typing the previous night.
  14. interesting... I wish I wasn't in storymode so I could see the aftermath. Lightsage was a usurper, he farmed honour just like you did to gain leadership. EDIT: Cleaned typos from drunken typing the previous night.
  15. You can have a disorganised peace. A place where nobody does paperwork, they can't find their socks and plans always go to pot ... but they don't kill each other and all hold hands while singing about pink fluffy bunnies in their yellow banana pyjamas. (Of course, they are all singing different songs about bunnies, to ensure some form of chaos.)
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