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  1. Happy Birthday Karak! To an old soul, who this realm owes much to. Always, ~meru~
  2. Outstanding work Captain! Make the bloody scoundrels walk the plank! :drinks:
  3. I would like to mention The MR's training ground is an asset to the world of MD. Having worked in the dojo for quite some time I believe the MR training ground has accomplished more in a matter of weeks than the dojo has in months. The Training Ground aids players in creating rituals and substantially increasing stats in short periods of time. Most importantly players are learning invaluable techniques in creating effective rituals. I do not agree the Training Grounds are in competition with the dojo. I think they make the dojo obsolete. However more importantly, the dojo and The Training Grounds are two different entities. First of all the Training Grounds are there to teach people as pointed out earlier. The dojo does not teach it is a sanctuary with the ability to duel. As stated "ALL players have the right to one or two locations (dojos) where they can train, set rituals, and do healing rituals free from unwanted attacks." - Calyx of Isis This separates the Training Grounds from the dojo. Therefore I do not think there should be any conflict of each entity existing and existing separately at that.
  4. As a member of both the Savelites and Children of the Eclipse I fully support the efforts of this treaty. It is my intention and duty to seek out Savelfuser to finalize and negotiate fully the terms of this treaty in relation to the Savelites. It is also my pleasure and duty to work with Lady Isolda on this treaty on the behalf of CoE. I fully support this treaty and seek to instill and enforce it's policies and to see through that it's goals are realized. Meru Chi
  5. I agree with Tremir and like his system, especially as I have an avatar being made for me as I speak. The avatar is specifically designed around my character and it would be really irritating that someone else acquired it through auction.
  6. Ok, I did like three of those new surveys for credit and I never got the credit. I did the dowload for the health toolbar @ .22 credits twice. I downloaded the EZ Cards toolbar @ .37 credits. And I did the Jamster download to my cell phone @ 337 credits. So is there anyway I can get these credits?
  7. I agree with some of the previous posts that the Heads Contest can get in the way of people trying to get use to the game and people trying to make it to the next level. Right now I am one of those people, I am more interested in leveling my critters than collecting heads. The heads are just getting in the way, if I attack someone for the exp, I end up with their head and not only that then they attack me because they think I'm after their heads and I could care less about them. Also I don't like the idea of being automatically generated with 8 heads. I also agree with karson that when the heads contest is active I don't want to play the game either and I agree it should be fixed. Do you really want me or others to stop playing this game? So here's my answers. 1. I think that a button to turn off the contest is a good option. Actually it's a great idea! I don't want to play the heads game now, but if I did want to at another time the button would allow me to refuse when I want. 2.I do hate the heads contest, but I don't think it should disappear completely. Let the people who want to play it, play it and give the rest of us a choice if we don't want to. I also agree with the statement that was made that a contest should not be mandatory!!! 3. I don't love the heads game as stated before, but more AP points would be a good idea for people who do play it.
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