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  1. You have all been a major help. I appreciate all the replies.
  2. I'm fine. How about you? Do something as in? lol Is there a way to get an avatar without purchasing one through the MD shop is what I mean? (o.o)
  3. I hope I am not being too much of a nuisance, but I was actually wondering how one would go about obtaining an avatar (without going through the MD shop). Also, I wanted to know how you get a tag (player role?) in the game. Once again, I appreciate any help. Edit: I already looked at the Player Roles section of the forum and all I saw was numerous amount of players posting their stories. Many of which had no replies to them so I was sort of confused. It would be amazing if someone could give me more in depth knowledge about it.
  4. So just continue battling to increase your heat tolerance?
  5. I am seriously having trouble understanding this concept. I was wondering how do I go about increasing it so that I am able to continue along with the story? I appreciate any assistance.
  6. Anybody want to talk? I'm bored.

  7. Thank you to all those who replied. The Council has replied to my email and everything is now settled. There is no more need for this thread, so it would probably be best if it was locked. 
  8. No, it still holds truth. You did not ask me before I made that comment.
  9. I haven't been asked if I'm an alt yet.    Must be doing something right.
  10. So I shot an email over to contact@magicduel.com a few days ago, and they have yet to give a response. I'm not sure how long these sorts of things take.
  11. Revan


    Thank you everyone who congratulated me on obtaining MP4. It is highly appreciated that you took your time out of your day to do so. Now on to reaching MP5! I shall do it for the past me. 
  12. Revan


    About six years ago was when I originally joined the game and haven't been really dedicated in the past to achieve anything more than Mind Power 3, obviously. But I have finally buckled down and achieved Mind Power 4 and it only took those six years to do it! Here's to another six years and hopefully by then, I would have achieved Mind Power 5. 
  13. I might as-well sign up too.
  14. I'm not completely sure if this is the right section of the forum I should be posting this, but I am here to request a name change for my in-game character: Sharpy X 
  15. There are several new faces.. I hope I stick around longer than I did last time. That would be nice.
  16. Why must you know what's on my mind?

  17. That's very kind of you to offer a helping hand. I've sent you a PM.
  18. Hello, how's everyone doing? I haven't been on this game in forever...       p.s. Maybe one of you can teach me how to play again!?!?
  19. I shall return to the shadows to lurk.
  20. Thank you. I logged onto the game, and was totally confused. Anyways, Chewett. Do you still get on msn messenger anymore? I haven't seen you on it in a while.
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