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  1. i really don't get the system, i mean i get what it does: give so honor after a won fight only if he/she lost a lot, so new players can win a lot, but: now you don't want to win, or you just don't care. which sucks. you have to play to win, it is not fun to try to lose, a better system might looking at the wins, losses and total playedmatches of someone to rate that player, then saying that if he/she want to attak a lower rated player it takes a lot more action points(, and probably gives less exp since he is fighting weaker monsters.) also you could say that someone who lost his/her last battle or two battles can't be attacked and can only attack so you always have the opp to recharge if things get too heavy. (two battles because else there might not be eough opponents) also if the vit recharged quicker i wouldn t mind loosing now and again, now i do because i have to wait for recharge
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