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  1. while a minor thing itself, it could cause some story related oddities, so... when i activated both tainted warrior/wodins guard i got access to chase_wodin as a necrovion soldier. scenario: gather a bunch of fellow assassins, just for style change the casting words of chase_wodin into [Kill the Brightling!], mass attack wodin with an attack bonus of up to 950, activate jump to leader position to flee immediately @MRn: changing to wodins the cruel is likely caused by activating both warrior description and wodins guard, merging the titles.
  2. may the stars shine bright around you, bearwatcher.
  3. to prevent further confusion about attacking idle players: as elias posted in the dojo multiple times today, attacking idle players is allowed only if the players have left a note in their papers/personal log stating that they may be attacked. if you want to farm loses/ assist others by allowing them to attack you, please write it in your log by clicking the "L" button in your papers.
  4. some doors closed, others opened - thats the course of the world. as for alliances - they are not snakes, which you kill by cutting their head off. they are hydrae, a new head may grow... and others may enjoy the freedom of treating former alliance members as equals... whatever that may mean...
  5. good, so there is an official list now... i have some names that weren't mentioned yet: [note: since it is older than this thread it might be inaccurate regarding the mp level. i also think that most of them have learned to accept the dojo rules now, but in case they dont - here it is] mp3: Vinzenzo mp4: AbysmalOdin jun10121 / Dark Knight Jun Nolte johnstar
  6. [i]observing the speakers, he silently follows the discussion with a smile //phrog sure would enjoy this: rumors, a heated up dispute//[/i] i am not far from sharing your reaction, tarquinus... but let me remind you of the fate of cassandra, the seeress... so, prophet of fear, although your short-tempered nature and nebulous words tempt us to mistrust you... i will, for now, assume your intention for starting this was pure. realize, your anger is pointless. if there is a force to come it will meet us prepared. if there is more... like tarquinus said - speak and we may listen. yet, if this words of warning were all you know or want to share, your mission is accomplished. you may rest now.
  7. first of all, i second penelopes point about meta-gaming and godmoding. in any form of rp meta-gaming (i.e. telling other players how they react, what happens to them or how they feel about something) is considered very bad etiquette. most roleplayers simply hate it. on a similar note, godmoding is known as mood-killer nr.1 (being able to conjure a flame to light a campfire is nice and flavorful if it fits your story, but evolving this skill to end the planet in an inferno of all-consuming flames because your char somewhere got taught a firespell would be.... ridiculous) it depends on the matter at hand of course, during murs or rens party for example, noone would care about where all the gallons of booze magically came from or how someone whos legs were cut off a second ago (and who got informed so by the one who severed them) pulls off this incredible moves on the dancefloor having that said, i dont think the idea of giving points for rp is a good one, for various reasons. first, you sometimes simply want to do something silly (having to type "ooc" in front of every post really takes the fun out of this ;P ) second and more important, it favors the exact kind of "aggressive advertising" that pen mentioned later in her post. some players like to do their rp in pm's with just the ones involvoled in it and use the chat mostly to answer questions (which wouldnt be noticed if someone were running around counting posts) and stormrunner (if i got him right) has a point when he says that having others decide when someone is ooc wont be working too well. everybody who tried the unthankful task of playing a spy/traitor will know that sometimes, doing something strange/unlikely "for no apparent reason" is the best way to play a role... which cant be noticed, since you dont write your hidden agenda or dirty past in your profile (masterspy ledah being the exception ;P) most important point (you might as well reduce the whole post to that) is simply: you dont need a reward of points for your roleplay, the reactions of other players to good rp will be reward enough
  8. hey, wie geht's denn mit der übersetzung voran? ist geplant ALLES zu übersetzen (u.a. die verse der verschiedenen gebiete) oder nur storyline und menütexte? falls ihr noch hilfe gebrauchen könnt schreibt mich einfach an. frohes schaffen
  9. Suuljin

    Help phrog

    if i am not mistaken, there is a little flame, breathed by two medusae, over the gate of ages where he collapsed... and the gates are the entrance to golemus. maybe the flame pillar really was his destination...? an option would be, to try and use the breathed flames to relight his fire... metaphoricly... just long enough for him to reach what he originally searched... the means to achieve this could indeed be to gather supporters, "join them and blaze brighter together".... like mishadowst said.
  10. Suuljin

    Help phrog

    well... there is this flame-pillar on mount kelle'tha...
  11. i see the problem md is faced with. in wodins case a detailed description of his ROLE/POSITION should be made to make sure the idea of the ROLE wodin ullr stays true. a possible way to explain the changes in his personality and acting could be: the great warrior passed away, his soul extinguished, the abandoned armor a mark in the land. people from near and far visit this "grave", where the desertet remains reminds of wodin ullr. the mourning of his friends, allys can hardly reflect the mourning of the land golemus itself, for it lost a loyal friend and protector... ancient spirits of golemus, powers of the days of old claim the abandoned warriors finery, breathing new life in this shell. not the same, but with the same purpose, he arises. the purpose of his creation. to protect golemus! .... when travelers arive at the place of wodins last rest, the armor cannot be found anymore. just a whistle in the wind, in tongues long forgotten: weil den helden vieler schlachten leichter schlummer überkommen, hat das land, ihn zu ersetzen, seine rüstung umgenommen. do not stand at his grave and cry he is not here - he can not die! not the best lines, but you get the idea. someone who wields the english language better, can surely make a very atmospheric description of the events. so i would say that roles can be past on, with a detailed role-profile, but not personalities... pretty much agreeing to what has been stated before
  12. spoken well tarquinus. indeed it is vital to verify our information, if this is possible. it seems we were satisfied to fast with what we believed to know... the agendas, the reasons to fight we have to find in order to understand and take the right action... includes the understanding of the shades, to which degree we might be able to, or at least their motivation. studying the history of this realm is important, not just for the imidient future, but remember that we are strangers in this lands, the shades have lived through this history you, me and other sages study... what survived in scriptures may be one interpretation of history, and unless we can fully trust the origins of this scriptures - and the extent of their insight - we must remember this very fact. don't misunderstand me, i have deep trust in your judgement, but it is easy to lose sight of the dangers and uncertainties once one is close to uncover truth. and you seem close indeed, uncovering that there is more to the nature of the shades - or at least some of them - than we thought. i hope your work will clear our view of the things to come... and of course i will do some studies of my own, hoping that the combined efforts of the sages gathered here and throughout the realm will shed some light on things uncertain. one question i have, tarquinus. did you study in the md archieves, the halls in loreroot or even some hidden libraries in distant lands? unless you already have studied all the libraries of this realm it might proof useful to view the different sources we have access to, in case some informations vary about certain events. the reason for this question is simply to offer assistance, since time is a limited ressource.
  13. to reply to phrog and the general discussion... hmmm... i guess the first thing we had to think about is what war and fighting actually means... i will share some thoughts and fragments as they come to my mind, not refined yet, open for discussion: is the fighting we do already war? i would not say so, the existance of the dojo, even if not known (or accepted) by all yet, proofes that it is at least not the same. some may argue what the purpose of the dojo is - preperation for war? hmmm... it is open for every "side" in this "conflict", so the answer cant be that simple.... some would refer to the battle we do as training, and truely what is the worst thing that happened from this sort of sparring, if consentual or not? one was exhausted and had to regain strenght, one was victorious for various reasons, but both had the chance to refine their skills and to learn. some cultures honor the art of war, not because they were eager to fight it, but to train their bodys and spirit... and to be ready if war really came now what is war in this realm, what would be its purpose? continuation of politics by other means... i think that is the state dst described, the state we are in. so, what is the agenda of the factions, what is their reason to fight? i would say for those who want to stop that war from happening, this is an important first point: if you could eliminate the reason to fight, they most likely wouldn't. this is even more true if what paradigma said is right. dont get me wrong though, this approach is possible for individuals, for whole factions it may be a different story.... because you would have to eliminate not the reason for one, but for all factions... still possible if the mirror is the right metaphor to descripe the shades. now, what would be the outcome if the war really happened... capitulation or the total annihilation of at least one side... if one side established their goals, fullfilled their reason.... who said that the other sides whould stop to fight? these are things you cannot know if you dont know the full reason for all of them - and who of us does? i am not trying to answer this questions, not now, but to make more people think about them. fighting may be neccessary at one point or another, to learn about yourself and the other, the enemy as some would say, and for many more reasons... there is truth in both bloodshed and kindness, yet what aspects of the truth we will learn in the near future is depending on the decisions that were and will be made and, for now, a last thing. i do believe that every realm and its denizens are vital for the balance of these lands and will not allow, as far as in my powers, the destruction of one. as long as necrovion is fighting a defensive war, it shall be protected against ANY aggressors, but if the tides turn and the shades, or necrovion - if that is really the same, become too strong and threaten to destroy any of the other realms, these'll have to be protected as well. unless other informations shed a new light on this matter, (and that may be what happens now, a struggle to get or put on some informations and to hide others) this are some of my thoughts about the war.
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