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  1. Thanks guys, didn't notice there's a thread like this  :P
  2. This is happening to me, too.   conf.godmode.php is bugged.
  3. tankfans

    New ideas

    Nice! Now I don't have to test the ritual with the risk of killing them :)
  4. Sat/Sun@1500 please? It's too late for people living in Asia...
  5. tankfans

    New ideas

    View of ritual contents: creature name/id, chosen ability to used, chosen target
  6. Last month, I was able to collect around 100+ candies (rainbow, reg, blue, yellow, green, orange, etc). Planning to use blue candies to get back my lost research papers from Murslands 5 years ago. But, as I checked my inventory right now... I only have 52 rainbow candies, 2 red, 2 orange, 2 yellow, and 2 green... Where did the rest of my candies go? Is there a steal functionality implemented or something like that?
  7.   Dusty Book of Savelites (ID: 8245) - usable (scriptable) UTOB Trophy (ID: 8541) - trophy 2010 Best Artist Trophy (ID: 10509) - trophy
  8. The following items are in the default tab of my inventory:   2010 Best Artist Trophy Dusty Book of Savelites UTOB Trophy   Two of them are trophies and the book is actually an usable(scriptable) item.
  9. I voted for 15:00 st, since 21:00 st is 2:00 am here
  10. 1) tankfans 2) around a month 3) Let's have some fun. 4) 20% 5) I'm still studying sometimes with lots of assignments, so I cannot prioritize MD all the time. (I only access MD when I have free time)
  11. How about the remaining chapter 2? Is it the same with chapter 3? I've been stuck there for years.
  12. Fossil among the fossils
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