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  1. NelyaSetesh is walking in the forest for few hours now. She is very tired, so she decides taking a rest. She sits down near a big tree, her back against the trunk of the tree. She is looking the nature all around her and begins to fall asleep. She starts thinking about a secret thing. Suddenly she feels herself falling into void, she opens her eyes but seeing nothing, only darkness. Her mind becomes completly blur and faded. She dont feel anymore her body as if she detached herself from it. It seems that Nelya is falling towards a very odd and multicolor source of light. When she reachs this source, light was too powerful and she seems to be absorbed by it... In the forest of Loreroot a very strident cry was heard, birds fly away from the place where NelyaSetesh was fallen asleep. But now her body just diseppears without traces...
  2. Tournament Description This tournament is based on 1vs1 fights. It will exist 2 categories: • MP4 category • MP5 category. The only restriction is to have access to Loreroot. The different fights will happen on Oak Fort. The tournament manager is Eden. All the results will be sent to Eden by pm. One pm by fight. All flood will be followed by a tournament disqualification. For MP3 category, if they are enough we will grant you the access to Loreroot only to participate to this contest. Fight Rules Each fight between A player and B player is composed by 2 rounds. First round: A is attacking B Second round: B is attacking A At the beginning of each round, all the creatures will be healed and VE restore to max value for each player. The winner of the fight is given by these scenarios: A wins 1st and 2nd round => A wins B wins 1st and 2nd round => B wins A wins 1st and B 2nd round => the player who inflicted the most damage wins B wins 1st and A 2nd round => the player who inflicted the most damage wins The winner of the fight goes to the next stage. Tournament Structure The tournament will have a tree structure with 2^n participants. All the players who participate to the tournament will be placed randomly in the tree. Tournament Reward Wishpoints hope to add another reward Tournament Date The first tournament will begin the first October 01/10/08 Inscription Send a pm to Eden or to NelyaSetesh, we will add your name to the list in this topic Good luck for all the participants Original post: here
  3. Raven

    Help phrog

    Hmmm... I think we don't want another character "gone" as Wodin... And as Mishadowst contacted me and phrog has something in common... we are tricksters... I create illusions and he creates rumours/fire and thats similar I think... Thats why I'll try and help him.
  4. Raven

    Help phrog

    we could also try and create rumours true or untrue to light his inner fire and help him...
  5. Raven

    Again PWR

    *Raven* Illusionist of Loreroot Bringer of chaos and confusion to some, light and hope to others. Caster of illusion spells might make you see different than you should.
  6. Raven

    Are grasans cute?

    there are two options and i picked yes :lol:
  7. well actually i'm collecting this stuff :lol:
  8. Changes As Raven was making confusion and blessing to some others he realized that by doing goals that he have set himself world won’t change. That made him think about all humans that have similar goal and decide to join one of them. With this decision he sent two of his messengers Huginn (Thoughtful) and Muninn (Mindful) to seek those that are worthy and have good idea and will to accomplish their goal. While the two messengers were away, Raven proclaimed himself as Hrafna-Gud, the God of the Ravens and established his dominion in Raven’s Peace. Giving warning to all saying: A place where Raven is at rest. To not disturb him would be best. The messengers have returned bringing words about Loreroot alliance describing them as faithful guardians of Loreroot that are peaceful but yet to be feared in fight. Hrafna-Gud realized that he has made his territory in Raven’s Peace that’s part of Loreroot and Loreroot alliance. Raven sent his two messengers immediately to NelyaSetesh asking her to acknowledge his place in Loreroot and also in Loreroot alliance… As Huginn and Muninn were nowhere to be seen after Raven sent them on their tasks he got worried because of their disappearing. Huginn and Muninn, every day They fly over earthground. I fear for Huginn, that he may not return. But even more, I fear for the loss of Muninn. Next day the two messengers returned unharmed but frightened from enemies that tried to stop them… But they were bringing good news from leader of Loreroot alliance. NelyaSetesh has approved his dominion in Raven’s Peace and also accepted him in ranks of Loreroot alliance. … Becoming Illusionist of Loreroot
  9. well u forgot to tell that most of product comes from Asia country's like China etc. that are really cheap. Making other country's really expensive and hard to sell anything. As about cheaper materials and same prices. There is a bigger prices for good wood and other pure materials forcing those that are skilled in crafting out of job.
  10. Creation of World (Story of Raven) In beginning there was nothing except chaos and confusion that only Raven was witnessed. But there came time when the fight between good and evil, light and dark has stopped and decided to make new world in which both could live. World of magic and wonders and as none of sides could decide how to create it they gave a small bag to Raven, a bag of powers. As Raven flew through darkness and light he was getting tired but there was no place to rest there was only water to be seen miles around. So while he flew, he removed a rock from his bag and threw it into the sea. This rock became the first land. He sat down upon this land to rest, while resting he took other rocks from his sack and threw them into the water. Thus Raven made the land. Rested, Raven continued his way to create the world. After long time he got tired again so he decided to rest on land he created before. And as he was resting he removed fir, willow, the pine, the spruce and all the trees of the world. He also removed the huckleberry bush, the wild strawberry, the grass and all of the plants of the world, including the plants of the sea. These things he scattered across the land and the water, so that they may grow. Again Raven took his pouch around his neck and flew through the darkness. And again The Raven became tired so that he sat upon a rock. This time he removed all the animals of the world. The wolf, the eagle, the salmon, the bear, the dear, and all the animals of land and sea. Raven looked around him at the world he had made, it was a good world, and every one was peaceful and happy. But before he flew off he looked into his pouch and saw that there was one thing left. So he removed man from the bag and placed him upon the earth. Raven enjoyed peace and happiness but he realized that he is missing old world, world of chaos and confusion. So he flew over land and transformed himself in human form to bring confusion and chaos upon world that he created. But he also decided to bless some of people and help them. And so Raven became good and evil, light and dark, he became Illusionist.
  11. i would also like to add idea of seeing if ur adepts are online
  12. well i'm taking that Raven-man as soon as avatars are out and then i shall see what to do next
  13. lol Glor i don't i'll like avatar after that what u said about it can u put that Indian Birdman in when Blackthorn is done or even that like is now will be enough just send it to Mur PLSSSS I beg u
  14. this last one is best send that one but could wings look more like feathers?
  15. lol no only 2 i asked DexteR on forum, Morrel draw him on his own (and its really nice that he did it) and I PMed Blackthorn on my special wish :lol: :lol: :lol: Glor and what are u gonna draw for me?
  16. u did it really good especially on wings Now I just wait on Blackthorn :lol:
  17. Thank you for Raven picture is making my profile even more beautiful
  18. I think its getting worse since in my country we had 3 really bad storms and also one small tornado (ppl say that it wasn't such storms in last 50 years) I live in Europe and tornado's are really rare or at least they were
  19. This topic was inspired by chating with Ragnarok OnlineRPG about two hours and talking about issues and problems of modern world. More storms lately, problems with energy (oil prices, alternative energy) etc. Post here what u think is gonna happen, who is guilty and express ur opinion on it. Also any wild, bizarre theories u found/heard or u made :lol:
  20. Just don't release em today cuz I'll be out and away from computer. But if they come out keep ur hands away from that Raven-man that Glor is talking about. :lol: That Raven-man will probably help me achieve perfection in my role Thanks for understanding
  21. there were also quite some newbs in paper cabin like 2-3 hours ago but I can proudly say that I managed them on my own. :lol: P.S.: another player is trying to get in LHO
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