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    [quote name='Phantom Orchid' timestamp='1329260335' post='104287'] You could always add more ways to win such as certain number combos (ie. three 6's), less rolls, etc. [/quote] Yes, that could work. Thought that maybe something simmilar to poker could work. Like two same numbers as a pair, three of a kind and so on.
  2. Raven


    Even if the wp part isn't going to go through it seems. The part with coins can still go through. And there is a plan for wp's to be more common, right? This would be one way.
  3. Raven


    Want to try your luck and maybe win yourself some coin? 3 silver coins and reward is 80% of the coin gathered and to make it a better start for everyone I'm putting in my 15 silver coins and 1 gold coin. If you manage to guess only 5 numbers the reward is reduced down to 40% and if 4 then 20%. If more than one guesses the right numbers then the reward is of course split in between them. The numbers will be chosen from six throws of six dice. First number will determine in which place the number will be taken from in the next round. So if in first row we get number 2 then in second
  4. 7sc for both Dark Archer with tokens 2 and 3.
  5. Imitate other ppl Amoran?

  6. hehe its very true indeed ^_^

  7. What you ever saw devils number with minus in front of it Marv?

  8. Nah its not odd. Its just slightly different. P.S.: I got a bit over 200 views on my profile yesterday.

  9. So tehnicaly it also isn't any bad omen. Maybe its a good luck charm?

  10. *thinks that this is negative devil number even if color is red*

  11. Seems my magnificent plan was deleted :(

  12. *thinks of a plan and starts working on it*

  13. *grumbles to himself* I knew it, I knew it... *starts thinking on how to solve the problem*

  14. See? She even admited me that I was forced into it by her...

  15. Awwww.. My post was removed.. But still got this annoying reputation.. What have I done to deserve this?

  16. *Accuses Sparrhawk of spamming and gives him thumbs up*

  17. Ahhh.. Well... All hail Chewett!!!

  18. I mean why would anyone get that impression?

  19. I am obviously not a spammer.

  20. Well I got bad reputation cuz I buried you @ Death Ray :P

  21. Yea it kills her if she goes on 100% xD
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