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  1. Glaistig sometimes they know secrets but they are not allowed to tell you, thats why they just tell you they dont think so and dont say anything else lol you could never know it, but i will tell you one thing because you seem to write alot of things about the background but here goes... dude the house of liquid dust could be in that cube or not but im not sure if it is but this is it>>> SPOILER ALERT(if its true) when u enter the room in the beginning for the first time it smells of wood... thats the masonry of the house of liquid dust thats number one. NO 2. it has death marrow (liquid dust) spawning everywhere and with that stuff everywhere and that certainly gives you the feeling of eternal darkness... NO3. its defintely the closest place for eternal darkness from where you are... NOW then i can tell you that this will have some lead to how marind bell died.. first of all at the beginning SHE WAS WIH YOU IN THE HOUSE OF LIQUID DUST... AND GUESS WOT... jack willow entered it a short while ago and he never returned JACK WILLOW - MARIND CONNECTION (in shades and death point of view) i know some more but im a littl tired i will catch you later... oh yeh the house was man made MAYBE JUST MAYBE if its crazy enough it might just work
  2. Glordamar this may be important in your search! Glordamar, gathering from the knowledge out and about in these forums,... shades originated from growing death marrow, that started to grow in sages field which is now called NECROVION... from what i am assuming liquid dust... makes shades... DEATHMARROW... makes shades... from what im assuming liquid dust is DEATH MARROW dun dun dun! Oh yeah i remember what was running in my head ten minutes ago when you raised the topic what is this link with necrovion... HERE WE GO!>>> First of all... This is DEATH MARROW (most porbably) and it came during the time before the war when the rulers of the beserkers both Daniel Raven and GABRIEL WIND agreed to put an end to this new threat "in hope of finding new land" so it must have originated during the time of the war... But to get to know the real secret of liquid dust it must first be established if and whether the house of liquid dust came was filled with its dust before or after when the shades came from death marrow... From my perspective the handiwork of this HOUSE OF LIQUID DUST closely resembles that of the handywork of the buildings in marbe dale park, suggesting it was definitely man made no more than a few centuries ago... Looking back at Jack willows apprentice his apprentice was also trained in BLACKSMITHING SKILLS therefor jack willow might have had some kind of HOUSE BUILDING SKILLS and maybe he or GABRIEL WIND or someone of their friends in there time of growing up built this to seek a place to stay together but im not sure or this part but the above im pretty certain Also you MISSED ONE WHOLE POINT... what has this got to do with MARIND BELL!... omg i have to stop here i think i found something its in my head im going to talk to king manu or so... OMG LOL I SEE A LINK
  3. Hey renavoid can u put my name on the helper list i want to be a helper too man AND WE CAN CALL THE ANGIENS..... Majestic Protectors of PEACE AND ORDER! buts thats up 2 u Thats what they should be called these legendary beasts that what they are anyway well what they do!
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