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    Tarquinus reacted to Nimrodel in Opening Up Shop ( ^-^)   
    2 silver for 10 6 days old remains is too much IMO. since you dont train at all and really want to help noobies.. i suggest you let them stay in your vault and give them out for stuff like puzzles and trivia. You'd help mpeople better that way. for most noobies 2 silver is a LOT.

    PS: this way you'd help only major grinders who can afford it.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Shemhazaj in I think gold coins are undervalued   
    [color=#808080][i]one more thing I wanted to add.[/i][/color]

    [color=#808080][i]You can earn both creds and coins in MD.[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]Free voting for creds on one side[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]and on the other: contests, aging/heating up crits, obtaining/creating and selling resources/spellstones/products (like tea) are just some possibilities.[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]My offer is for those, who gain coins easier than creds and therefore value creds more.[/i][/color]

    [size=2][color=#A9A9A9]edited for clarity[/color][/size]
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    Tarquinus reacted to Chewett in I think gold coins are undervalued   
    [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1361647016' post='133114']
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Who opened this topic...? *sighs*[/color][/font]

    As i informed you in chat, the thread was split from the personal comment you made on the thread to this one.

    Comments on trades should be sent via PM to people or be made on another topic.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Chewett in I think gold coins are undervalued   
    [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1361696697' post='133132']
    Credits are free. I suggest you re-evaluate your position if the only reason you have for this argument is "to make a point". The choice of 15 silver=1 gold was arbitrary, but the choice of 5 credits=1 gold was determined by the market. If nobody wanted it, nobody would pay for it and the values would change, but as it is apparently the people who go for such transactions are content with it, and so they pay.

    And this is supply and demand.

    DD if you want to make the price 15 credits to one gold, start trading that. But if you are not one of the people who buy or sell them, then you really have little input on the market value other than your own personal opinion.

    In many sections, to get to the gold coin there is a lot of items that are very useful and worth at least a credit. Which means by the time you get to the gold coin its still only really worth a credit. The additional "cost" of it reflects that you need to spend time going through the shop.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Udgard in I think gold coins are undervalued   
    Not to mention, people used to go all the way to rusties just expecting.. rusties. Then Mur threw an extra gold coin for just 1 credit at the end of each shop. If you look at it that way, gold coins should only cost 1 credit.
    In the end, it's the market that is determining the value, really.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Pipstickz in I think gold coins are undervalued   
    Credits are free. I suggest you re-evaluate your position if the only reason you have for this argument is "to make a point". The choice of 15 silver=1 gold was arbitrary, but the choice of 5 credits=1 gold was determined by the market. If nobody wanted it, nobody would pay for it and the values would change, but as it is apparently the people who go for such transactions are content with it, and so they pay.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Grido in DNA Collection   
    If you looked at various psychological studies it shows that (for instance) favouring one colour, combined with other factors, over another is a sign of an individual of a certain "set".

    A bit like how people who are good at math and logic stuff don't tend to be good at art and creativity (there's exceptions, of course).

    The reason I don't post is because if it's revealed as to breakdown of dna at some point in the future, I'd prefer mine not be public, however much like change, I'm highly interested in the project.

    The dna itself (unless info relating to it is revealed) is fairly useless, unless you also have data on what answers were provided to cause the dna. If you had the causal data, then you may be able to breakdown what causes each section of dna.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Fang Archbane in Massive Mod Power Abuse!   
    Id like to start by saying that any mod that has the free time to, please move Darigans post to this thread, then delete the other 2. Like i said BEFOREHAND, it is NOT an argument zone.

    Now then. lets break down Darigans little rant bit by bit shall we?

    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1361162558' post='132855']
    Fang, I'd be all for your little cause, problem is those people you're so irate at are using tools that are readily available to everyone, sometimes they do have requirements but still they are accessible to everyone....however even then I'd still back you up because it annoys me as well, even though you could just try talking to them and come to some agreement.

    Yes, Common Tools, but common tools used incorrectly is something i plan to fix in this situation.

    No. Not gonna happen. I wont try to talk to someone thats that far gone.

    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1361162558' post='132855']
    BUT! When you come here and wine and complain about something that anyone can do, when you yourself are doing something that not everyone can or would do.

    Am i now? Please elaborate.

    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1361162558' post='132855']
    YOU use a spell to allow mp3s to get passed the guards.

    Oh my you caught me. I DO use that spell *gasp*. Its a part of my regular arsenal. But i dont use it on the MP3s, not anymore. Lets keep going though, ill get to that in a bit.

    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1361162558' post='132855']
    Something that they otherwise wouldn't be capable in

    EHH! Wrong. Its still possible to get into LR without spells. Ive seen it happen many a time, even after the MP3 caps.

    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1361162558' post='132855']
    and then what happens when they come into MY LAND and start depleting the herbs. You allow the unworthy access to something they shouldn't have access to by means other then what is required.

    Oh no no no NO you did not just insult my students. Buddy that is the WRONG choice of words for you. The children i raise are NOT raised to be depletors. The children i raise are kind hearted, and think of others. I know thats hard for you to believe, but i choose who i train, not the other way around. My children are more than worthy sir. And if i ever hear you call them otherwise, your going to have personal issues with this Wolf, and i hope thats crystal clear and understood.

    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1361162558' post='132855']
    The tools are available to everyone who can get to them, The Spell is you use is available to anyone who can get it, so before you start whining about injustice take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you really care about this realm as a whole or just yourself.

    Ok, now explanation time is here, since you seem dead set on thinking it was me, even though i was sleeping for god knows how long, and i wasnt even there for when Dan gained access to LR, since im sure thats who your talking about.

    First off, yes, back in the day, i did used to use "That Spell" (nice huge spoiler in your original post by the way, if Mallos hadnt corrected you, MORE people would have gotten in. smart) to allow MP3s into LR. My reasoning was simple. At Mind Power 3, it is difficult, but NOT impossible, to get into Loreroot. I simply aided them in their explorations, so that they could enjoy what the great land of Loreroot had to offer.

    My logic was simple. I took NOTHING away from them by letting them explore. They got to have some fun, and at MP4 and MP5 theyd have to beat them ALL over again, and at that point, like everyone else, figure out how to REALLY beat them. This gift of a Spell was a one time thing, and only for MP3s, not 4 or 5s.

    Alas. I was spoken to by a few important people not too long ago about these actions. One of them, was good lady Mya, someone whom i deeply respect. She beat some sense into me, pixie style, and i stopped since then.

    So dont go pointing fingers on some old information that isnt even right anymore. Im sure all Loretootians have good reason to point fingers at me, but know this.

    I took nothing away from the MP3s.
    Loreroot got more fans.
    The children i let in have not harmed Loreroot once, depleting or otherwise.
    I respect Loreroot.

    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1361162558' post='132855']
    I would stand with you, but I will not stand with a hypocrite.

    And you know what, THAT IS OK. You are free to make your decisions, one way or the other. Some have decided to deplete. And i, in return, have decided to ruin them. So go ahead. Fight me, hate me, and rage against the machine.

    In the end, your choices are your own. So go against me, i wont stop you.

    Just know that id rather be friendly with you, and all of Loreroot for that matter, since im better off as your ally, and not your enemy.

    Have a good day Darigan. I hope youve come to your senses, if even just a little bit.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Change in Redacted   
    I guess everyone has already forgotten about this: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10608-resource-depletion/"]http://magicduel.inv...urce-depletion/[/url], or maybe they just stopped bothering after seeing [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10608-resource-depletion/page__st__60#entry106507"]Krioni's post[/url] and agreeing with it.

    The reason why no items to stop depletion will be created any time soon is because while there might be a will to stop depletion, there is a greater will to deplete. Think about it. The depleters in the land have to constantly go around harvesting resources. This takes a lot of effort. By logging on for a certain amount of days, one is awarded with one of MDs most valuable resources. Really, the depleters should have already gotten several wishpoints for their efforts by this logic.

    Thus, the depleters actions are, IMO, worth several wishpoints. Any action to stop depletion thus really needs to be worth several wishpoints of effort as well. This has not happened yet, I don't think.

    A solution that might work is a union of sorts, where if someone depletes, members of the union agree to not trade or interact with said depleter. I'm thinking now of how this would work exactly, but such a solution would be far better than asking for new tools without putting in any effort.
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    Tarquinus reacted to lone wolf pup in A Call to all BHC participants!   
    I support this and will do everything I can to help.. which is nothing. Off to idle I go.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Menhir in Motivation needed?   
    I would like to share this with you.


    There are 11 parts of this DVD you can find on youtube and many others from him.

    Enjoy and maybe you can take something out for yourself.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Burns in HC crisis.   
    I wasn't joking at all. You have a bunch of spells now, there's no competition from real fighters anymore, you very rarely have people abusing privileges to be in locked locations during stage 1, and with viscosity you can hide pretty well...

    It's very fair in comparison to some quests, even. Sometimes somebody says that they are treated badly, but when all are treated equally badly, i don't see an unfairness.

    Edit: And i don't see how more fairness would lead to more participants, either. There are no fighters left to participate. You're complaining about how evil we all are, and how unfair HC is... Of course it seems unfair to the one guy trying when he gets treated just like all the others that don't. You run and hide while others play, then you get ported to GoE and suddenly you lose your heads. Ohh, the unfairness, everybody else didn't waste time running, i did, and still we're all here... That's one of the fairness tweaks put in action.
    Just go through the announcements. We all won already, and none of us can do anything anymore. We can't even trigger stage 2 to make it quicker. 90% of MD just sits and watches the other 10% 'battling', which, in most cases, is reduced to 'Oh no, you can have the heads, i'll go for first place next time, do what you like'

    That's where your participants are. They either have a medal, or don't want to risk coming in second in a real contest, because they know fully well that the field will be a little smaller next time around, and then they can win uncontested.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Burns in HC crisis.   
    HC is way too fair already. Give us the ability to take heads again, that's when unfair comes into play.

    I do agree that HC shouldn't spread out over several weeks. Just turn it off til we find a proper solution.
    I'd think that the HC just outlived its purpose. It doesn't determine the stronger fighters or better tactics anymore, we're all just waiting for it to end.
    Maybe we should just reduce the time on the contest, it just drags out too long...
    We could try it with 24h stage 2 and 2k score to start, maybe? Then we'd at least have the winner being the one with most dedication to it...
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    Tarquinus reacted to DARK DEMON in HC crisis.   
    [quote name='No one' timestamp='1360871699' post='132645']
    Sorry DD. There is no point in combating anything you said. It is pure idiocy grown and promoted by some like you. If you want to debate on that, please open another topic.

    [font=comic sans ms, cursive][color=#006400]LOL [/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms, cursive][color=#006400]And then people call me ignorant???[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms, cursive][color=#006400]I'm the one telling them to advance and that there's nothing to be scared of. If yuo want to call it pure idiocy. go ahead, I don't mind cause I did NOT start it.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms, cursive][color=#006400]Blaming me for no reason... pfft.[/color][/font]
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    Tarquinus reacted to No one in HC crisis.   
    [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1360768023' post='132591']
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]The only true reason MP4's delay advancing, as I did too, was that they are scared, simply.[/color][/font]
    [/quote]Sorry DD. There is no point in combating anything you said. It is pure idiocy grown and promoted [s]by some like you[/s]. If you want to debate on that, please open another topic.

    On topic: Indeed, the interest in HC is fading for MP5 and from what I've read in all your posts, you all recognize one thing but still fail to see put the finger on it: [b]there is no point in competing for HC in MP5[/b].

    One should ask himself :why should anyone compete for HC in MP5 ?
    There are many reasons for NOT competing and some may simply be:
    - the reward is not that great
    - there is a major change in game play during HC = the MP5 get lazy (most of them do it in time)
    - there are so great chances to win HC by mistake
    - one can get more "rewards" from a crowded location (like GoE in its best of days) in just 1 day with less stress

    And many other reasons and all in various degrees FOR EVERY SINGLE MP5 PLAYER without a HC award.

    There is just one solution, simple and without disregarding out any MP level:
    1. separate the HC per MP levels
    2. HCs for MPs should not interfere. Each should start in a separate week of month for exactly maximum 1 week.
    3. each MP level should vote to start / not start the HC that month
    * week 1, MP3 vote
    * week 2, MP4 vote, MP3 play
    * week 3, MP5 vote, MP4 play
    * week 4, MP5 play
    4. each stage ends within given time. If targets are not reached for each stage's time, the HC for that MP ends with no rewards even if it was close or even if it was in stage 2 or just stage 1.

    In the end, there are only good things like :
    There will be no discrimination for any MP level.
    Each will play safe withing their own levels.
    BHC can have 1 full week to do its worst with no interference.
    There will definitely be rewards for the active MP.
    HC can be tuned as needed for each MP level as needed.

    And one would say : "ok, great, so why would an MP5 play now ?".
    The answer is already there : "HC can be tuned for them to want to play".
    Or: "It just doesn't matter anymore, they would not bother the other MP levels".

    Have fun and good luck.

    For me, personally, to want to play would be a specific reward like : a coupon to upgrade creature (those that require MP6).

    @MrAlyon: I know you are better then this. Don't try to be an idiot. The HC is 4 moths apart. Even if it takes 1 month, you still have 3 months to play with your new toys as you want.
    Help them change HC in a constructive way. It is in your best interest too.
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    Tarquinus got a reaction from Watcher in H-H-HBD Princ Rhaegar and AmberRune!   
    Happy birthday!
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    Tarquinus got a reaction from Jubaris in H-H-HBD Princ Rhaegar and AmberRune!   
    Happy birthday!
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    Tarquinus reacted to Fang Archbane in Redacted   
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    Tarquinus reacted to lashtal in HC crisis.   
    I agree with both Chewett's solutions.

    I think the short term one should be implemented as soon as possible in order to end this edition and to allow BHC and related events to display their potential.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Chewett in HC crisis.   
    Short term solution:
    End this HC, trigger stage two manually like i did last time
    Halt all future HC's for now, this will let MRAlyon's BHC's to run unhindered for a period of time

    Long term solution:
    Change HC in some way, further discussions

    If people think this is a good idea we can propose it to council, but i am likely to ask council if i may do the first point of the short term one, like last time, soon eitherway.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Chewett in HC crisis.   
    [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1360673598' post='132513']
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]What made me quit was a bug which decreased score+heads wherever you went, and this lasted for many hours.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I've stated this before numerous times.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]It decreased my score from well above 2k to 400, and then I stopped caring.[/color][/font]

    No bug report. No Bug.
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    Tarquinus reacted to Dragual in Redacted   
    [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1360594991' post='132462']
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Fang is already exceptional. The "every single player" you are mentioning isn't MP7, nor has an Illusionist's Meteor in his inventory. When they work hard enough to get those, feel free to ask Council for making an exception.[/color][/font]

    That would be like saying just because Azull is the King of Necrovion, he can get away with giving away every spoiler he can think of... The 'exception' to the rule. These rules are in place for a reason. And those who are in roles of power should be punished more harshly then those who aren't. Simply because when a King or Queen or who ever breaks rules and isn't judged harshly enough, their people are sure to follow in the footsteps and break these rules as well.
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    Tarquinus reacted to phantasm in Funeral for Friend   
    its this weekend, be sure to attend if you can!
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    Tarquinus reacted to Burns in Giant Butterfly   
    Heal all is overpowered on its own, and the freeze/tripleantifreeze combination is something that keeps the Shop alive. No way.
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    Tarquinus reacted to DARK DEMON in Gaming   
    [quote name='VertuHonagan' timestamp='1359979242' post='132000']
    Skyrim, halo, call of duty, etc are all terrible games. Don't waste your time on them.

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Proof you don't know a thing about gaming. Seriously. [/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Skyrim is one of the best console RPG's you can get your hands on. Call of Duty online multiplayer can very much be called one of the largest multiplayer console gaming network in the world.[/color][/font]
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