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  1. Very large layout improved as suggested. Check Triggers over 1600 width
  2. About very large screens, i might have an ideea to improve it...i can move a narrow view on one side and move the panels as standalone boxes on the right side. I am not sure when this ..or if..will happen, as its very hard to test without a screen that size, and apparently can't count on feedback from you , as it proved when working on the warventure interface (i had to move it live to start getting any real help from you ppl) I'll think on some solution for this screen size.. but i am done reading .. i was hoping for a motivation boost to make me keep on going, not what i got
  3. Oh but MD needed this and quite badly. I am happy people give me feedback on the interface, i qm just not happy that i can't satisfy everyones taste with it To make it clear , without flashless interface MD would have permanently died in just a couple of months, making it impossible to migrate later. Flash support is being dropped by all browsers permanently, and is already disabled by default. Without a wider interface we would have been stuck in a pre 2000 style design, unable to add anything new and usefull to it. Without mobile friendly responsive, interface MD alrea
  4. My inbox is not your trash bin, my patience is not an invitation to waste my time and creativity is not same thing with madness. I can be kind and friendly or a totaly cruel asshole, it depends only on you.

  5. You people complain that the elements are not centered but then complain why the edge panels are so far away when they are. Word by word what you are asking is the old interface, (that is still available under old-layout.php btw) Screens of that size are wide for a reason, otherwise they would have made them vertical not horizontal. Why would i try to fit everything central and on vertical when there is so much space horizontally? Are you sure its about not liking the new layout and not actually about not liking change in md in general? I am sorry, maybe later i will
  6. What re you talking about Fang....do you even know what Mqllos reported or whats wromg in the screen?
  7. I will close this topic now. Pleade post bugs or other issues regarding the new interface to the new interfsce bugs forum. Thank you all for sharing your view on all this
  8. I just checked my messages, apparently some are shy to reply here, but i received some articles already. I wasn't expecting the articles before talking about what they should contain..but its a good start. I shall review what i received and prepare them for seo in the next days Thanks, Ungod
  9. Nobody? Then i shall find some freelancer for this...
  10. I tested erolin alots shop item and got them successfully. Like i said before there is no upper limit anymore, but up to 30 they look ok. Maybe you dojt see them as slots , if not using chrome, but you should see them as a number on the bottom bar, right side.
  11. I want to start promoting MD again. I am planning to start a SEO campaign and post some articles with links to MD allover the web, to help us get some more players. Is there anyone here that can write some 700 word articles about browser based games (half about such games in general and half about Md) ? This would help me greatly, i will handle the posting and adjust keywords and links myself, but i need something to start from. I need multiple such articles written in different form, so i cant write everything myself, and if multiple people write a couple, or at least one
  12. Message cloud was nothibg else than predefined labels in a good looking format. I can't replicate the looks of that 3d cloud from flash, end of story 😕
  13. I assume having them on profile page for now is ok? I was thinking to show them in a more relevant location, for example vp on crit recruit page, and..and where else? Exploring points next to vidcosity? Ve is more important, maybe show it in a much more dramatoc way, like heat orbs style, not just a number..what do you think? I am open to suggestions. I dont want to show them in a boring way. Maybe someone can make me a list with all the places where ve vp and xpl are used?
  14. Noted. Others have an opinion on this? For statistics
  15. I remember seeing a large image with all armor and weapons in a single file, maybe it was something else. I dont remember where, but if you have something show me pls
  16. What browser, what resolution? Ps. If you think of it, it could actually look cool to have avy nicely placed in the scene
  17. If i remember right, the tree doesn't give always a heat slot, it is random chance
  18. On firefox nothings seems to work fine, but it was so broken that i start te believe me ff is broken somehow. Did you see the heat orbs float around? I made the sidebar hide byt sadly it doesn't support smooth animation, its just on or off
  19. Not sure if i can add this via shop, but i could add it some other way and make it cost lets say 1 silver to change a crit name, ..does it make sense?
  20. i've decided to change it more, i will upload a new verion soon, This one i will use for the creature slots probably Thank you
  21. 80% ytansparency on the center circle and none for the orange edges (no gradient, just entire center)
  22. I just need one image, its not changing states..but i admit i could make it glow based on whatever something, not sure what right now. One image (the first) , with transparancy so orbs will be visible behind it, would be great
  23. this is awesome! Could you make me one _slightly_ transparent in the white center art, and with the orange edges opaque? export it as png8 transparent (we used gif before browsers could support png nicely, but now we can use png everywhere, has much cleaner transparency ) Thank you
  24. Let me explain this in an other way, maybe you understand this: I have md "in my head", when i code i "run" it in my mind, both when it comes to code but also possible interactions with characters i met. If you take away the structure from me, when i spend days thinking of a new feature or change, i go in and try to do it, and i end up wasting all my time trying to find things i knew where they where and based my entire login on them. I can't describe the feeling of "lost in space" i had when i tried to do some things recently, but eventually i spent all the time needed to learn
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