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  1. And thanks for the suggestion, it was really helpful!
  2. this is it for now: the menu thing ges too complicated, and the heat orbs i dont want to, maybe later if i find something better but for now no. The layout is available under the second layout option, i will teak it some more probably
  3. You have some very valid points, i might change my mind about the change. However i would still like to fix the original issue that made me want this change, maybe you have ideas how to. The creature prices for old players are meaningless, this allows absurdly easy farming of crits. Filling your creature slots should be increasingly difficult, not easier. The advantage given by Wi and more creature slots should mean you can grow more crits, but not faster or at basically zero cost. The way it is now, it takes away the challenge, and creates exponentially faster growing creature farm
  4. I was refering to percentage from your MAX Wi/Ve (not talking about exploring points yet, i will get to those eventually) I think the solution would be then, to keep current prices as they are , PLUS a percentage of your total . The percentage can be 30% default to all, so you could recruit just 3 assuming you are at full stats when you start. If you have stats in the range of 7 digits, the crit cost makes no sense anymore, but percentage will. so lets say crit x costs now 1000Wi and 2000Ve If you have WiMax 3000 and VeMax 5000, you could recruit 2 creatures before needing
  5. I am plannign a change regarding the creature recruiting cost. I intend to make cost as a percentage of your total Wi/Ve , not as fixed value. The first one to change is Wi, it will cost like 10 to 70% of your max Wi, like this recruiting costs differently based on player, and is more adapted to how this resource works (it regenerated over time). If you have anything to say about this, write here and i will consider it, and delay or change this as needed, otherwise i will do the change as soon as i have some time for it.
  6. @Chewett if you don't want to write something youself, Ungod wrote a press release you could use. I am still waiting to have the front site changed before i push with the article placements, but if you link directly to the registration page, it should be fine.
  7. @Aia del Mana about 400 to 700 words article, You can write whatever you want about MD, for example Ungod wrote a personal review kind of article. Articles like this will be posted on blogs and sites with imilar content where people could check it out if interested, but most of all Google will consider the link back to use (backlink) when indexing the site. @Chewett Of course i want!!
  8. Maybe so..its hard to assume, i like to think its not so, but there is a point in what you say. It will depend on their first impression on that and how it will be first brought to their attention ..maybe the glow thing will its job Maybe write it as wInertia
  9. as i was preparing work for this i named that file Winertia ... what do you think, is it a usable "original" word?
  10. Whatever solution i will find for this, needs to be something that works nice on any screen size. Having the bar on the right slide up and down when its already sliding left right, is not an option. I'll think of something, keep sending suggestions , i might see things from new perspectives
  11. the part you don't see about this new layout is that there are basically 7 (seven!) page layouts combined with 4 inner page layouts, and each time i add something, or change something, i need to be sure its working on all of them. I am not complaining, i am just saying.. The great part about it is that now i have total freedom to do stuff i never dared to image before
  12. I like the word inertia better because it also relates in a way with the viscosity you experience when moving around (action that gives you vp as well). I agree it will be hard to refer to it as WI instead of VP, not sure how bad that is. Naming it corporeality makes me think that it could play any role in illusions mode, and it doesn't. If otheres think corporeality is a good altrnate to worldly inertia, and makes things more clear, i can start a poll about it. Just say. Avtionpoints could use a rename indeed.. and Will or willpower sounds good. Is it not interfe
  13. I put the announcement, maybe others have interesting ideas on how to display them, but the name remains this, and if nothing amazing comes up about their placement, i have a decent ideea of how and where to display it in the interface. Maybe we find a nice name for vitality, i dont want the word inertia to be used as vp and ve are not oposites, and using same working would make them sound unnaturally related.
  14. Anytime you wish let me know and i will take a break. I can't stop right now if i am not sure you can step in, otherwise i risk to cooldown and get busy with other jobs then get back just as you warm up My plan on short term is this , tonight i have some more things to do in md, next hour or so, i am reviewing how to migrate gazebo. Tomoro i will be busy with seo for bmmo, and articles for md, i got some info i need to organize. ..plus i will probably rest a bit...so tomorow md is yours if you are available, just confirm when you start by posting a mass msg in md so i wont start so
  15. briskness as a skill is related to this, you gain ve and vp as you move, and this skill only acts as a binder to these concepts, I think it can be improved even further, and a relation between heat and vitality must exist at some point . Actually all this starts to make sense for me not to be confusing, there is a real chance i could integrate all of them under a sound logic, plus showing them in a clear visual way, will make things a lot more pleasant. You must excuse me i dont remember how things are, i try to remember what "color" they generate in my mind, like this, if i follow my in
  16. Worldy inertia, if you think of it, has the same concept dynamic like the experience=heat tolerance, I am busy with other changes right now, and i want to finish what i started (a25 tools stuff), Chew if you can step in and modify the name of this, not just mass replace, but acually see it makes sense , would be great. I think we can display heat tolerance/("xp") , this new one worldly inertia, and new vitality named something slightly different (cant think of anything except core vitality maybe, or just use one word because we need max vit here as well) as 3 main variable stat
  17. I am open to suggestions.. Vitality "points" is alao something i dont like how it sounds, maybe turn it to two words, vital potential, and used words like increased and decreased, not full of.. Waiting for more reactions and suggestions
  18. Its not a bug. Why would that be a bug .. first of all, transfer limit is of two types, items thst cant be given but cqn be taken by itc (to avoid forcefully giving an item to someone) and items not transferable even by itc. This last type, should still be obtainable from treasury, as treasury might need to be able to dispatch such things, and who controls treasury is assumed not to need such restrictions, correct?
  19. worldly inertia or profane fluidity? like this negative vp makes more sense, because its not a form of debt, or anything monetary related, but more like when you get entangled in everyday financial concerns, its the feeling, not the value, you get my point? creatures you dont "pay" to recruit, as they are not mercenaries, they get bound to your soul as avatars to represent parts of who you are in a fight.
  20. I have a wild thought...vp (value points) is clearly at a concept at conflict with other things refering to trade/monetary value , such as coins. Vp is not really behaving like monetary value at all, you can't use it for trading, and it doesn't have a rarity based value...it is more like vitality but more static, nothing like a resource. How about renaming it and giving it a different perspective to better reflect its behaviour? We have heat, thats obvious, vitality, that is decision influenced (think of why i say that), and..vp..that is a sort of anchor into the material, .a
  21. wasn't questioning their importance, i was just saying i want to place them in a more relevant position than simply having them as a list somewhere..like i did with ap and heat for example. maybe change something very big and obvious based on ve..,,the menu icon? idk yet, i;ll have to have a moment of inspiration for this
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