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  1. Now with all the extra sources of AP/maxAP increase, i was thinking about making a big gameplay change in the form of a small "change" ... how about changing regen timers to something several times more? Before you go wild about this, let me explain As they are now, AP are more then enough, there is no challange anymore in obtaining them. I don;t want to increase the AP limits on ap-locked locations, and i don't want to lower the amount is given out for free as bounties, or for consecutive days, or shop. If regen would reset every x hours instead of y minutes, regen time w
  2. Will check this today. Pls if other experience this, post here too
  3. I remember you, glad to see you back many.. many ..things changed, but even more things remained the same btw..i rushed a bit with the email campaign, it was sent out about 2 weeks too early The cool stuff just started to show up as there is a very strong A25 team now, and they are just getting the best tools. This year will be a heavy one.
  4. In other words, A25 has become my plan to create all tools needed for a player to expand md without any need of file access or coding skills. Right now the "A25 team" is a handful of players that have these tools and that use it. From time to time i allow someone new in, and give an other player the chance to play (and keep) god-mode tools for creating quests and stuff for the others to enjoy. Unlike chew said, no i am not naming any big change "a25" but instead i do that only for the things that are related to these tools or interfaces. I flag them so in the announcements, so that
  5. Yeah..thats what i am thinking currently, best option Its a bit hard to prevent people from getting it twice however, thats my issue
  6. seeing playernames on the map, with their exact coords, means you can always know where someone is regardless is that person is trying to hide. Its true you have realms without map, where you can;t see the map YET, but eventually they will have a map too. I think this is a great advantage in many situations, thats why i voted for the way it is. However, this is a very cool feature that might keep many players around, players that would not manage to get the requirements if they are that great, so thats why i am still open to suggestions. An alternate solution would be to move t
  7. I just want to say i find it beautiful that you do this with your "weekly coin", as you called it. This is so much in the spirit of MD that you give what you earn.
  8. sounds as they are cool they can become annoying. If someone keeps md in a background window, just to hear if anyone sais something in that scene (the chat sound), it will be frustrating to have to listen to whatever song there is there, or to stop it each time they visit a scene with sound. I intend to keep just very few scenes with sound, as a reminder that there is a use of the voice spell that could speak onto someones computer without them clicking anything, great for spooky interaction for some quests over the years sound proved to be a major element in keeping player in a sce
  9. Ok, now that you voted, i can tell you this Its done by the same person that drew most of the md scenes , he is a webdesigner now..a good one actually ...how times change
  10. Maybe it helps to picture them in terms of up and down on terrain. Water will always flow down, leaving whatever is in the opposite direction as up. Of course there could be multiple ups and downs, but in reality it can at most be equal, lower, higher. One even older thing in md, was that i always put action id 1 on items taking you deeper in a land.. not 1,2,or 3, just one. I want to keep same qay of thinking when setting heat veins, one way matters the other is just the opposite. This influence of ap cost, or if a path is closed by a gate, makes no sense for me when thinking o
  11. Any location in the realm has (at least) one way towards deathmarrow. Heat can be mapped like that, because verything else is the opposite direction. Gates being closed or open should have no influence on heat flow, on the contrary, heat should remain the same so that it can be used as alternate secret travel way to bypass normal pathways and reached locked areas. Being forced to limit veins to two options is a point you totally miss, try to understand its implications...they are at least creative. LR-DM has 2 path maybe, more, many places have more, but if you take a single loc
  12. I got someone to do a new frontpage for MD Please share your opinion on the layout, if you like it or you don't Thanks
  13. studying heat veins should reveal this concept that liquid dust is a transformed version of heat, like a reversed polarity heat. The veins cross entire realm and reach Deathmarrow (that visually represents the emergence of liquid dust). You could set the veins towards Deathmarrow and forget about reversing them in nc, if this helps, because it still makes sense to consider the transformation to happen at the Deathmarrow and not over entire Necrovion territory. I am not even sure if liquid dust is available s a resource yet ..but i know the plan for it very well, it should b
  14. Like i said before, don't focus on current uses of veins, traveling was just a potential use i experimented with. Focus on the concept. If the concept is flawlessly represented, the rest will adapt to it. You have all the time you need to plan this right.
  15. You need to remember i want these in only two directions, in and out, this means that in places where you have multiple roads in and out, some will only take you there, but the location itself will also have just one way out and one way that it considers in. For example if you considers the gazebo, you need to decide what the main flow is, and where the gazebo will consider the vein to be in/out, even if all adiacent locations will consider the gazebo as in or out. I do not want multiple inputs and exists on the same location. This is a restriction that will lead to interesting things, and res
  16. About the veins and how they could be set There are two conflicting ways of setting them up. Depending on what we decide about this, they will be useful for one or the other thing later. First i want to make it clear what they veins are, and i want you to follow their concept when placing them, completely disregarding any potential use. Any potential use will have to confront the way they are setup, and not the other way around, so forget about Darvin traveling them, or the needles or whatever. The first way - most practical Veins lead to a lands capitol when traveled inwa
  17. Things we need to discuss: - How will be heat veins distributed, there are two ways. Initially i wanted them in a way that combines these two ways, but very fast i realized its not possible. Since then i set them up in a mix of these two ways, we need to discuss what is better and reset all of them accordingly. - Aelis needs to play with the tools and learn what to do and what he should do. For this he needs the tools (Azull, you will do the honors) but not before we talk with him about that. He will do Loreroot, a the veins there are easier to plan than the rest of the land. -
  18. all approved I will summon you first to discuss all this, its not as simple as it seems, and there are aspects i am not sure of that we should clarify first. i updated the application list with details, pls check -- no more new participants --
  19. I like this too, crit cost will be dependent on how many of that type you already have, you will have to pay the price for all similar creatures already in your inventory for each new crit you want to get of that type. Thank you for your suggestions
  20. Heat Veins Mapping I want to change/fix/add heatveins information on _all_ md scenes. A25 medal holders have priority, followed by ex-kings an queens as counselors. There is a secret pattern that veins follow, and each land has it slightly different. I will assemble a team for this purpose, provide new tools and more instructions once a team has formed. Veins are the key to traveling impossible places, and to discover secret locations that can't be accessed by other ways. Darvin will is able to travel on heatveins, but right now he escaped GWI and reached the gazebo, wher
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