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  1. Muratus del Mur

    How would you send messages in the past?

    Rewards are: Bashaw Steel - based on score Nepgear - based on how much headache yur answer gave me (in a good sense). Thank you everyone for participating. wp awarded to the winners
  2. Muratus del Mur

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    access sent to all interested, please lets continue discussions there, or at least in the other post, and keep this one for those that want to request access later.
  3. i sent access to all that asked, if i missed any please let me know. Also if i included anyone that i wasn;t supposed to, also tell me
  4. Muratus del Mur

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    @Sushi you proved to be a great artist, its good to know that we can count on your support for futures things. @Eagle Eye ok @Fire Starter thanks for being honest about it @DARK DEMON any bit of experience with these tools is more than welcome, so, sure everybody interested in participating should have access to the docs. After the docs step, some of you will move on with testing, some with implementing things they like, but some will remain as quest make 'consultant' without tools access. If i give everyone full access to everything is a certainty that things will become chaotic. We will think of a way how to do this better, maybe you take turns, i don't know yet. What i know is that from all the people offering to get involved with this, just a couple will use these tools right. For example, i have nothing to complain about how Azull uses them in the (secret) project he is doing now..and combined with his long time reputation i think i can trust him with permanent access. Others on the list however, need to prove they grew up first, before i will stop checking their every move. DD you know very well how things turned out for you due to incredibly stupid yet simple mistakes...but i will alwyas support passion and motivation. I will probably work on a sandbox somehow , a training ground for these tools to limit damage while you learn what to do with them, but till then, only docs. I will start sending access to the Questmakers Backpack forum section to all interested, but remember i want activity in return. Just requesting access to look arround and not participating in organizing and better structuring of those docs and examples, will get you kicked out from this
  5. the syntax is the one in green, what to other docs hold are details on how to use each parameter and how to use the interface . so current people interested in organizing the documentation are Aelis, Nava , Fang ? who else? i need you to explicitly request access to that forum section because you will be required to work as a team to organize those docs. So even if more of you said all this is interesting, i need ot know who 'dares' to get involved with it
  6. Muratus del Mur

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    For all of you, state your intention and willingness to participate in the organizing, exemple creation and later on counceling regarding a25 tools. From those of you that offer, i will select those that i consider capable (lots of subjectiveness here, i know) and grant them access to the rest of the docs. From there on, when we have the docs organized, we test them. These are the steps to get to play with the tools. So let me know who is interested.
  7. Ok lets actually do this.. Who wants to help making better examples and organize the docs? From the discussion here, i assume Aelis and Nava so far, is that correct?
  8. If a quest happens in new scenes or in an isolated enough location that does not imply a potential unwanted damage risk to the rest of the realm, you can have much more freedom than in a quest that is done in a more popular location. Because this is new to all of you, including me, i suggest starting slow and in teams with good communication..and test everything you do. I am afraid that if you do a major damage to your accounts with these tools i won't be able to fix it. @Nava i am looking forward to see your quest, but first lets get these docs in a better organized form, because based on that i will give access to a group of people to the rest of the docs.
  9. Muratus del Mur

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    of course it can
  10. Muratus del Mur

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    Its very hard to start..and having a guide is impossible..and me talking to everyone is also unrealistic. Thats why i think that if you work together on organizing the docs, you get to do the first step(s) and at the same time you get to see how well you understand them, anf do team work hopefully. It is fairly possible that you will not understand the syntax but you will still be able to plan amazing things with e...in such a case, teams are essential. 'Coders' will need no coding skills at all , but they need to have a logical mind so they understand how to set things corectly. 'Artits' will provide artwork and most probably they will be freelancers for other ppl in md. 'Questmakers" will provide ideas and plans of quests and events Other main roles are up to you ofc! Think of this, ..it is normal to make a team with an artist to make drawings for you. ..but it is the same to have the coder as "freelancer" in your team to implement a quest idea..or the questmaker to put your implementing abilities to good use. Each one is important.
  11. Just don't wait for my reply on this, just discuss it and do as you think best. After you discuss it you can plan a team work and divide the work. I like the forum as it is now too..if nothing else better is available. What i hate is that there is no functional search on the forum...it never gets results right. It is hard to put links on all the small keywords that i would want to. Plus if you want to format things you need to do it the hard way each segment. Oh yes and also no subpages. I can use links to an other forum section ..works better..but if the subpages are strictly related to one thing., its bad. The forum also has the advantage of being all in one place...and integrates the entire community..thats not aomething to ignore. Leta find alternatives, see pros and cons..then decide.
  12. Muratus del Mur

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    The chained quests where also about this, the a25 tools, but the difference was that i was still the one that still had to do everything...so again..like so many times, i was unable to deal with it (bad organizing, lack of focus, dead girlfriend, etc)... And then i realized it.. I was working on these features not for me..but for that what was once called RPC...and the only way for this to work is if there are capable people to put these tools at work...not myself. Because of what i learned from the chained quests, i am doing now this..first documentation..later on apprentice for someone using the tools already..and finally teams of people where just one has a25, but all people are needed in the team. This scenario is already happening with Azul and people working with him..with nearly ZERO intervention or support from myself I dont like to repeat myself but i need to..i am building the tools , just the tools, not what you do with the tools. Same way md teaches you based on what you teach it..its not meant like a book that you get info from and return nothing back. So the chained quests i failed, and regardless that i have strong excuses why...doesn't matter...but i learned something out of that..and this parh leads to the same purpose
  13. @Aelis might be a good idea to get all organized in a dedicated editor. Please search "chm editor" it makes help files like old windows help ..might fit The disadvantage is that with this sort of organizing it will be hard to get updates and changes and more important it wont have DISCUSSIONS Maybe have a place where to put all final details but keep discussions online? Maybe an online system for this..but a good one. Forum is fit to..tell me what it can't do? I hate it that we have no way to download the data, its cloud based or whatever..and i dont like that..but too late now..
  14. @Fang ArchbaneI am not interested in people giving ideas or random advice.....i am sure that someone that would want to do something with these tools has enough ideas of his own. Lets not turn this into an offtopic discussion about what other should do. Write about what you would do and more important just do it But i do appreciate the positive attitude, thanks
  15. Muratus del Mur

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    And here is the document i put together with all i could come up about the A25 Tools , please don;t bother to read it if you didn't read all of the above and feel you have a place in all this. Sorry for the mess, and language mistakes, that is the best i could do on my own.