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  1. I don't really see how this could be related to the php upgrade, chew send me some details when you can, thanks.
  2. at this point all errors i know of where fixed, i am sure there are other errors i don't know about, please post them when you see them, thank you all for your help. I know this "method" of mine is totally unprofessional, and i could theoretically fix everything first on a test server, then test there, then move live, but i am much more "motivated" and fast when i have to fix live errors ..and a bit of downtime brings us forward much faster.
  3. actively working on it
  4. Oh woow i pove them allllll hahhaaa so nice!!
  5. It was intentional, the reasons might not be that clear, but from my point of view, i consider mp8 (and mp1) at the extreme parts of the mp range. Mp1 is for things as integrated as possible, such as story related roles, and should be npc too, and mp7 the last usable mo level..and mp8, being the last mp level, i thought it fits for a25 that technically have god-like powers. Having these actual mp levels is not possible because they need to be at whatever mp level then need when they need, for integrating quests, or just playing their character. Same goes for what i consider mp1 but its not technically mp1 in-game. Most of what is done by me in MD is made based on more instinct than logic..so i do have my reasons why i put mp8 on the map for a25, but i admit they might not make sense for others. You can consider this an other "bug", because eventually i will change it to something else..but for me is like a landmark, such small things remind me of my path ans intentions when coding things in md. Hope this makes some things clear
  6. suggestion looks interesting, but i won;t do it. If Chew wishes to do it i dont mind, but i won;t do it because i don;t see it to be essential, and it also cuts down things like mp colors, and special status colors on individual player dots. Like it is now you can see where you can find players of your level, and where a25 players are located, via the color of their dot. It also means radically changing something that works fine, and i have a shitload of other things to do than this.
  7. Here is the audio part of the game review Ungod did, I like it a lot, but it needs video, maybe someone can help with this? game_review.m4a
  8. i will pm you what i have now, i don't have a video yet, but some screenshots if they help? Thanks
  9. i like how clickables become more visible in night mode, might even be a cool feat of night more with some well designed clickes that could show some details only in night mode, but if you think its unnatural, i could try placing them under the night veil
  10. i am confused, what is the issue, that the avatars are taken every 6 months, or that they are not and this is not specified in the interface? If they are not taken, it should still say they are, same like with the accounts, we might not delete them, but if someone leaves for years, even if we dont, he needs to be warned that we might. so please make it clear what the bug report is saying, what needs fixing?
  11. fixed, also added tools to test it in the misc section of A25 panel
  12. its missing because it is designed to trigger only when you have an avatar that you click, and that click changes the div and also loads the nice animation. It needs rethinking to work if you don;t have a secondary panel on accounts without avatars...but till then, i needed to see active days and consecutive days of new players, so i added that. Your code is still there, just broken for this particular situation.
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