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  1. Is it normal if I now from sacrifying archer get only principles, but no stats, no skills? even it's old creature with a lot of wins?
  2. so where to post my creature drawing and description? here?
  3. me http://public.fotki.com/Kempiniukas88/me-as-creature/ added couple more photos
  4. Ok, so My torture device is from many parts. A Victim lies on Ice tabe.Hot steam device a blowing hot steams at him, so all the time he feels cold and hot, one side of body is burning in hell, other is cold as ice. At the same time boiling steel or oil is driping on our victim head, eyes and all face. One drop in minute.To keep our victim awake ant make his suffer longer there are in the table small needles with poison caled "Shumer", it's rare flower nectar which are found only in mda garden. These poisons flow in victims venous and burns them but at the same time keep him alive. It's like Life potion, only very painful. So when our victim is lying and suffering here comes executioner. he with pincers (number 2) eradicate all victims nails one by one,then put large needles(number 1) about 90-110mm under his fingers skin. When all this are done, he grabs saw(number 3) executioner cut all victims fingers, hands and legs, he cut them into small peaces slowly. So when all these procedures are done, and our victim almost dead and crazy from pain here shows "Souls colector" device (number 4). This device can grab any living creature soul and inprison it in the bottle, so in this way, our victim never rest in peace and always suffer, even when victim is dead. My device picture(sorry I am not good at that) :
  5. *kempiniukas* Tag: Gardener of MDA Garden; balance between nature and human keeper; and lost life Seeker. Description: The man, empty soul and warrior with no past has found his destiny! MD land trees waked up with angry in their roots! Human was selfish too long! Now they will show what we have to respect and I am tool in their hands.
  6. Dexter! wow! nice work! I really like it! I think it's perfect for me, I don't see anything that you can add thanks Dexter a lot, I hope it will be in the shop? amorte nice drawings! especially I like that last little thingy in the mouth, it's cool and also I like the first warrior , and now don't know which choose yours or dexter well... I see what I can get on shop, maybe everybody will buy before me
  7. We walk in these lands like owner of them. We are people, consumers. We just take everything we need with no care about results. But there is something more powerful than we can imagine and old as these lands. They surrounds us almost everywhere and they are tired of our selfishness. And now they will come… to return balance and to show us what we must respect. And that’s how my story started… Gardener Diary Dream: IIt was ordinary day. I was walking in MDA gardens tired of many fights I fought today. So I came here to my secret place, where I can think and relax. MDA garden is my own special place and there I feel home I feel connection more powerful than any other. So how I said it was ordinary day and I was so tired that decided to lie down under that tree alley and have a little snap before other fights. Soon I felt a sleepy and get into dreams kingdom. But this dream was different. In the beginning I can’t understand what was wrong, but soon perception came to me. I was floating over my body and watching how I was sleeping, watching myself!! And that was not strangest thing. Strangest was that I felt other mind, like voice in my head. And I understand that…that it was garden! Garden was talking to me and I was in his mind. Like guest or maybe…like prisoner? But... ”Garden” silenced my fears. Dialogue: Garden: “We choose you up” Me: “Who are you? Choose? For what? ” Garden: “Now you our master and we are your part ” Me: “But for what purpose” Garden: “For future” Me: “Future?” Garden: “Soon you will understand…” ….And then I awake. Confusion: When I awake I was so confused… because I didn’t know if it was just VERY realistic dream or… that conversation really happened? But I felt something that cleared all mine dithers. I felt Him… or maybe I have to say them? I felt Garden and all plant in it… I felt their thoughts and… power... power I felt like stream in my body, my blood. But still I didn’t know how to use it… I have to learn... they will learn me how to use that power but first… for that gift I have to do one work to them… Task: I have to found a NAME, that’s all I know. That word was whispered and screamed in my mind and I almost become deaf... that voice… no, voices! Hundreds, thousands voices whispered, screamed in my had all the time “ Find the NAME, find the NAME, find…” Beginning: So that’s how I become gardener of MDA lands, powerfully gardener with no access to his power…at least for now. So from now my mission and my story begins. Shake in fears those who will stay in my way because I can access all corner of this land and my roots reach more than you can imagine… "With its roots buried deep in the earth, its trunk above ground, and its branches stretching toward the sky, a tree serves as a symbolic, living link between this world and those of supernatural beings." Aug. 11th. First Day of my researches I walked among those people to search information, to get near my purpose. I talked to them, and always when I talked with one of them I felt how "Garden" angry flow in my veins. It was so hard to stay calm and not trying to kill them, to kill them all! And my researches was useful, that's what I've heard in my walk; "People did not always live on the surface of the earth. At one time people and animals lived underneath the earth with Kangus, the Great Master and Lord of All Life. In this place people and animals lived together peacefully. They understood each other. No one ever wanted for anything and it was always light even though there wasn't any sun. During this time of bliss Kangus began to plan the wonders he would put in the world above. First Kangus created a wondrous tree, with branches stretching over the entire country. At the base of the tree he dug a hole that reached all the way down into the world where the people and animals lived. After he had finished furnishing the world as he pleased he led the first man up the hole." So everything in these lands raised from one tree...and I must find him! Aug. 12th. I began to believe that not only are plants and animals alive, but also rain, thunder, the wind, spring, etc. What we see is only the outside form or body. Inside is a living spirit that we cannot see. These spirits can fly out of one body into another. For example, a woman's spirit might sometime fly into a leopard; or a man's spirit fly into a lion's body. Aug. 18th. I walked in MD lands with hope, stubbornness and dream…dream to find the Answer. But… it’s useless. It’s seems that this journey and my mission will be more difficult than I thought in the beginning. I walked in lands searching for clues or sign, sign that could help me to find that enemy. But… there nothing. Yet. But I will find it, I will search in every corner of this land, I will walk in deserts, I will swim in seas, I will do everything! Because I have nothing to loose. Not anymore. Angry flow in my venous in my mind. But… it’s not my angry. “Garden” is going mad, and his maddens could explode any day… and who knows what will happen then? Note: However I found one strange thing in my journey. In lore root lands “Garden” power and influence to me is weaken. It’s seems that he can’t use his power in lore root, but why? There is a lot of trees. It’s very strange. Have to find out about it later, because “Garden” is not very talkative. Everybody is looking for that something. One thing that makes it all complete. You find it in the strangest places. Places you never knew it could be... Dream: It was very strange dream! It was so realistic that you easily could make mistake and think that it’s reality. But I soon realized that it’s dream. Why? I don’t know, it was just a feeling. I felt it with my entire body. I looked around. I was in MD lands, in MDA Gardens. The same place where I felt asleep. But one thing attract my attention. It was a leaf, normal tree leaf , but something was strange with him. And he began glide, I began run after him. He was so fast! I run and run, with no time to look around. Suddenly he stops. Something was wrong, but I can’t understand what. But then I realized. It was dark! The night came to MD lands! I saw a full Bloody Moon, stars. It was bright night, and moon cast bloody shades on all land, and it was so spooky, it looks like all land was drowned in blood. Where was something else. I was not alone anymore. I’ve heard crackle behind my back and hard breathing. And then I saw him. He very apply to all contraption in my dream. He was very short old man, so short that even dwarf by him looks like giant. His face was lined with so many wrinkles that it looks like old tree bark. He was looking at me with cold, dead eyes which not agreed with warm, full of white teeth mouth. He walked through me, pick up leaf , looked at me again and bounced downstairs (which appeared from nowhere) with song( poem? ) in his mouth: “ Butterfly, butterfly where do you fly, So quick and so high in the blue, blue sky? “ He disappeared and it become so dark, that I even can’t see my hands in front of me. It’s looked like somebody just switched off moon and all stars. I was trapped in dark, I can move, breath and even can’ blink. When I felt being in that dark, he was not alive but not dead and he was darker even that darkness around me. And then song began flew around me. It was not true song, all words was whispered and I’ve heard just some of them. “ Your name was called…. And you will… day become night, and shade become… your master is… “ That’s all I’ve heard from all song. Then dark being come to me and kissed me. His/ her kiss was so cold that ice covered all my lips. And then I waked up. Awakening: I awaked with scream in my mouth and drowned in my own sweat. I looked around to make sure that it’s reality, not another dream. I was starved! It was strange because I felt asleep after my dinner. But were was something more… I felt that “Garden” is worried. Worried about me! But why? And then he said. I was sleeping for whole 3 days!
  8. I have sended my request to blackthorn but I think he is very busy in these days My dream Avatar is a tired skinny warrior with shades in his faces and not very shining armor, but with power aura around him, pastille through his venous and his feet’s are cowered with tree roots, he like trapped in them, and his body have no shade, instead it he has tree shade. So that’s my dream… I tried to describe it detail to help you get a view. So I hope that one day anyone can make this dream true.
  9. I want to have Avatar too can anyone draw for me one?
  10. Hmz,... well ok I'll translate it, so: Attention all Lithuanian, who wants become a member of my translation team pls write here,help to to translate this game to our language. So everybody happy now?
  11. This post is for my country people, sorry
  12. Taigi, nutariau prisidėt prie MD plėtimosi ir palengvint lietuviams jį žaisti, taigi noriu išverst šį žaidimą i mūsų kalbą, taigi kas norit prisideti prašau rašykit. Kokios jusu anglu zinios ir prisistatymas trumpas. Bus apdovanojimas
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