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  1. how about this idea? increase the slot for creature in ritual when you advance to next mind level.

    for example, Mp3 got 6 creature slot for ritual as normal now. when advance to Mp4, you get another 1 slot - 7 creatures in ritual... Mp5 got 8 slots and so on....

    This way, I think it feels like we have advanced in army building since we have got bbigger army, not just the old creature in the old ritual. The more MP should mean more powerful of the *summoner* so they can process more creatures army and also..in ritual....

    This is not affected the balance of the game because different mind power levels can not attack each other apart from the RPC (which I think it's bad idea for RPC to attack lower mind power level anyway)...

  2. "Different choices in the story will give different stat bonuses and quests which will affect gameplay. After players reach certain criteria of experience and won fights, they can reset the story to play it a different way and gain another mindpoint. There are several different routes in the story, and players are encouraged to choose different options each time to gain the most diverse gaming experience as possible."

    I saw this in FAQ topic,

    Does this means that I can change my principles I chose earlier or not? I just random click at some principle at the first time I play... just wanna change them....

    and what is the meaning of reset the story mentioned in that text? it means I can play that story again, but still keep the present stat or all will be reseted?

    thank you in advance...

  3. Is there any way to effectively increase max value point?

    I would like to upgrade my creature but I don't have enough Value point to be used as upgrade cost ( my max VP is not enough to upgrade them)

    I just think about sacrifying creature to increase max VP stat, but now I am reach max exp for MP3 and still not advance to MP4 yet, waiting for the story to advance.

    Therefore, this means that I can not train more creature to be sacrifiied (It will not get exp or win bacuase I am Max exp already). So, sacrifying does not help at this time.

    Any suggestion?

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