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  1. Thank you guys so much! It's a pleasure to see my MD friends did not forget me.
  2. Ohhh, a tail....aren't those usually in the butt area? Anyway this place is magic, so there is no need to stick with a traditional tale anyway I suppose. In case I didn't mention it....it truly is a masterpeice Glai. I would never have guessed a goat could draw so well. How do your cute little cloven hooves grasp the tools, I wonder? Sounds like Manu is more fun than I thought! I will have to make it next time.
  3. what is that suspicious thing dangling from his forehead? And why didn't anyone invite me to a party?
  4. Is there a way to leave a certain message cloud without leaving your mailbox? Sometimes I think what I am looking for is in one cloud, but it's not. I can't seem to leave the cloud without closing mail as well, and then I have to open it again. Am I missing something? Or is that the way it works currently. Btw...I do love the stars, so very helpful in sorting my immeadiate in box priorities.
  5. I died myself last night at the shop. Luckily I woke up alive....It sounds as though some are not so lucky though. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, I guess?
  6. I wonder if it's not time we took a more direct approach to speaking with the Angiens. I hear that they are in Marind Bell.
  7. Nice work Morquor. Your description and stat work is awesome. I would love to have that creature.
  8. I would like to thank Calyx for this flattering post. I would also like to thank all those who have been vital in making the dojo a success. I regret that currently, I do not have the time to commit to being a proper dojo appretice. I still wish to support the dojo in anyway that I can, and make no mistake I still plan to help there when I can. I am very proud to have been a part of this project that has been supported by so many players. There are so many people who have worked hard to make this place what it is today. We have gone from nothing, to the most busy spot on the map. Through Calyx's hard work, we have also gained official notice in the adventure log. The dojo has truly surpassed my expectations. I am greatful to have been a part of it from the beginning.
  9. A new suggestion for mail...thought it might fit here. The new sender tags look awfully useful...but can be annoying to. I would suggest that when replying to mail, no tag need be selected. That's just silly.
  10. The excuse for asking is the post itself. The following players have documents, find out what they want to get them. I think it's pretty clear players are encouraged to find NPCs and actively try to gain spell docs. They don't need an excuse. No....you don't have to have a quest. Yes, you ought to be cooperative in giving players a way to earn them....or at least a way to contact you. I know you Ren, are giving players a chance to earn the docs. Some though, are simply evasive, and rude when asked. If as an RPC you don't want to deal with this...maybe another RPC should hold the document.
  11. Fight wins are based on percentage of armies loss....not straight VE.
  12. Much thanks to Ren, the dojo may be getting some extra help in the coming days. This post may be edited as new players are assigned. Dojo staff is requested to keep an eye on this post, as well as the persons mentioned within. To recieve certain favors or fill requirements certain people have been assigned specific dojo tasks. LostWanderer goal: Introduce 10 players to the dojo and assist them with thier training. He must teach them the rules of the dojo as well as some fighting skills.
  13. Those are some good ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing some new creats in the game.
  14. Ooooh Spikey. I will do my best to become spikey before then. Perhaps that is what my battling currently lacks. Thanks for being so obliging. At the same time though, it somewhat lessens my desire to pummel you. *sighhhh*
  15. @dst....IF I can ever get the damn bugger to level....much less last a battle. I am sure my joker will be cool...but I stand by blood pact archer as being the most immeadiately useful of the creature shop purchases.
  16. Hello, and hurry along to mp5...there are precious few that I can slaughter now. Lovely to see you here and hope to see you in the game as well.
  17. Hola...and hi. Welcome to the forum.
  18. I am pretty sure all is fair in love and heads. If I had a spell, I would use it in a heartbeat. I'm also sure, this is a little too difficult to track. As far as I know, if it's not in the rules page...it's fair game.
  19. This is not a bug...it is purposeful, though not too useful until you enter higher levels. Why? You need to study your logs to find that out. There will come a time, when you might find it a handy thing to aim for. At mp3 and 4, it is kindof disabled. What I mean by that is, it will lower your creats exp., but it will not affect your player exp. You can find the difference by checking in your scroll once the story is completed, or in the MD magic shop. Both of those places show your total player exp. The player exp. shown when you click your name is adjusted and likely much lower than your actual exp. This happens, sometimes it can suck. Learn why and avoid it.
  20. Blood pact archer kicks ass...can't tell you more without spoiling. I don't have the imperial aramor (honor challenged), but I hear once you level it, it too can be quite nice. Here's the deal....do or don't, you'll find those concoctions just may come in handy. My advice is to lean back...purchase the things on the page as you need them, and let the creature come along when you're ready for it. Is it worth waiting for? yes. Worth blowing $8 on nothing? Not much is, in my opinion. As you get further advanced, you may find honor harder to acquire. If you have the aramor unlocked, I would get it. Again, I don't know what it does...but I sure want one.
  21. Yes, I know how RPCs love to track players down one by one, and give them free information. I'll just lean back and wait for you to find me. I guess I can't understand why your name and the name of the spell you hold was posted, if I'm not supposed to have some chance of getting it. Clearly, I misunderstood the purpose of this post.
  22. No SoulTear, I quite agree. Except to the selling of accounts...that's pretty tacky.
  23. RJ above is what I'm talking about. We're told we can only get quests from these particular RPCs. RPCs don't want to deal with 1003 people spamming them. Those who say nothing get nothing, and in the mean time all the RPCs run away to avoid answering questions or log out. It's a pain for everyone. There has to be an easier way. No offense, but Mur....getting ahold of you is the most difficult of all. You have warnings in all your papers about not bothering you with trifles (which I respect)...but how does that make me able to acquire these spells? I ask...I piss someone off. I don't ask....I end up with nothing. So, how do I actually get something done here?
  24. Personally, my biggest problem with the head contest and the game in general is the vastly overpowered players that continue to lurk in mp3 and mp4. It's ridiculous to expect regular players to compete, and it is unfair especially in times like these. I understand negative experience was removed from those levels for that reason. I understand that victories can only be gained when making a significant change in VE (hard to do against an army of nothing) What I don't understand, is why they continue to hang about and refuse to advance to the next level. Is it really that fun beating on people who can't compete at all? This won't be the first time I've said it, but it would be great if some of those unnamed people would log in to find story mode some time. There has got to be a stat or creature level stat for mp levels as well, I think. I don't think most newbs expect to win, but they expect a fair chance. Think of how many older players wouldn't be here if they hadn't made it through the newb stage. There are some really neat new players in the making here. It's a shame to lose them over silliness.
  25. While I believe that the player should be remembered and written into legend, perhaps. You can't leave a gaping hole in the game because so-and-so decided not to play anymore. After you spend 2 months, a year, two years creating something glorious you should be proud! And you should hang around to protect your interest. When you leave you no longer can expect to retain the same position. Why shouldn't someone else have them. It's ridiculous to think that a major part of the game should be lost because one person has a fit. Once you add to a common idea or group project, you give those ideas to the group. You should always be given credit, but realize too, that work, that idea, that action, no longer belongs to you alone.
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