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  1. I don't think the equation used to determine if you will gain or lost honor in a fight is fair enought. I have already 150 of difference between looses and wins, looses-wins=150, and even that people continue attack me , because most of them received only 10, 20 or 50 of negative honor. I will spend a lot of time to recovery the balance, if possible. This game is supossed to be played just a few time ever day, right!? And just one more thing. In my opinion, age protect only the old players. If your creature have enought xp and won fights to upgrade why wait for age? I have 4 dark archer II just waiting to get age in order to upgrade. Not rare, I can't beat an older player just because that. A player with enought skill is supossed to beat an older player? I agree, that is possible. But the only reliable way is look for old players with close to death creatures. Of course for ever ritual you have a counter-ritual, but you only know the ritual of your oponent after you are already in a fight with him. When you realize the right ritual to beat him, yours creatures are already close to death, then your new information is useless. Sorry for my bad english.
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