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    Gaming, Obviously, grew up playing AD&D and Rifts, and I.C.E. Middle Earth, and MTG. I read allot. Anyone ever read the Thieves World anthology series? I enjoy movies, though I don't go as often as I used to. music- all kinds- Hiking and camping, nature really. I like rainy days and thunderstorms, staring at the night sky, the sound of the wind through the trees. Love trees. Hate bugs, the kind that bite anyway. I should probably live in Montana instead of Arizona, oh well, I'll have to think about that one. I toy with writing a fantasy novel, and actually have completed some chapters, the rest is mostly still locked in my head. I guess I'm interested in anything with the feeling of the mystical in it.

    I would greatly appreciate your understanding when speaking in chat. I lost the use of my left hand a couple years ago and type only with my right hand. It takes me allot longer to do most things... so please be patient with me.
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  1. Thank you all.   Sorry I wasn't here. 
  2.  I am very sorry I have not been around for the last couple months, but things with my business have gone from way too busy to, I am working 12-14 hours a day 7 days per week.  I do not know when I will be able to relax and spend some time again with you all here, but I am very much looking forward to that date.  For those I have made commitments to draw for, again I am very sorry...I will of course draw for you for free when I am able to return.  I think of you all often which helps me to get through my very long days.   Thank you all for your understanding.   BlackThorn
  3. Work is taking me out of town for a couple of weeks.  I am looking forward to when my life gets back to normal and I will be able to draw for you all.  See you all soon. 
  4. Wow really nice work... would love to do one together with you...let me know.
  5. At the moment I am very busy with RL work, but I would very much like to draw for you... If you are in a hurry, of course, I would not be immeadiately available.      Also I haven't forgotten about your heart...should have it completed soon.
  6. To all those I am drawing for, I have not forgotten you....   I'm still caught up with too much work running my business gone crazy and I have not had any spare time to draw.  I'm hoping that in a couple of three weeks or so I will be freed up and be able to spend it passed out at the GOE (which means drawing).  Until then I appreciate your patience.  Sacrifice a few virgins for me.
  7. Oh and sorry it took me so long to respond...I own and opperate my own business (Real Estate and Finance)...and when it gets busy, I have to spend enormous amounts of time working.  Things have been kind of crazy lately..not complaining as I like making money...but it did keep me from participating in the birthday celebrations as much as I would have liked.  It also means no drawing and little time to hang with you all here.  :(  so I guess I am complaining a little.  I really need to get my priorities straight. :D
  8. Many of my Drawings that appear here in my Forum Shoppe have been enhanced by way of computer editing tools.  However, the gifs that I upload to be made into Avatars are not.  This gypsy dancer is a good example of this, so I will upload larger Jpeg pictures and the original scan so you can see.  I do this because I enjoy creating art and I enjoy using many mediums that are not allowed here in MD.  To me personally, I do not consider the avatars that I draw for MD as "finished" art work, because they are not as good as they can be.  But because the Image is scaled down to 160x100, most of the fine details are lost anyway and so I don't mind as much that my art is "unfinished".  I also understand and comply with Mur's/MD's point of view and I respect it.  So I only upload for approval according to the rules.   Again the Image that appears in the Forum is only used here in the Forum.  It has not been radically atlered and is a good representaion of what the Approved avatar will look like.     Here is the picture I used to create the gif Image and would use to upload for approval: http://storenow.net/my/?f=94fe8f9dc19af77f8895ddbad73f09ad This image has only been cleaned up, scaled to fit 160x100, and sharpened/brightened a little.  No other computer manipulations have occurred.   Copy of the gif ready for approval: http://storenow.net/my/?f=e93f20270cafa901090d9becbddb46c9   Here is the picture when it was first scanned: no computer manipulations what-so-ever but had to scale down as orriginal scan was too large a file to upload it here.  http://storenow.net/my/?f=427d39585d03a1f5d100c762f07234b2
  9. Wow!  What a great Question.  Are there any theories Out there?    I heard the name Kelle before... It's Irish though not very common. Found this on a Google search:   Kelle \k(el)-le\ is a boy's name meaning "slender" and is a variant of Kellen (Gaelic): an ancient given name.   could the name have some reference to a "slender" Mountain? 
  10. GG Drachorn Indie stone gathering tool Get out of jail free card (permanent spell) Darkling Shop reset/s Indie water gathering tool Indie axe Item creating ability (permanent) A set of all tokens placed on creature of choice Choice of 3 tokens placed on creature/s of choice Choice of 5 tokens placed on creature/s of choice, etc... Dual citizenship to lands of choice WP's Killing Item Anti-killing Item (maybe a ring with perm affect) Invisibility spell Larger forum gallery space complete set of every type of stone indie fenths collecting tool
  11. available... Female Dancer...http://storenow.net/my/?f=be8eeaa9b1625871a02bb475ce8fbfcc   SOLD...to Assira the Black... who inspired this drawing
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