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  1. So all I have to do is quests for PWR and I can get in?
  2. As the topic might suggest, I was wondering if there is anyway to enter those lands. I have been told different things, I would list them but that would be spoiling it, but I think I can state the fact that someone is selling access to Necrovion, and I cannot solve any riddles for the life of me to get the silver to pay for it, so. Is there any other way to get into both Necrovion and Golemus that doesn't cost silver coins?
  3. I may have just missed this, but there should be a place, in the forums, where you can read the adventure log from the beginning, and again, sorry if there already is, please tell me how to get to it.
  4. What I mean is that I only have 1 new creature in the ritual and it always gets killed in the first 2 rounds, is there any way to stop that, short of killing the entire other ritual in less that 2 rounds
  5. I finally got into Loreroot and grabed some of the new creatures, but I am having a problem leveling them since in MP4 most of the creatures out there all target "weak" which the new creatures are, so is there any way I can level them without them getting killed every fight?
  6. I started the game recently and was just wondering, is there a max on your Principles?
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