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  1. Tolls

    This would be unfair, especially if unannounced. If I pay a silver near the entrance to a land I wouldn't expect to pay it at the next scene as well. Especially if I had to pay to go back as well (which shouldn't be a necessary condition but could be depending on how tolls were implemented). I'd also be peeved if I was found to be in a specific location and then tolls were raised around that location to single out me in such a punitive manner. If this was implemented we'd need some basic rules on it's use (with great power comes great responsibility). And more rules could be implemented socially through treaties, threat of retaliatory action, etc. One guideline I have in mind is that tolls should be about access, not about containment. They shouldn't be used to imprison players (though this might be useful in certain cases, preferably pre-approved) but to regulate access to tools, resources, locations, transport, etc. To expand upon that last parenthetical, maybe players could sign up for a quest in a certain area and not be allowed out into they've solved the quest (murder mystery in one of the mansions in the East maybe?) and receive an item with which to pay the toll. Or a mission for new MP3s that disallows them from certain areas until they've proved their mettle. And yeah, I had forgotton about pass papers, but I think both concepts (and the interplay between them) are interesting.
  2. Tolls

    I want to see both more cooperation and more conflict between lands. I'd like to propose that lands/kings should be able to implement toll roads (or bridges/gates/doors/ports/etcetera). On attempting a movement to another scene the player would be prompted to pay the toll, if they decline they are denied access and remain in the same scene. Payments should go into land treasuries. This would be a pretty powerful tool, but other lands could respond in kind or even declare war. Hopefully we'd end up with some treaties preventing certain tolls. This concept could be expanded in that "Location X" requires the possession of "Item Y" without actually requiring that item to be given up. Any thoughts?
  3. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    Just out of curiosity, are the items tied to the player in any other way? That is, can the system distingish between the engraved rings of player No one and player No way?
  4. Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    By the way, just noticed this: https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4056 So perhaps not a shared item (I'd prefer that it wasn't), but it sounds like Mur had in mind some other way to obtain this resource at one point?
  5. Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    Oh, sorry for the confusion, I meant the wiiya itself, not the collector. I was wondering what it was needed for; sounds like it's a necessary component for creating some creature from your post?
  6. Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    @Fang Archbane, may I ask what you need Wiiya for? Or are you "asking for a friend"? I have some in my possession and can get some more if needed. I'm pretty sure there are others. You might have more luck with your request if you could show you've exhausted other avenues first.
  7. Social media manager

    I do plan to help out with this, but Chewett's request allowed for multiple helpers ("For the person that gathers the most amount pieces of information found here 1 gold coin. Please post all the information and links you can find here in this post.") for this task, so please don't assume that I plan to do it all myself.
  8. Cross Mind Power Theory

    There's some good discussion in this thread, but I'm not here to comment on that at the moment, just wanted to throw another suggestion into the ring. We have sanctuaries where people can avoid being attacked (under most circumstances), why not the opposite as well: an arena where everyone can be attacked, regardless of mind power. I think one of these locations would be sufficient and two would be plenty. They should ideally be placed at a dead end, so that that new players aren't too prone to wandering through without intention. And perhaps we could have the main lands vie for the honor of hosting this arena. I think a multi-stage combat tournament would be fitting.
  9. Combat abilities

    Can't comment on the abilities themselves, but goad might be a possible alternative name for afflict, if I'm understanding correctly.
  10. Questmaker's Etiquette Guide

    I'm about to start gathering documentation stuff for the the topic below and it reminded me of this post. Wondering if you, @Aeoshattr, would mind if I suggested adopting this guide as official documentation? Would make it easier for players to find it when it becomes relevant to them, and would also allow the community to maintain it if you should ever disappear.
  11. Chat refinements

    With the addition of the new "fightchat" (Ann. 4353) and some discussion about it's usefulness I've been thinking about the live chat a bit. I have a couple suggestions. We have a toggle for OOC chat that automatically surrounds messages with parentheses to denote out of character messages. Perhaps we could also have a toggle to hide those messages then? Perhaps a similar ability to toggle out "fightchats"? Or these could be possibly be combined into a single toggle that also hides item collection messages and other automated system messages. Might be useful to have an indicator of some sort when there are a lot of these messages so people don't forget and keep it turned off all the time. Lengthening the chat display window by a just few lines could have an outsized impact on the ability to keep up in fast moving chats without disrupting the page layout much.
  12. Having help documents in one place sounds like a great idea. As you mentioned before, it's important that they are searchable and cross-referenced. Each individual help document should have its own URL for easy sharing. It would also be helpful if documents could be tagged by category. It would be nice if each document had a feedback section. Basically, "Is this page helpful?" and a comment box. I wouldn't display comments on the page though, just store them somewhere that could be referenced when routinely updating help documents. Not sure about this part, but maybe the documents could be a directory of Markdown files stored on GitHub? That would be an easy way to compare, discuss, and approve changes, without spending time building a custom editing interface. You'd just need a way to fetch the latest version on a regular basis and render as HTML.
  13. More fillable clickable ideas

    The original topic (below) was closed after several derailments, but I wanted to expand on my ideas and add another. 5 Fat → (Cooking pot) → Tallow Allow melting down grasan fat to tallow in a (fillable clickable) cooking pot. Tallow could in turn be used by another fillable clickable or an item combiner to make candles/torches (tallow + wick/fabric), soaps, pemmican, lube, or salves for blisters. Candles/torches, in particular, would be an ideal second step for illuminating potential new locations (caves, tunnels, crypts) that are generally unnavigable due to darkness. 10 Tree bark → (Mulcher) → Mulch Mulch could be used for accelerated gardening (bushies, the community garden plots, etc.). Alternatively, should the potential for crop failure be introduced, mulch could reduce the risk of that. 3 Large Rock → (Crusher) → Gravel Large rocks are useless, as per their description: “A large and heavy rock. Nothing more.” Gravel, however, while already implemented, is “Useful as building material.” --- And if anyone else has ideas, go ahead and suggest them, but remember the requested formula: A quantity of common/easy to get resources that already exist The converter (probably a tool of some sort) A single item that results from the conversion of the resources And don't forget to consider the value/rarity of the inputs/output. Feedback welcome as well; especially whether my numbers need adjusting?