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  1. Then I'm glad you're not power-hungry, or we might be waiting for a rewrite of MagicDuel in Lisp.
  2. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    As an optional method I think this would definitely be useful in increasing sign ups. I often use social signups when I'm not sure of long term interest at time of signup. It's a big timesaver. It can, however, be annoying later if I'm not sure if I signed up with Twitter or Facebook or something else. This is typically alleviated by syncing accounts using the same email (for example, if I sign up with a Twitter account that is setup with ivorak@example.com and then later try to login with a Facebook account that is also linked to ivorak@example.com, that should log me into the same MagicDuel player account). When implementing it, it's also important that a player should still be able to log in if they later decide to delete or deactivate their Facebook (or other social login) account. One possible way to do this without requiring a password at signup time is to save the user email from Facebook and send a one-time password change link upon request. I'm sure you can think of other methods. As for player names, I think Guest<playerIDnumber> works well (I'd prefer not to see any funny names) but I would prefer that even that should be changed to a custom name before the player gains access to the mainlands. Part of the award for getting off Gateway Island could be a name of the player's choosing.
  3. I'd like to see the town crier crying a variety of news and updates. I think System announcements (e.g., "All shared items have been returned to their original place.") should be moved to the town crier since they're just reminders. (I would prefer that a red announcements link signified something more than a regular reminder.) See the town crier mostly being used for automated announcements, but might also be useful as a spell (with certain rules for use) for land leaders to announce special events. P.S. I may be a bit odd, but the town crier is one of my favorite features, even though he's so quiet now. I think the feature has lots of potential for setting a vibe, and I'll try to think more on how it can be used.
  4. Has item - for multi stage quests, distributed to those who pass preceding quest Has tag - certain quests could be designed for those with special tags (particularly the ones from tag dispensers), a building quest with enrollment limited to carpenters for example. On list - ability to "whitelist"/"blacklist" players from a quest, the latter is particularly useful when a player has cheated at a previous quest, or failed at a quest where failure has repercussions. Citizen of - would encourage land leaders to create quests for their people/vassals.
  5. The Hunting of the Snark

    Postponed indefinitely, as I'm reconsidering some components (too simple/hack-y for my liking). Sorry for the suspense. Will try to revise at some point.
  6. Yeah, on second thought this is significantly more complicated than I had realized, especially if done right. I'd be happy to expand on this in the future if you want, but the more I think about this the more out of scope it becomes (for the purpose of this topic anyway).
  7. The Hunting of the Snark

    Sorry for the delay, will try to run this soon.
  8. The Hunting of the Snark

    It's actually not too lengthy a poem, maybe a hundred lines. Wikisource also has a version that is all on one page here. Also, reading is highly recommended, but ultimately optional.
  9. This quest is the first of a series of Literary Appreciation Quests. All are welcome to participate. To compete, we advise the following steps: Read The Hunting of the Snark. You can find a copy in the archives. You just might find a useful hint about how to successfully complete later steps safely. Hunt the snark. Several players will be playing the role of the snark. It is your job to catch one of them and present evidence to me that you have done so. The first team to do so will win an award. Yes, team! You will need the assistance of another player to catch the snark. However, you do not necessarily need to form teams ahead of time. Here’s how it works: Upon spying a snark in your current scene, Player A will announce: “Look! A snark!” Another player, Player B, must then throw a net: *throws a net*. A third player, Player C, must grab the snark to complete the catch: *grabs the snark* One of these players must send a screenshot to me (Ivorak) by forum PM for the team to collect the award. The screenshot should include enough detail to show the Snark is present and the record of the chat. However, if steps A-D are completed out of order, repeated, or if the Snark *flees* before they are completed, then you must try again in another scene. Awards will be distributed in reverse order, such that Player C gets the greatest reward and Player A gets the least valuable reward. The same will be true of penalties, though, should they occur. You may do anything (permitted by general MD rules) to foil other teams or otherwise gain an advantage. If you have any questions, please address them to me privately by forum PM. Currently looking for quest sponsorships, and preparing some final touches. I’ll post the names of the players playing Snarks when the quest officially begins. In the meantime, you can get a headstart on your reading.
  10. Hastilude Basic tools for aggregating combat outcomes by groups of players. Could be used for team competitions where individual statistics are only a factor of the greater outcome. Perhaps extendable for future implementations of land wars, a team heads competition, or future iterations of the torch competition. One way to do this is to have a competition moderator who can add people to a list of teams, or instead distribute pennants that mark the individual as part of one faction or another.
  11. 10 Tree bark → (Mulcher) → Mulch Another fillable clickable idea. Mulch could be used for accelerated gardening (bushies, the community garden plots, etc.)
  12. 5 Fat → (Cooking pot) → Tallow Allow melting down Grasan fat to tallow in a (fillable clickable) cooking pot. Tallow can then be used by another fillable clickable or an item combiner to make candles/torches (tallow + wick/fabric), soaps, pemmican, lube, or salves. Candles/torches, in particular, would be an ideal second step for illuminating potential new locations (caves, tunnels, crypts) that are generally unnavigable due to darkness.
  13. 5 Gold Note shown as Default

    Dang. I was hoping it was intentional. (Not to the detriment of Aethon, but because it would have implied that there was counterfeiting taking place within MD. Would have been fun to hunt down the culprit.)
  14. WTS / some free

    Commenting on the arguments occurring in this thread: I don't see the need for so many complaints. There are simple solutions that you (referring to distrusting potential buyers) have complete control over. 1) Don't bid on something offered by someone you don't trust. This is a simple way to avoid issues. 2) Don't bid more than you are willing to pay for something. This way, even if the seller lies about anonymous bids to drive up the price, in the end you both end up with a mutually beneficial outcome. There are alternative solutions of course: third party moderating the auction, blacklisting agreements, etc. And I'd love to see some of these implemented by groups of players. In short, this is a complaint about complaining. Please excuse me. But I'd prefer to see players implementing new forms of auctions, introducing methods pf self-governance, committing acts of retribution, and creating new problems than listen to their preemptive complaints.
  15. Fork combiner idea

    @Blackshade Rider, I was reading over this topic, and wanted to note that it's hard to comment on a suggestion if, when I go back to reread it, it's been deleted. @Aethon, I'm not entirely convinced the value of silver would change in relation to gold. Economics is not my strong point, but I think many macro-economic principles, such as the supply and demand curve, are less certain at small scales. Humans aren't entirely rational, and besides, the main use of silver as it stands stems from it being worth less than gold. If gold and silver became more equal in value, we would no longer be able to divide the value of gold by substituting silver. Anyway, it would be interesting to see how changing the supply of gold in MD would effect things, now that 1:15 exchange rate is so ingrained in people's minds.