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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in Tutorial 1: What is MD Script   
    MD Script is the custom scripting language written for MD by Murry and Rendril. It is in essence PHP and shares most of the sytax and functions that PHP can use.

    If you know PHP, then you probably should skip to this post (not yet written) which has a list of notes and differences between PHP and MDScript

    If you know some programming already but not PHP, you should probably look at this post for a quick overview of PHP and MDScript (not yet written)

    MDScript allows you to do a lot with the clickables around, the most used application is for quests and games. Also at higher levels you can script code onto items.

    Each Tutorial post is designed to be kept small, and to encourage testing with various features of MDScript. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/166-md-scripting/"]These Forums[/url] are the main sections where you can discuss and ask questions about MDScript.

    MDScript is a language to manipulate and store data. The main way of displaying it is HTML. The "code" for HTML is relatively simple and you dont need to know much.

    Before you start looking at MDScript it is recommended to read through [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11910-tutorial-15-html-reference/"]Tutorial 1.5: HTML Reference[/url]

    If you are ready to begin learning some MDScript then continue to Tutorial 2: Not Yet Written
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in Tutorial 1.5: HTML Reference   
    What is HTML?

    HTML is a way of formatting "stuff" on the web. It allows you to format and display text and images in wonderful ways.

    There are many wonderful websites dedicated to learning HTML, so i wont cover that here, but recommeded reading is looking at W3Schools HTML Tutorial [url="http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp"]here[/url]

    For MDScript you only need to type the content between the [CODE]<body></body>[/CODE] tags so dont worry about anything above or below it. However knowing about it might be helpful if you want to write your own HTML pages.

    Some useful HTML tags are listed below:

    <b>This is Bold</b>
    <i>Makes it italic</i>
    <u>Makes it underlined</u>
    This is one line
    This is on the next because of the BR line
    This is one line <p> This is two lines down because its a Paragraph!
    <img src="http://magicduel.com/beta/scene/4x4_2.jpg">

    [b]This is Bold[/b]
    [i]Makes it italic[/i]
    [u]Makes it underlined[/u]
    This is one line
    This is on the next because of the BR line
    This is one line

    This is two lines down because its a Paragraph!

    Note: Although some of the tags above have been deprecated (or should be!) in HTML5 it is much easier for new people learning html to use them than to faff around with CSS. Although they are wonderful and i would always recommend using them, it is much better to learn the basics of HTML, before worrying about semantically separating structure and formatting.</p>
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    Chewett got a reaction from Jubaris in MD "Life Lessons" MDScript given to Steno by Chewett   
    Class given to Steno by Chewett. He mainly asked about MDScript and PHP. The full log is available on discord but I will transcribe it below too.
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    Chewett got a reaction from Aia del Mana in MD "Life Lessons" MDScript given to Steno by Chewett   
    Class given to Steno by Chewett. He mainly asked about MDScript and PHP. The full log is available on discord but I will transcribe it below too.
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in MD "Life Lessons" MDScript given to Steno by Chewett   
    StenoToday at 16:50
    Okay... I really just don't understand how to make forms. I tried your code, and the code samon provided for basic button clicks but providing options for player to make choices and different outputs escapes me
    ChewettToday at 16:50
    Timer starts now, 16:50
    What link are you talking about?
    StenoToday at 16:51
    http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5548-forms/ This is your post from ancient times about how to do this, it throws up errors saying... let me pull it up
    MagicDuel Forums
    Forms comprise of two parts. The actual form, and the processing Code Here is my form
    form method="post" action="" Please type something in here: input type=text name="box" size="25" maxlength="50" br / Do you use GGG? input type="radio... ChewettToday at 16:52 Whats the error :slight_smile: StenoToday at 16:52 Well even when I do have the location, it always says my location isn't there ChewettToday at 16:52 Can you show me the error please image StenoToday at 16:53 please tell me how I'm being a noob That's too small, let me get you a better image ChewettToday at 16:53 Thats fine Can you share your mdscript please StenoToday at 16:54 I just wanted to run the basic one you had posted to see what it output:  (locations 1_-1x3_1) [php] <form method="post" action=""> Please type something in here: <input type=text name="box" size="25" maxlength="50"> <br /> Do you use GGG? <input type="radio" name="radio" value="use"> yes <input type="radio" name="radio" value="dont use"> no <br /> Pick some of these, you choose! <input type="checkbox" name="checkbox_1" value="1"> one <input type="checkbox" name="checkbox_2" value="2"> two <input type="checkbox" name="checkbox_3" value="3"> three <br /> Are you a... <select name="listbox"> <option value="Fighter">Fighter</option> <option value="Roleplayer">Roleplayer</option> <option value="Fighter and roleplayer">Fighter and roleplayer</option> </select> <input type="submit" value="Submit!"/> </form>
    ChewettToday at 16:55
    Is that the code in the left or right side?
    StenoToday at 16:55
    f*** I'm an idiot
    ChewettToday at 16:55
    Could be 😉
    I can keep helping if you want
    StenoToday at 16:56
    goodness, that's the issue? I didn't realize it was going to run the script on the left. Should have guessed, since it's using html from storenow
    ChewettToday at 16:56
    HTML on left
    PHP on right
    Can you show me an image of your "editor" please
    StenoToday at 16:57
    ChewettToday at 16:57
    Remove the
    tags completely
    move (locations) bit to the right hand side
    StenoToday at 16:57
    open and closing?
    ChewettToday at 16:57
    Those are the forum breaking it
    StenoToday at 16:58
    when I did both those edits I got thisL ChewettToday at 16:58
    reload the post
    There is now two "boxes" of code
    the top box needs to go left box
    the bottom box needs to go in the right one
    Make sure you add the (locations) stuff at the top of the right box
    StenoToday at 16:59
    top box?
    ChewettToday at 16:59
    On the post
    There should be two code sections
    I have called them top and bottom to describe them here
    StenoToday at 17:00
    yes, got it. Do I also removed the open and close [php]?
    ChewettToday at 17:00
    Yeah, they were because the forum broke it
    StenoToday at 17:01
    sweet lord. The problem was that simple? Just delete the stupid php opena nd close?
    ChewettToday at 17:01
    How is it looking now?
    StenoToday at 17:01
    The way I wanted it to look
    ChewettToday at 17:01
    What happens when you run it? is it working as expected?
    StenoToday at 17:01
    Is the output field always centered and justified
    ChewettToday at 17:02
    I think by default it is, but you can change that using HTML
    If you wrap everything in a <div> in the right panel
    <div style="text-align: left">ALL YOUR OTHER HTML HERE</div>
    Should do what you want
    Gimme a shout if it doesnt, you are paying me here!
    StenoToday at 17:03
    shoot, I have more important things than the alignment
    If had the same error messages copying your key code from your key control post, was it probably from the open and close [php] as well?
    ChewettToday at 17:04
    If you want me to, I can go through reviewing and fixing posts now :slight_smile:
    But yes the PHP stuff should NOT have any [php] tags in either sections
    StenoToday at 17:05
    I think there are about 1000 more important things you could do. Also doesn't A25 make most of the MDScript kind of... archaic?
    ChewettToday at 17:05
    Kind of, A25 is for "scene" things that will affect all of MD
    The problem is generally you end up "cluttering" the scene, I am already concerned some scenes are too busy in GWI
    We might need to introduce a MDScript type thing for A25, where one clickable can have "multiple" things
    StenoToday at 17:06
    That's what I figured you say. AFter about 4-6 objects per scene things get a little cluttered.
    ChewettToday at 17:07
    Yeah, its one of the concerns I have with A25
    StenoToday at 17:07
    That sounds like something I think Aia would enjoy
    ChewettToday at 17:07
    A25 will need a recode before anyone can do that however, so it needs some work
    At the moment A25 has a single coded set of actions per clickable
    StenoToday at 17:08
    Got it. I didn't see this as a function in MDScript or maybe I was looking for wrong label
    But is there a way I can have MDScript act like a resource combiner?
    like check if player has 2X, 4, Y, 3 Z and then show them [A]
    ChewettToday at 17:08
    It should be able to check resources/items held I believe. I can look up the docs for you if you wish.
    It cant create items however.
    StenoToday at 17:09
    Ah, so it can't give things back? That will be fine. I can provide a password that filling the combiner gives, and then when receive the password they tell me to get reward
    I would love if you could tell me the title of the forum post
    ChewettToday at 17:09
    It cant take items either I dont believe
    I dont believe I know the title but I can look for it for you?
    StenoToday at 17:10
    true, that would be easily abusable
    ChewettToday at 17:10
    It can take heat I believe
    StenoToday at 17:10
    just checking will work, I can put in legwork on my end as workaround
    ChewettToday at 17:10
    What do you want me to check, to confirm?
    StenoToday at 17:11
    What code is to check inventory items
    ChewettToday at 17:11
    I will look now.
    MagicDuel Forums
    Function: mds_get_resource_count()
    array mds_get_resource_count() Returns an associative array with the resources a user has in their inventory and the count. The returned format is: array(42) { Aromatic herbs = int(98) Basic Iron Ingot = int(4) Bones = int(2) Branches = int(109) Bushies = int(50) Clay = int(18...
    Do you want me to check for counting items too?
    StenoToday at 17:12
    what is the difference?
    ChewettToday at 17:12
    resources are anything tagged as a resource
    StenoToday at 17:12
    oh, one counts, one gives total inventory
    ChewettToday at 17:13
    The returned format is:
    array(42) {
      'Aromatic herbs' =>
      'Basic Iron Ingot' =>
      'Bones' =>
      'Branches' =>
      'Bushies' =>
      'Clay' =>
    That is the resource item. Shall I look to see if I can find something to find items?
    StenoToday at 17:13
    yeah, something that could check inventory for an amount
    ChewettToday at 17:13
    I will look now.
    StenoToday at 17:13
    wait, would the code need a specific number? Or would there need to be extra code if above and beyond
    ChewettToday at 17:14
    Which code?
    StenoToday at 17:15
    havne't found it yet, I just realized if you found one that counted, I don't know how to make it look beyond a specified number to include a range of "Yes" and "No" answers
    ChewettToday at 17:15
    mds_has_item() is the one you want:
    MagicDuel Forums
    Function: Mds_Has_Item
    Copied from Mur's announcement You can now check if user has a specific item or not. The function mds_has_item("item name") returns the number of items the player has (zero if none). Because coins are technically also items, you can also check how much silver or gold someone h...
    @va = mds_has_item("Silver coin");
    echo "You have ".@va." Silver coins";
    @va = mds_has_item("Mammon's Book");
    echo "You have the book";
    echo "Go search for Mammon's Book";
    It will return a number
    StenoToday at 17:17
    so would I change the "@va>0" To my amount, such as 4 or 5?
    ChewettToday at 17:17
    So if you wanted to check if they had 5 for example I would write:
    @va = mds_has_item("Silver coin");
    if(@va >= 5){
    echo "You have 5 silver coins or more, enough to pay your protection money to Chewett";
    echo "Sounds like you need to get money fast or you will get beaten!";
    StenoToday at 17:18
    that's great. I might have to use that
    okay, two minutes left! ummm...
    ChewettToday at 17:19
    No rush, I have more time
    You have an hour
    So keep asking until 5:50
    StenoToday at 17:19
    How would I tell it to check multiple types of items? to return a separate "You've got em all, Ash!" kind of message
    ChewettToday at 17:19
    You would want to do something like:
    @va = mds_has_item("Silver coin");
    @vb = mds_has_item("Gold coin");
    @vc = mds_has_item("5 Gold note");
    if(@va >= 5 && @vb > 0 && @vc > 0) { 
    That if statement could actually be refactored into something smaller, but less easy to read for new coders
    if(@va >= 5 && @vb && @vc) { 
    I can explain the reason if you wish, or any of the symbols I used
    StenoToday at 17:22
    double ampersand dileneates new variables?
    ChewettToday at 17:22
    && is logical AND
    It reads in english:
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in A new value unit - donating hours of my life :)   
    Details also posted on the forum: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/19010-md-life-lessons-mdscript-given-to-steno-by-chewett/
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    Chewett got a reaction from Ungod in Day 11 - Marind Bell and friends   
    Voting has taken place and the judges have decided on:
    1st Place - @Tissy
    2nd Place - @Aia del Mana
    3rd Place - @Steno
    All participants will get 5 plushies:
    Aelis, Tacitamuta, Ailith, Ungod, Tissy, Aia, Steno
    Thank you all for participating. I will contact those separately.
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    Chewett got a reaction from lashtal in A new value unit - donating hours of my life :)   
    My Menu is as followed:
    Electronics, I build and review electronics particularly with the Wemos and Arduino platforms. I can advise how to build electronics, etc.
    IoT devices, I have a range of Internet of Things devices including rare Linux developer boards my company manufactured, Raspberry Pi units, and various Renesas boards. I have built a Raspberry Pi Cluster which I use to demonstrate the principles of distributed computing.
    Programming - I am a programmer by  trade, Senior Software Engineer I  by job title, where I work on an automation system designed to automate the testing of GPU/CPU/Radio/Ray Tracing Silicon IP systems. I am experienced in: PHP, SQL, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Unit Testing. I have worked with some C, C++, C#, SCHEME, MATLAB, AngularJS, Node.js. I can explain concepts from basic computer science to more complicated areas such as race conditions, performance optimisation, big o notation, etc.
    Linux/Windows system management/maintenance - I am experienced in a variety of Linux and windows operating systems and am able to explain and offer advice about them, including building software/configuring it.
    CV Review - In my profession I have went over hundreds of CV's and held numerous phone/face to face interviews. I am able to review a CV if you would like (More value will be for CV's in engineering/technical professions but a lot of the concepts are general) and give advise on improving it.
    Building your own PC - I build PC's and can provide advice how you can build your own PC or upgrading it.
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    Chewett reacted to Ungod in Couple Bugs   
    all good
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in item series: inedible foodstuffs   
    I submit the the following item should be marked as inedible foodstuffs "@Ledah's Cooking"
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in Principle Documents   
    More explosions needed eh?
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    Chewett reacted to Blackshade Rider in Public apology   
    Hello all.
    This is a long over due apology. I havent been the best of a player recently. There are a lot of people i have done wrong to and i regretted it. Ive burned a lot of bridges here and lost some good friends.
    My first apology goes to chewett. For those who dont know ive spoken to chewett on personal levels. He has been trying to be there for me even in my rough times and ive been nothing but mean to him. For that i am sorry. He has still to this day tried to work with me and help me and i let my personal issues get in my way and id explode on him. Blaming him for things that really isnt his fault. Chewett id like to say thank you. Youve put up with a lot of my bullshit and still tried to help me. Your a good person and i am sorry for the way i have acted and treated you these past years. Please forgive me. I am trying to better myself.
    My next apology goes to golemus. It was i that played the hand in destroying your guild and in turn it seemed to silence your land. I was mad at the king grido and was mad about a lot of things. Dst and others made promises that were never fulfilled. I regret that as well. Miq you did a lot of work to earn it back and i respect that and i really am sorry i ever handed it over to dst. You are also now king and you deserve it more than grido did. Your a good person. All hail king miq. Long live golemus. I hope the people of the land can forgive me. 
    To all others and there are many , id like to say i am sorry. Some i have been rude to for no reasons. Others ive been mean to because i couldnt get my own selfish gain. Im not always the best of person. I have some RL mental issues that yes ive been battling with among other things. Though this should not be an excuse. I am trying. Ive been getting help and working on myself. I want to rebuild the bridges ive burned and i want to dedicate myself to the dead entirely as many know my character has always revolved around the dead. 
    From this day i swear to try my best to be a better player and mend broken friendships. I know its not something that will happen over night but i hope all can forgive me and give me a chance to fix my wrongs. I thank you all who have been patient with me. Chewett most of all. I love this game and plan to stay as long as possible. I hope we can mend the broken ties. Thank you all. I wish you all the best. 
    I am terrible with apologies i hope this is meaningful to you all. Thanks for your time. 
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    Chewett got a reaction from Dhyone in Chew the ett   
    This account was banned for impersonating Chewett.
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    Chewett got a reaction from Mallos in Discussion on RP Reality and similar other concepts.   
    Today we talked about RP Reality and similar other concepts.

    [04/05/20 17:20] Aelis:Do you think RP reality indicator would be better?
    [04/05/20 17:20] Aelis:Or a whole new name for it?
    [04/05/20 17:21] Ungod:a name change is not what i\'m interested, although some language aspects should be polished, or else it\'s just confusing
    [04/05/20 17:22] Aelis:Ah yes. A lot of sections need polishing
    [04/05/20 17:22] Ungod:it says there this indicator is a reminder that the more people see it and accept it, the more real it becomes
    [04/05/20 17:23] Ungod:but then why is it a requirement? for what? it\'s not a requirement, it\'s a reminder
    [04/05/20 17:24] Ungod:and it\'s not a reminder, it\'s a number that tells you your actions have become more real now that more people watch it and accept it
    [04/05/20 17:24] Aelis:I think that section makes sense when there were people roleplaying insanely powerful stuff
    [04/05/20 17:24] Aelis:I think the "meta" has changed in MD
    [04/05/20 17:25] Ungod:well...that means we can cut out that section now?
    [04/05/20 17:25] Ungod:since we have items, actions, tags etc
    [04/05/20 17:25] Ungod:and they\'re only going to become \'more real\'
    [04/05/20 17:25] Aelis:It\'s still important I think
    [04/05/20 17:25] Aelis:Like in the strict part:
    [04/05/20 17:26] Ungod:OR we can develop that section somehow
    [04/05/20 17:26] Aelis:These are the things you can do based on your actual abilities such as spells or special interfaces, actions supported by your inventory items, fights, and other interface supported actions. Simple lo
    [04/05/20 17:26] Aelis:I really like this bit
    [04/05/20 17:26] Ungod:that poses a question, though
    [04/05/20 17:26] Aelis:How do you feel about "RP Reality"
    [04/05/20 17:26] :Steno plunders ☻2 heads by attacking appiek
    [04/05/20 17:26] Aelis:No other word after that
    [04/05/20 17:26] Ungod:suppose there\'s nobody watching and you stand on your head
    [04/05/20 17:27] Ungod:according to the rp requirement, it\'s not real. nobody0\'s watching
    [04/05/20 17:27] Ungod:suppose you perform a spell, which is more real than your rp
    [04/05/20 17:27] Ungod:but there\'s nobody watching, so how real is it compared to what you wrote in chat/roleplayed?
    [04/05/20 17:28] Aelis:Heh I like where you\'re going
    [04/05/20 17:28] Aelis:Well the trigger panel makes it "real for everyone"
    [04/05/20 17:28] Aelis:It\'s visible from every scene
    [04/05/20 17:28] Aelis:Can\'t get more real than that
    [04/05/20 17:29] Ungod:ok, but this is basically the system deciding to commu icate your rp to the whole realm
    [04/05/20 17:29] Aelis:Other items that don\'t show triggers also make changes in the DB
    [04/05/20 17:29] Ungod:it no longer depends on the number of people watching
    [04/05/20 17:29] Aelis:Which is something I\'d consider a good requirement for reality
    [04/05/20 17:29] Aelis:It changes the state of the world
    [04/05/20 17:30] Ungod:theoretically, you ccould say it\'s strict reality, but the number is missing
    [04/05/20 17:30] Aelis:Whereas "simple words" don\'t
    [04/05/20 17:30] Ungod:yes, but it no longer has any relation with the rp req
    [04/05/20 17:30] Ungod:i.e. the number of people watching
    [04/05/20 17:30] Chewett:Feel free to write these things up and I can make "big changes"
    [04/05/20 17:30] Ungod:it\'s \'\'automated\'\', so to speak, asking for nobody\'s implicit or explicit approval
    [04/05/20 17:30] Chewett:Going back to work now!
    [04/05/20 17:31] Ungod:good luck, Chewett
    [04/05/20 17:31] Aelis:See ya, Chewett
    [04/05/20 17:31] Aelis:Have a nice one
    [04/05/20 17:31] Aelis:Ungod, I guess it\'s because it\'s not RP
    [04/05/20 17:31] Aelis:It\'s mechanic
    [04/05/20 17:31] Ungod:but it\'s in the damn description you quoted
    [04/05/20 17:32] Aelis:It\'s vague, I agree
    [04/05/20 17:32] Ungod:that means it needs updated, right?
    [04/05/20 17:32] Aelis:But I guess it\'s referring to something like...
    [04/05/20 17:32] Aelis:Let\'s see..
    [04/05/20 17:32] Aelis:I say something like
    [04/05/20 17:32] :Aelis casts a magic rope that prevents Ungod from attacking
    [04/05/20 17:32] Aelis:and THEN I cast attacklock on you
    [04/05/20 17:33] Aelis:It\'s like asterisks backed by game mechanics
    [04/05/20 17:33] Aelis:It\'s not game mechanics on their own
    [04/05/20 17:33] Aelis:... I still agree with an update though
    [04/05/20 17:33] Ungod:but how is this less real (or not strict reality) than if you have 30 people and you just write the magic rope thing without the actual spell?
    [04/05/20 17:34] Ungod:because according to the rp req, it\'s less real
    [04/05/20 17:34] Aelis:Because people won\'t just believe you did that
    [04/05/20 17:34] Ungod:if you have 30 people chanting \'Go, Go, Aelis\', it\'s real fo\' sure. If you have 2 people chanting it, it\'s less real
    [04/05/20 17:35] Ungod:if you have 30 people watching you get entangled in rope, it\'s real; if you have 3 people and a spell, it\'s lesss real
    [04/05/20 17:35] Ungod:even if there\'s a spell
    [04/05/20 17:35] Aelis:I don\'t think that\'s the way it works
    [04/05/20 17:35] Aelis:With 30 people it\'s even harder for you to get entangled
    [04/05/20 17:36] Aelis:And a spell might be the only way to convince them
    [04/05/20 17:36] Ungod:and if they do?
    [04/05/20 17:36] Ungod:without the spell
    [04/05/20 17:37] Aelis:Then that\'s it I guess
    [04/05/20 17:37] Aelis: (gotta go afk for 5 minutes)
    [04/05/20 17:37] Ungod: (ok)
    [04/05/20 17:37] Ungod:The thing is, it says here some things are more real than others, world, depending on how many observe the same "reality"
    [04/05/20 17:38] Ungod:If that is true, then 30 people observing an attacklock without the spell are experiencing a stronger reality than 3 people experiencing the attacklock spell
    [04/05/20 17:39] Aelis:Only if all the 30 people accept that, which is highly unlikely
    [04/05/20 17:39] Aelis:The strict requirement adds this:
    [04/05/20 17:39] Aelis:Only real things, irrefutable to anyone present.
    [04/05/20 17:40] Aelis:And the real one is even strciter in that sense
    [04/05/20 17:40] Aelis:If anyone doubts one little aspect of your roleplay, then it\'s "not real"
    [04/05/20 17:40] Aelis:I see it as a guideline for people trying to do overpowered things via asterisks
    [04/05/20 17:41] Steno:Aelis didn\'t rope on you, he used spider silk instead (like that?)
    [04/05/20 17:42] Ungod:he just types ultra fast, so that your vision blurs
    [04/05/20 17:42] Aelis:Back then people were riding unicorns and throwing fireballs
    [04/05/20 17:42] Aelis:The RP reality thing came as a reaction to that, I believe
    [04/05/20 17:42] Chewett:Yes
    [04/05/20 17:42] Steno:Indeed. Now that people see that less often they fall more in the realm of feasible
    [04/05/20 17:42] Chewett:It was intended to anchor personal RP, to "actual" RP
    [04/05/20 17:43] Steno:Like the whole "he made a rocket and flew it into the sky" Yeah no, that makes it seem like a joke
    [04/05/20 17:43] Chewett:We had a lot of "random" RP, back in the day
    [04/05/20 17:43] Steno:People were saying they were forming black holes and folding the cube back onto itself and expecting that because they said it Mur would "make it real"
    [04/05/20 17:43] Chewett:Thats why my ceremony, ensured that nothing was "over the top"
    [04/05/20 17:43] Chewett:It was purely based on facts everyone agreed with
    [04/05/20 17:44] Ungod:so we can all agree that if someone uses a spell in the scene, it\'s very real, even for 2 people, just as real as roleplaying done and accepted by 4 people
    [04/05/20 17:44] Chewett:And thats how it "became real"
    [04/05/20 17:44] Chewett:Thats why a lot of the past peolpe trying to get leadership of the east failed.
    [04/05/20 17:44] Steno:yes
    [04/05/20 17:44] Chewett:They failed to recognise, that for it to be real it, it needs to be acceptable to everyone.
    [04/05/20 17:44] Steno:Game mechanics facilitate all reality. They even create that reality
    [04/05/20 17:46] Ungod:ok, so this reality requirement serves the purpose of telling people if they want their actions to be believable, they have to test them in front of many (unless its backed by game mechanics)
    [04/05/20 17:46] Steno: *nods* That\'s how I interpret it.
    [04/05/20 17:46] Ungod:there\'s not much sense to put all those numbers there, then
    [04/05/20 17:46] Chewett:Not belivable, "recognised by the game"
    [04/05/20 17:46] Chewett:Thats the key thing
    [04/05/20 17:47] Steno:So saying "my character hid out in the labyrinth and no one was there and got super strong, or developed the power of flight" when no one was around for their 100 days of logins only, doesn\'t work
    [04/05/20 17:47] Ungod:how does the game recognize it, then?
    [04/05/20 17:47] Ungod:isn\'t it by admin powers?
    [04/05/20 17:47] Steno:Chew can you elaborate on what you mean by that?
    [04/05/20 17:48] Chewett:The game, is an elaborate way of saying "everything"
    [04/05/20 17:49] Chewett:The game encompasses, your character, the other people, and the secret ones.
    [04/05/20 17:49] Chewett:If you go to Mur and say "I am King of East, make me king" he goes "nah mate, thats your fantasy"
    [04/05/20 17:49] Chewett:Because your "truth" does not match the reality requirements, its just fanciful
    [04/05/20 17:49] Chewett:Thats where others failed.
    [04/05/20 17:50] :Steno dismembered appiek and took all ☻117 heads.
    [04/05/20 17:50] Chewett:What you have to do is actually have the right "level" of belief
    [04/05/20 17:50] Chewett:Then the "game" belives you, and you should get what has become true.
    [04/05/20 17:51] Chewett:So because I created a world in MD where, everyone accepted I was king, I was made king.
    [04/05/20 17:51] Chewett:It fits along with the principle of "You get what you already have"
    [04/05/20 17:51] Chewett:If you can create a MD where you are an X, then you should then be given everything to be X
    [04/05/20 17:51] Ungod:so when the game recognizes what you do, it becomes real. this is the way to \'fabric\' reality
    [04/05/20 17:51] Chewett:Because you are already X
    [04/05/20 17:51] Chewett:Yeah
    [04/05/20 17:51] Steno:So if I decided that to ascend to MP5 I had to have an ornate ceremony with people attending, that would become my reality?
    [04/05/20 17:51] Ungod:in fantasy
    [04/05/20 17:52] Chewett:Now, the game itself cannot do that by itself. You need "someone" to press the buttons
    [04/05/20 17:52] MaGoHi:i thought the X was a kiss
    [04/05/20 17:52] MaGoHi:xD
    [04/05/20 17:52] Steno:And I couldn\'t ascend until people showed up to said ornate ceremony?
    [04/05/20 17:52] Ungod:wait, hold on, now it starts to make sense why it\'s a requirement...this number is the requirement for you to be able to fabric the reality
    [04/05/20 17:54] Ungod:so let\'s see...the game also has stuff where there\'s no requirement for things to be accepted, such as spells or items
    [04/05/20 17:55] Steno:Because the spell and item is already accepted by the game, otherwise the spell wouldn\'t be part of the game
    [04/05/20 17:55] Ungod:darn it! we only had 5 members as Baconeers!
    [04/05/20 17:55] Aia:It were easier for one\'s reality to be made so if it were not too different from that which all do believe,
    [04/05/20 17:56] Aia:A spell cast may, in example, be tangibly an opening of a portal.
    [04/05/20 17:57] Ungod:the really weird thing is that the game here is to \'create reality\', which is strange. Then again, i never played MD back then
    [04/05/20 17:58] Aia:It seems that the more power a being purports to possess, the harder it were to make it real for all else.
    [04/05/20 17:58] Ungod:aha, so...MD was rather void and it needed to be filled, so that\'s just a guideline for the process
    [04/05/20 17:59] Ungod:unless you have the tools and admin powers , Aia
    [04/05/20 17:59] Steno:The more gradual the change, the more believable it is
    [04/05/20 17:59] Ungod:that\'s right, which is why people are always pissed off when Mur changes stuf
    [04/05/20 18:00] Chewett:Could be
    [04/05/20 18:00] Ungod:disband lhos...hold on, it\'s not believable. I just did it, so it is 😛
    [04/05/20 18:00] Aia:Indeed; but consider also that the tools are also a method to grant one what she already doth possess.
    [04/05/20 18:00] Chewett:I will log this and put it on the forum
    [04/05/20 18:00] Chewett:Its an interesting discussion
    [04/05/20 18:00] Ungod:coool
    [04/05/20 18:00] Ungod: (cool*)
    [04/05/20 18:00] Aelis:It is!
    [04/05/20 18:00] Chewett:But certainly, for "big things" then you need people to be doing some "real" things
    [04/05/20 18:00] Steno:It sums up one of the core aspects of the entire experience, at least in my mind
    [04/05/20 18:01] Chewett:When we did the SoE thing, many years ago, we got people releasing heat
    [04/05/20 18:01] Aelis:Reminds me of those posts you posted in the MDA site a while ago, Chew.
    [04/05/20 18:01] Aelis:Should it go there too?
    [04/05/20 18:01] Chewett:It was a purely mechanical "thing" but as we had so many people we had to make it real
    [04/05/20 18:01] Steno:So instead of Aia changing who she was alone, she incorporated lashtal\'s help and made a ritual?
    [04/05/20 18:01] Aia:I do not believe that Mur hath granted thyself, or myself, these tools because we had not already shaped the realm.
    [04/05/20 18:01] Steno: (Aia, that sounds so very Murr-ish of you )
    [04/05/20 18:02] Aia:A realm-shaper would shape the realm without them, surely, and does so with them.
    [04/05/20 18:03] Aia: (I have some examples, but it seems like it would be bragging to mention them)
    [04/05/20 18:03] Ungod:how about now? we obviously have other kind of limits so the requirement is not that important, but
    [04/05/20 18:04] Ungod:take the GWI, for example
    [04/05/20 18:04] Ungod:new people had to fabric the reality of escaping there, and it was basically a thing between them and the guardian
    [04/05/20 18:04] Ungod:they had tools at their disposal, so I guess that works, eliminating the need for many people...perhaps?
    [04/05/20 18:05] :appiek plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Steno
    [04/05/20 18:05] Ungod:the GWI was a place where roleplay was just like \'the old times\', no?
    [04/05/20 18:05] Aia: *nods* MaGoHi did mention the possibility of creating jet-packs to escape the Island.
    [04/05/20 18:06] Aia:This was his example where one\'s reality were not accepted.
    [04/05/20 18:08] Ungod:ok, so...that kind of roleplay is still possible, but is overshadowed by the content A25 tools will be bringing
    [04/05/20 18:08] Aia:Chewett, I wonder if aught did approach thee for new roles this Anniversary.
    [04/05/20 18:08] Ungod:not to mention other improvements, or the items branch in shop
    [04/05/20 18:08] Chewett:No one has come to me about new roles but I think that is important
    [04/05/20 18:08] Steno:See I thought roles were not asked for, they were given by the community by your actions making your role apparent?
    [04/05/20 18:09] Steno:So as to make your place "undeniable" as it were
    [04/05/20 18:09] Chewett:I have a few pending as part of my Grand Dukedom of the east.
    [04/05/20 18:10] Aia: *nods* Many must yearn to be a loyal subject of thine.
    [04/05/20 18:10] Chewett:But the majority of them are people that are already doing things
    [04/05/20 18:10] Chewett:Or my suggestion that they should have such a tag if they do a few more things
    [04/05/20 18:11] Ungod:that means you no longer can \'create reality\' the way yo could, numbers being less relevant and so the rp requirement will become more and more of an artifact of th past
    [04/05/20 18:12] Ungod:ok, that gave me an idea or two
    [04/05/20 18:12] Aia:I would applaud the return of more custom titles, if naught else.
    [04/05/20 18:14] Aia:Titles and attempting to create roles within them did increase of the interplay of beings.
    [04/05/20 18:14] :Miq makes his tag more appaling
    [04/05/20 18:14] Miq:So you all know how you get to be a king *grins*
    [04/05/20 18:14] :Steno laughs
    [04/05/20 18:15] :Steno plunders ☻2 heads by attacking appiek
    [04/05/20 18:15] :appiek clubbered Steno and took all ☻121 heads.
    [04/05/20 18:15] Chewett:Iv told them my secret Miq
    [04/05/20 18:16] Miq:which one?
    [04/05/20 18:16] Chewett:Im heading back to work, but I will acoustic this in an hour or so
    [04/05/20 18:16] Miq:nr six?
    [04/05/20 18:16] Chewett:Ask King Miq to make you a King, then he does it
    [04/05/20 18:16] Chewett:Thats my secret
    [04/05/20 18:16] Miq:ah nr 4
    [04/05/20 18:18] Aia:I wonder, in example, if one attempted to become the adopted Prince of Marind\'s Bell; if the King should abdicate, this would leave one well-placed to inherit the throne.
    [04/05/20 18:18] Ungod:there was an ann about kingship being passed down
    [04/05/20 18:19] Aia:I yet only recall of one incident of its like.
    [04/05/20 18:19] Aia:And this did pertain to the Khalazdad dynasty.
    [04/05/20 18:21] Miq:most kings don\'t bother with dealing owns mortality
    [04/05/20 18:22] Aia:Indeed, but most will consider of their legacy.
    [04/05/20 18:23] Ungod: (correct me if i\'m wrong: the old MD meant you had little, so you had to think really hard about what is real and how to create reality; therefore)
    [04/05/20 18:24] Ungod: (the more content the game has, the less freedom you0ll have and you won\'t be thikìnking hard about what is real)
    [04/05/20 18:24] Steno:Old MD was scenes, plus creatures, plus story, plus weapons, a few "spells".
    [04/05/20 18:24] Chewett:Old Md means a lot of different things to a lot of different people
    [04/05/20 18:24] Chewett:Just FYI
    [04/05/20 18:25] Ungod:i\'m just trying to focus on this one aspect - roleplay
    [04/05/20 18:25] Aia: (Alternatively, more content means more framework for dedicated roles)
    [04/05/20 18:25] Ungod:bascially, the more content MD will have, the less people have to think about \'what is really real\', so to speak
    [04/05/20 18:25] Chewett:Yep thats true Ungod
    [04/05/20 18:26] Chewett:Thats why all the previous East "false kings" failed
    [04/05/20 18:26] Chewett:They focussed too much on trying to get the crown in some way, rather than doing it the "old way" like I did
    [04/05/20 18:26] Chewett:Its why some of the "new" players are surprised it just happened, wheras the old hands like Steno are like "Well Dur, thats obvious thats how you do it"
    [04/05/20 18:27] Chewett:Its why also some of the old "false kings" in the east have been surprised it was "easy"
    [04/05/20 18:27] Chewett:Well it wasnt easy because it took a lot of time and effort organising
    [04/05/20 18:27] Chewett:It looks easy, becasue thats the end goal, once you "make it real" it is real, so its easy
    [04/05/20 18:27] Chewett:The making it real takes the real effort
    [04/05/20 18:27] Chewett:Took a lot to get some of the lands there, Even Mag over there was present!
    [04/05/20 18:29] Ungod:so how do we force people to fabric and still add content? because yes, it means more framework for dedicated roles, but it could also mean point and click
    [04/05/20 18:29] Ungod:fabric reality*
    [04/05/20 18:29] Ungod:i\'m a woodcutter! i cut wood. point and click, rinse and repeat
    [04/05/20 18:30] Aia: (because the roles have to agree with the accepted framework of "reality")
    [04/05/20 18:30] Ungod: (yeah, you collect wood until you reach the skill needed for the tag)
    [04/05/20 18:31] Ungod: (it\'s a lengthy process, you also need to join LR etc, but it\'s fairly clear)
    [04/05/20 18:31] Ungod: (direct road to it, which takes away the \'is this real\'?)
    [04/05/20 18:32] Steno:Indeed. But what isn\'t clear is what you do with that tag. Also, the RP is in how you get to 40. Did you buy a bunch of magical potions to give +3 repeatedly, or did you sweat and bleed every day?
    [04/05/20 18:32] Ungod:yea, and it\'s too simple
    [04/05/20 18:32] Aia: (It is a very clear way though; Nadrolski is a good example of a resource based role)
    [04/05/20 18:32] Ungod:there are no 20 people who have to accept it, so you ahve to think about how to present it ina real fashion
    [04/05/20 18:32] Aelis:In the end a tag means little if the person doesn\'t play that role
    [04/05/20 18:33] Aelis:To me, at least.
    [04/05/20 18:33] Ungod:you just do it, you know how
    [04/05/20 18:33] Steno:Yes, like if I asked Ledah to get me wood, would he?
    [04/05/20 18:33] Ungod:as for the tag, we can add content
    [04/05/20 18:33] Aia: (It is hard to deny that you have cut 100000 trees if your stat suggests it)
    [04/05/20 18:33] Ungod: (yeah, but the rp effort incolved is nill. you just pointed and clicked)
    [04/05/20 18:33] Aia: (This suggests that you did actions consistent with the role already)
    [04/05/20 18:34] Ungod: (yes, but its totally different from how things used to be, no?)
    [04/05/20 18:34] Steno:No, you gave up time. Your PRESENCE in the game was devoted, at least in part, to woodcutting, you earned it
    [04/05/20 18:34] Ungod:yes, but it\'s a different kind of effort
    [04/05/20 18:34] Ungod:it\'s like grinders
    [04/05/20 18:34] Ungod:combat grinders
    [04/05/20 18:34] Steno:Whereas you could have sat in MDP using astericks saying you were "cutting wood" if you did that every day, wouldn\'t eventually your role be a woodcarver?
    [04/05/20 18:34] Aelis:To some people that effort matters more than anything else in this realm
    [04/05/20 18:35] Aelis:Yeah, just like grinders
    [04/05/20 18:35] Ungod:yea, but for that kind of effort creatures were invented, not the rp reality requirement
    [04/05/20 18:35] Aia: (Combat roles would be a thing if there was a method to measure it... like attack stat)
    [04/05/20 18:35] Aelis:There should be room for everybody. I see the resources thing as a niche for those kind of players.
    [04/05/20 18:35] Steno: (I will admit, having so many creatures makes it harder and harder to say they are \'part of my mindset\')
    [04/05/20 18:35] Aia: (why aren\'t they a thing again?)
    [04/05/20 18:35] Chewett:Look at Nad and his water gathering
    [04/05/20 18:35] Ungod:what i\'m trying to say, is RP is vastly different and the allure of the MD I never played was characters born out of \'how do i make myself recognized when i have nothning?\'
    [04/05/20 18:36] Chewett:Efforts in the game, meant that he became the defactor water gatherer
    [04/05/20 18:36] Aia: (nad is the prime example of resource-role)
    [04/05/20 18:36] Steno:You can choose to RP through game mechanics alone, or you can use astericks to build the reality by shaping how people view you
    [04/05/20 18:36] Chewett:I disagree
    [04/05/20 18:36] Chewett:Nad does both
    [04/05/20 18:37] Aelis:Yeah, there are multiple paths
    [04/05/20 18:37] Aia: (I don\'t mean he doesn\'t do it in other ways too)
    [04/05/20 18:37] Steno:Hmmm... I see what you meant, I don\'t mean that the options are mutually exclusive chew. I just mean the universal solvent is what other players "see" hence the RP requirement
    [04/05/20 18:37] Chewett:Its a spectrum
    [04/05/20 18:38] Steno:Indeed
    [04/05/20 18:39] Steno:Like when I think of resources, weren\'t there people with high woodcutting who ultimately recieved roles of being able to "construct" new items?
    [04/05/20 18:39] Ungod:dod that thing happen?
    [04/05/20 18:39] Steno: (though they went inactive and didn\'t really utilize their roles a lot, according to the forums)
    [04/05/20 18:39] Ungod:did*
    [04/05/20 18:39] Aelis:Who got that role?
    [04/05/20 18:39] Ungod:ooh, like back then, with Udgard and others
    [04/05/20 18:39] Aelis:I might have missed it
    [04/05/20 18:39] Aelis:Oh those were pre-resources
    [04/05/20 18:40] Aia: (the crafters?)
    [04/05/20 18:40] Chewett:It is part of what I am planning to arrange Ungod
    [04/05/20 18:40] Chewett:The kings, IMO, should have been pushing things forward
    [04/05/20 18:40] Chewett:They have not
    [04/05/20 18:40] Steno:Oh, my bad. My time-frame is off (reading all of the forums without timeframe makes it hard to shuffle in brain)
    [04/05/20 18:40] Chewett:I will be
    [04/05/20 18:40] Chewett:Aelis is the fist guini pig
    [04/05/20 18:40] Chewett:Dont tell him
    [04/05/20 18:40] Chewett:Its a secret
    [04/05/20 18:40] Ungod:ok
    [04/05/20 18:40] Aelis:!
    [04/05/20 18:41] Ungod:i won\'te tell Aelis no matter what
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Chewett shushes them all
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Aia looks at Miq\'s implied non-progression
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Chewett especially Aelis
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Ungod takes the bribery money
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Aelis looks the other way
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Steno distracts Miq
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Chewett passed Silver coin to Ungod
    [04/05/20 18:41] :Chewett shushes
    [04/05/20 18:42] :Ungod nods and hides it in his sleeve
    [04/05/20 18:42] Steno:Aia, I could see your desire to have kings drive research into creature descriptions fitting in this.
    [04/05/20 18:43] Aia:Would one require... an enchantress to enchant of magical items?
    [04/05/20 18:43] Chewett:Aelis already knows my plans
    [04/05/20 18:43] Chewett:So it should not be shocking
    [04/05/20 18:43] Chewett:I see a lot of good people ready to start new exciting roles
    [04/05/20 18:43] Chewett:They just need to be reminded what those roles are
    [04/05/20 18:43] Chewett:and IMO kings should be pushing people forard
    [04/05/20 18:43] Chewett:And when I use the word Kings
    [04/05/20 18:44] Chewett:I obviously also refer to our fair Monarch Lintara too
    [04/05/20 18:44] Chewett:I merely an a lazy slob of a King
    [04/05/20 18:44] :Aia hides the Enchantress\'s Grimoire in her inventory
    [04/05/20 18:44] Chewett:And use a singular gender
    [04/05/20 18:44] Aelis:That\'s a really nice initiative, Chew.
    [04/05/20 18:44] Aelis:Now that the birthday is over I\'m ready to resume my work. *smiles*
    [04/05/20 18:44] Chewett:Certainly, in MaBeast, we want to find out what people are wanting to do, and push them forward
    [04/05/20 18:45] Chewett:So join MaBeast!
    [04/05/20 18:45] Chewett:<end advertising>
    [04/05/20 18:45] Ungod:I\'d like a conclusion for this,: is the RP requirement an obsolete link useful for when we\'ll have 60 people plying wildly, OR
    [04/05/20 18:45] Chewett:Being serious, yeah I think thats part of the Monarchs role
    [04/05/20 18:45] Ungod:can/should it be improved ins ome way?
    [04/05/20 18:45] Chewett:I think it is an idea that may have been needed once, but probably not now
    [04/05/20 18:45] Aia:Chewett, may I digress? Steno, I believe, were in fact of Lorerootian heritage.
    [04/05/20 18:46] Ungod:so I can forget about it
    [04/05/20 18:46] Chewett:Ungod, I think its a reminder for people who maybe dont know how the "RP" in MD works
    [04/05/20 18:46] Chewett:I strongly grasp it, so its useless for me
    [04/05/20 18:46] Chewett:Go ahead Aia
    [04/05/20 18:47] Steno:Agreed. It explains how the game works in many ways, also encouraging them to "play" with others
    [04/05/20 18:47] Aia:I should like to return to the topic at hand, but if one reads of the note I did place in his personal log, one may consider that he may indeed be a dual-citizen.
    [04/05/20 18:47] Ungod:it desont explain anything, in fact it\'s confusing, because the reality that created it has disappeared
    [04/05/20 18:48] Aia:I do bring this up as a matter of example rather than of conflict...
    [04/05/20 18:48] Ungod:well, Juba was also Lorerootian
    [04/05/20 18:48] Steno: (My logs! I wish I somehow got a notification when my logs were edited)
    [04/05/20 18:49] Aia:but surely the King of Marind\'s Bell and the Queen of Loreroot would consider grounds for a custody battle.
    [04/05/20 18:49] Steno:Lintara and I met and held a little ceremony where she pardoned me for my abadonment.
    [04/05/20 18:49] Ungod:but I wdouln\'t like to think of MB as a desolate land where some lorerrootians settled
    [04/05/20 18:49] Chewett:The Queen of Loreroot already does not favour me Aia, I fear this will cause more issues!
    [04/05/20 18:49] Steno:She failed to mention whether or not I was actually a planted spy in Ma\'Beast however.
    [04/05/20 18:49] Aia:Ah, do forgive me for digression, then; it is resolved.
    [04/05/20 18:49] MaGoHi:WAR
    [04/05/20 18:49] MaGoHi:WAR
    [04/05/20 18:49] MaGoHi:WAR
    [04/05/20 18:49] Steno:WAR?
    [04/05/20 18:49] Lazarus:Besides the "King of" and "Queen of", is "Demon of" also considered land leaders/monarchs?
    [04/05/20 18:50] Ungod:Mago got bored of WORDS
    [04/05/20 18:50] Steno:GAteway Island hereby declares war?
    [04/05/20 18:50] Aelis: (lunch time, brb)
    [04/05/20 18:50] MaGoHi:make war not love
    [04/05/20 18:50] Chewett:On what grounds Laz? Murdering them or?
    [04/05/20 18:50] Steno: (yes, check announcements, Mur said so)
    [04/05/20 18:50] Ungod:makes sense
    [04/05/20 18:50] MaGoHi:or however that sentence goes
    [04/05/20 18:50] Chewett:In terms of considering them monarches, Demon is one of them yes
    [04/05/20 18:50] Lazarus:I wanted to know the titles of land leaders
    [04/05/20 18:50] Lazarus:I see
    [04/05/20 18:51] Chewett:King Queen, Demon I believe. Check dst\'s as well for whatever her\'s is
    [04/05/20 18:51] Steno: [Ann. 3906]
    [04/05/20 18:51] MaGoHi:grumpy cat of underground
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    Chewett got a reaction from klatdees in Errant Creature Ideas   
    I would be interested in a hellhound creature that I control. That would be pretty cool. A nice lil doggo.
  16. Upvote
    Chewett got a reaction from klatdees in I guess i'm the evil bratty queen now*   
    Weird right? No one can attack you because you arent in an alliance and we havent had another MP6 in decades!

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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in PHP 7 progress   
    Not a PHP7 issue but fixed  
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    Chewett got a reaction from redneck in PHP 7 progress   
    Yep thats a separate and much bigger issue. I need to spend lots more time on that so ignoring it for now.
  19. Upvote
    Chewett got a reaction from Mallos in PHP 7 progress   
    Fixed php56 mysql error bug
    Fixed login bug with unset vars
    Fixed chat bug with unset vars
    Fixed indexing bug with online users
    Fixed new day bug
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in Of MindPowers and their Transitions   
    Bobs blooming was animated so currently we cant achieve that (unless something has changed since). IMO I would be inclined to add new functionality into A25 for this and not rush it.
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    Chewett got a reaction from Aia del Mana in PHP 7 progress   
    Log of things I have fixed. please check this before reporting issues
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in Server Downtime   
    I heard that the server was so surprised Steno went to MP5 that it crashed and is unrecoverable 😮 
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    Chewett got a reaction from DARK DEMON in Server Downtime   
    I heard that the server was so surprised Steno went to MP5 that it crashed and is unrecoverable 😮 
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    Chewett got a reaction from Steno in Land of the Dead day / Jail day   
    Tomorrow is Tomorrow. I blame Steno!
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    Chewett got a reaction from Aia del Mana in Of a realm-shredder, and mischief of Mur   
    Rewards delivered to Aia!
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