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  1. Any single judge could agree with Mur or I and we would let them perform their action.
  2. I have mailed out winners CTC's
  3. Iv fixed that up now
  4. Sorry all, this was the result of a slightly too early push, I will see if I can fix it up now
  5. This quest is about a change that you personally want. Describe in 200 words or less something that would improve your MD by changing it in some way. This item must be something code/organisational related which must also take less than 8 hours to implement (judged by me). Voting will be done half by forum reputation (negatives dont count) and half by my own personal opinion. Note, ideas which I have personally postulated to you wont be eligible (considering I have already planned/considered them) If you are reiterating someone elses ideas it needs to be significantly different to count as a new idea. Rewards: The winners idea will be implemented in MD in the next month and will be given a Anni creature. All good ideas that I will implement in the coming months will be given an Anni creature.
  6. Tomorrow is tomorrow right? i haven't forgotten there just have been other more important things to do recently sorry all
  7. Who needs what rewards from me?
  8. Sorry all, It will be tomorrow, I got caught up with some other stuff
  9. Happy birthday mr azull
  10. I will review the topic today and pick winners!
  11. Hmm ok thank you for the information
  12. Thats fair, Thank you for being so generous
  13. What services can I perform for it?
  14. There are a number of perma quests for about 3 or 4. I assume you have missed them?
  15. On Monday I plan to be around to hand out some medals, Do people have any specific times they will be available?
  16. Rusty could go to treasury for quest rewards if no one else has a good use for it
  17. I will be around for most of sunday and some of saturday to do any final medals. If you want any specific times please PM me or post here
  18. Tonight although my company has released another exciting press release so wait and see if I have a job lol... might mean I have more time for md
  19. Game decision, we wont be doing this for now. Maybe soon, not now atm. Slightly unethical. Not precisely sure what you mean here EE Too privacy invasive so Im going to reject this idea. If you want to find out when people are online, ask
  20. This is something planned for much more longer term so isnt applicable here.
  21. Already planned but I hope to do this in the future/soon.
  22. Can you expand on how this would work? I dont really see an idea I can implement quickly without a much larger framework.
  23. This one is rejected since we dont want to reset, but I am open to ideas how to even the playing field, I have been considering logs to solve all the problems (stats scaling logarithmicly)
  24. The first ceremony will start at 21:00 ST today.
  25. I have been unable to meet Lin, so If its too late to battle tomorrow (and she isnt available) then she by default wins.