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  1. So I have an idea of what the skill taming represents but I am wondering what others think? What does it mean for you and how would it look like as an icon? once we have had some ideas I might ask mur what he thinks to see if anyone has gotten it close to mur or myself. rewards be here.
  2. Chewett

    http://www.voievodate.ro/ - was hacked

    Thanks dst, I have removed it. As for not noticing, Also sorry, I have been really busy lately
  3. Me? Becuase I like things?
  4. Google docs are terrible to store code in, and worse to search across multiple docs
  5. The right person can.
  6. Have read it all and the email you sent me
  7. Wiki type system?They have pages and then discussion on said pages?
  8. I would argue against this, Its a terrible way to find information.
  9. On holiday so its taking a back seat a bit, but so far the changes made for The Flash Javascript rework are: 280 files changed, 1547 insertions(+), 3718 deletions(-) Its quite substantial so I will be thanking all those who have contacted me to help me test them. Further updates following.
  10. Chewett

    Project Omega - The Flash Javascript rework

    After more than 10 hours work today we have a new total for the changes between "current md" and the new branch: 642 files changed, 3233 insertions(+), 6653 deletions(-) For those interested, the insertions are lines that have been added to the codebase, deletions are the count of lines removed. Lines edited are counted as an insertion and removal. As you can see I am removing a hell of a lot of code, simplifying what we have and fixing up the old code. Currently this dev branch includes the new javascript/css compressor/optimiser. New sound system provided by HTML5 rather than flash, and the new JS intereface preparing to remove the flash crud. This update will still include flash. The other big change in this dev branch is the PHP7/database rework. Going forward all code will use the unified DB library we use which will make everything a lot easier to manage/handle.
  11. Chewett

    Project Omega - The Flash Javascript rework

    338 files changed, 2160 insertions(+), 5009 deletions(-) Ongoing More DB crud fixed, omega will be pushed out when all DB functions are ready for php7
  12. Chewett

    Project Omega - The Flash Javascript rework

    Current progress: 297 files changed, 1822 insertions(+), 4155 deletions(-) The system is ready for moving all the old database crud into the new form (new being years old instead fo decades) however that means I have just broken everything using the old system More testing needed before this goes live, but I hope to have the majority of it ready for OMEGA player testing maybe end of next week?
  13. Chewett

    Project Omega - The Flash Javascript rework

    So far unit tests have found 465 deprecated function calls that I need to migrate over...
  14. Chewett

    Project Omega - The Flash Javascript rework

    Added the checking for deprecated functions, 11937 unit test cases at the moment.
  15. Chewett

    How would you send messages in the past?

    See Doctor who Villains, the Silence. You forget them as soon as you turn away, so characters to remind them they are surrounded would tally a mark on their skin to whenever they saw one. To start with you only saw them slowly go through the house with increasing numbers of tallies until it was explained what that meant, and when the characters themselves realised what it mean, they felt true fear as the silence were everywhere. An interesting concept.
  16. Many Happy birthdays from me!
  17. This MDScript language reference is OBSOLETE and kept for reference if needed for the future. DO NOT RELY ON THIS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MD Script v0.1 OBSOLETE, UPDATED VERSION WILL BE READY SOON. some things are in work, for example key checking is not working properly yet < Back MD Script allows you to add logic to your quests. Variables You may use variables to store values or do math functions within your script. These variables are restricted to a fixed number and predefiend naming. You may use the following variables as you like: var.a var.b var.c var.d var.e var.f var.g var.h var.i var.j There default value is false. IMPORTANT: When you assign values or compare a variable use it as is, example var.a = var.b +1, but when oyu use it to print out its value or combined in a string enclose it in curly brackets, example "print:This is variable a with value {var.a} points" Example: FOR var.a=1;var.a<=5; var.a++ DO print:Number {var.a} END Logic Conditional IF ... DO ... ELSE ... END For loop FOR var.i=0; var.i<100; var.i++ DO ... END print:string Will output the string below the content loaded on the page. You should use htm formatting for newline and other things. To use variables just write them in the string. This construct is best used for small bits of information and alerts. To display large segments of content use the printcontent:id construct (read below defaultcontent). Example: print: this is bold print: You have {uvars.ve} vital energy IF uvars.ve == 0 DO print:and you are dead! END uvars.value Returns a value from the player profile. Can not be used to set these values, only read. Example: IF uvars.mp < 5 DO print:only MP5 allowed! END Possible values: uvars.ve = vitality points, uvars.vp = value points, uvars.xpl = exploring points,' uvars.maxve = maximum vitality,' uvars.maxvp = maximum valuepoints, uvars.land = land ID the player belongs to,' uvars.alliance = alliance ID,' uvars.age = active days number,' uvars.loyalty = loyalty points, uvars.honor = honor points, uvars.name = playername, uvars.mp = MindPower level, uvars.heads = owned heads, uvars.won = fights won counter, uvars.lost = fights lost counter, uvars.avatar = avatar ID or zero if none, uvars.xp = player total experience points, uvars.kills = total kills during war, uvars.illusion = false if no illusion or timestamp of illusion cooldown; has_keys[value,value,...] Returns true or false if the player has all the specified keys Example: IF has_keys[ggivorytower-door,loreroot-tower-key] DO print:you have what you need to open this door END Usage: You can enter multiple keys as parameter separated by comma. The construct returns true if the player has all keys or false if one or more are missing. The key name appears on each clickable object in the editor title like "Editing Item Document: ggivorylighthouse-door". This is limited to clickable items keys and does not affect game hardcoded keys or storyline triggers. You can check any editable key including custom set keys of your own. give_keys:value,value,... Gives one or more keys, including custom keys you can define your own Example: give_keys[loreroot-tower-key] print:You found a rusty old key! Usage: You can give multiple keys at once by separating them with comma. To give a custom key that you will use along with your quests just enter its name without spaces. When a player receives a key named like one of the clickable items, the interface will no longer display the item interface when clicked but it will try to run the item for what it does, if the item is set to do nothing, and most are, it will simly become inactive and do nothing! Naming convention for custom keys: Please use the following naming convention when using a custom key. This will avoid colliding of multiple keys from different players or with allready existing game keys. playername-abrev For the playername part use an cleaned form, without spaces, witout special chars, rpc dots, lho stars and without capital leters. Example: muratusdelmur-fireorb remove_keys:value,value,... Removes one or more keys, including custom keys defined by you Example: remove_keys[loreroot-hidden-entrance] print:Your action closed the entrance! Usage: Use it to remove keys the player received previously. When a key is removed the player will see the item interface when clicking a clickable object and will not be able to use it. For example if you dont have the key of a golden pot nd you click it, you will see what content/script was set for that item. If you do have the key for that item, the pot will give you its gold when clicked and you wont see the item interface nor will the script on it run! Most items do not have an action assigned so giving keys named after them will only make them do nothing (inactive) when clicked. give_creature:creature id, level Gives a creature of indicated type and level to the player Example: givecreature:21,3 givekeys[muratusdelmur-archerreinforcement] print:A level 3 archer joined your forces! Usage: Use for quest and reward purposes. To give more creatures use a for loop or use the construct multiple times. A table with creature ids will be added soon. This action is currently restricted untill it will be limited only to some creature types. default_content:number Replaces the default displayed content by an other content segment. Does not return anything. Example: IF haskeys[muratusdelmur-archerreinforcement] DO defaultcontent:2 END Usage: In the content section you can define multipe content segments by separating them with a predefiend separator. Example to add more content segment: This is the default content that shows when the item interface is opened. You can use also html in all this content segment.The above separator must be entered exactly the same. It will indicate that this is an other content segment. The count starts from zero, and first segment is equivalent to default_content:0 and also the default one. For example this is content segment 3 and will be made visible instead of the default one by running default_content:3 Last content indicator executed will define what gets to be displayed. You can not capture its output. Example: defaultcontent:2 defaultcontent:3 default_content:1 Will display the content id 1, thats the first after the first separator. print_content:string Will output a content segment independent from default_content Example: defaultcontent:2 printcontent:2 /* this will output the 3rd content twice */ printcontent:1 printcontent:4 /* this will output the default content 0 anyway and the 2nd and 5th content segments after it */ Usage: Useful to display complex content segments with more text or html based on rules and mixed together, unlike the default_content construct that will display just one segment on top of all. Use this instead print: to display content defiend in the content editor and keep your code clean from excessive text. regexp[pattern,string] Will check if string matches the pattern. Uses case insesnsitive eregi regular expression function. Example: IF regexp[Mur,{uvars.name}] DO print:Hello Muratus del Mur END Usage: The pattern is limited and cant use all the special characters you normaly have in regular expressions. You may not use round brackets. You should not enclose the pattern in quotes. The string should use variables enclosed in curly brackets like you use them in strings when you print them. This construct returns true or false therefor is desinged to work with if statements. Read more here Future additions: This language is still in work and will be extended soon with additional functionality such as integration with the different spells, profile changes, principle checks, story branches, creature inventory check, teleportation, voting tags, custom illusion effects, tag and description changes and many many more. This script will basicaly allow you to do even entire applications such as custom fixed value sacrifice altars or many more. Please use carefuly because like all the RPC abilities this one is very exploitable. Do not attepmt to gain personal benefits or to intentionaly aid other character by using these scripts or you will forfeit your RPC status forever. Best scripters will get access to more scripting freedom to build mre tools. < Back
  18. Dont worry Nim, I was just trying to keep stock. Once you have solved it,or if you need some help ping me and I can add it to the quest page.
  19. Chewett

    Bad/Funny/Strange Roleplay thread

    Today I am creating a bad/funny/strange roleplay thread. I start with:
  20. Chewett

    How do you see taming?

    But that surely would be a new skill? You are describing a completely new mechanic. My question was, You seem to think taming is keeping your creatures for a long time and looking after them. So what do you think the current skill should be called? If the new skill you postulate is "taming"
  21. Chewett

    How do you see taming?

    So you feel that the taming skill should be renamed as it’s not about keeping your creatures long but gathering materials and working with them?
  22. Replenish the Herbs MD is running out of herbs and we need your help. We need you to go and steal some herbs from another realm to replenish the ones in MD. The task is simple, go out and plant some herbs (or vegetables, or fruits, anything that grows really) and document their progress. Take a picture every couple of weeks showing their growth. Once they have reached maturity harvest them and place them in a basket. To get them to MD you need to perform a little ritual and say some words over them. Sadly this ritual has been lost to time (So you will have to improvise!) To complete this quest we would like to see pictures at each stage (planting, some through growing and your ritual) and how you perform your ritual (bonus points for interesting location/theme). Images should have somethin showing they were taken for this quest and by you (player and and id are good for this) This quest can be completed by anyone once. The reward will be 1 WP and a number of herbs (Which I promise will have a use quite soon now). This is a permanent quest. Credits go to Akasha who originally designed a similar quest, dst for digging it up and Eara for being an awesome TK.
  23. @Nimrodel Is this a spelldoc quest? Do you still have it? Would you like to run it? If you dont currently have said spelldoc, send me a PM and we can start some things