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  1. Logging in

    You dont have the MD toolbar do you?
  2. Have a great birthday!
  3. Correct
  4. Mega Creatures Auction

    Ping me when you have the details
  5. Mega Creatures Auction

    If Nim wants some help with mass transferring items I can help out.
  6. Mega Creatures Auction

    Coloured Tree (shop item) - 828472 - 1158 days - 4sc - Chewett Coloured tree (shop item) - 828471 - 1158 days - 4sc - Chewett Coloured Tree (shop item) - 844483 - 782 days - 4sc - Chewett Coloured Joker (shop item) - 802018 - 1866 days - 4sc - Chewett
  7. Caretaking your heads!

    Please note that at this point I was under the impression the only people with MP7 for the foreseeable future would be gateway people. This may no longer be true depending what I decide and tell Mur so the caveat here is, for those, I have given it myself.
  8. Replacing Flash - What needs to be replaced

    Thats the technical name "heat spinny thing". The laymens word is "Erolin device"
  9. Caretaking your heads!

    I think that request is a fair one, and I hope one that if the gateway people wanted to participate, would agree to.
  10. MP4 compass bug

    Ok thanks for the confirmation, I will have a look when I get a minute.
  11. Caretaking your heads!

    No MP7 players will be signing up because they are only to be using their MP7 stones for gateway work. So no concern there Same goes for, at the moment, MP6. Anyone using their stones to go MP6 will be frowned at by me. Anyone who legitimately goes MP6 then ball is in your court Mallos.
  12. Mega Creatures Auction

    Coloured Soulweaver (shop item) - 436985 - 2969 days - blooddrop1, blooddrop3 - 11sc - Chewett The Nutcracker (shop item) - 757552 - 2147 days - 1g, 5sc -dst Coloured Joker (shop item) - 831651 - 1046 days - stardust, osirisbelt, blooddrop1, blooddrop2, claw2, firedrop, kellethafire, sunshine, claw3, claw1, emeraldglare, jewelshards, purpurfog, blackdiamonds, darksky, goldbelt, blooddrop3 - 1 gold - Chewett Knator - 793197 - 1962 days - 3sc - Chewett Knator - 793196 - 1962 days - 3sc - Chewett Knator - 793195 - 1962 days - 3sc - Chewett GRasan - 804133 - 1827 days - 3sc - Chewett Grasan - 804134 - 1600 days - 3sc - Chewett
  13. Caretaking your heads!

    Its up to the organisor, unless I decide to step in for a good reason. I think, given you no one can take the heads from you, asking to participate is poor taste since they cant participate with you. If you want to help out then do it without being in the contest.
  14. Mega Creatures Auction

    Its the same as asking Nim not to immediately sell something after a bid, I consider it fair that everyone should get a chance to raise it. Maybe thats wrong and if you want it I shouldn't get a chance to make a counter bid? But, Its Nim's auction so if she wants to immediately sell to you and not let me make a counter bid, or for her to immediately sell to anyone for that matter. Thats her prerogative. I merely ask gracefully, I dont expect my request to be granted.
  15. Mega Creatures Auction

    Nim has stated that, if you want the bids you can have it. I dont want to raise them if you are backing down so merely asked that if you were keeping your bids I would get a chance to see if I did want to raise any rather than it being immediately sold to you. Do you not think this is fair?