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  1. So this bug was apparently fixed by ren when he fixed the battle system but I have seen it a couple times since then. was the creature with the bad attack frozen before battle (because of the bad attack) and then unfrozen?
  2. Ah yes I have found it, lets debug
  3. You are using firefox right? I still havent managed to "break" it yet
  4. Tomorrow is tomorrow (havent forgotten)
  5. This should be fixed as of today
  6. Thanks for bumping it no one. I have been trying to accurately reproduce this so far but its on my "next to fix" list
  7. That was the main idea of the creative type, either artistic or creating something physically. research sounds good, thanks azull
  8. If you were given an interface to set your quest to have certain requirements. What requirements would you want to set? An example, Has creature X, has stats Y, has XP Z, has Mindpower α, has wins β Please give specific examples, rather than just "just give me all of that". Something either you would use in the future as a requirement, or something you have used. Thanks again!
  9. If you were going to classify every single MD quest, ever, into a small number of types, what would it be? Current suggestions are: Puzzle Story Combat Race Creative
  10. Sorry no one, im not entirely sure what you mean here? >Well, just move 1 step aside and all hell break loose. Could you clarify? Do you mean if you move it triggers the issue?
  11. No worries, any anecdotal evidence is welcome. I will play around with it, I suspect its firefox trying to screw me over
  12. MD should be made into java, a nice easy language that works the same on every computer... Silly web things! Glad to hear it works now
  13. Fixed I believe
  14. Any idea how? Likely another oddity in firefox I will debug tomorrow or Wed
  15. reproduced it, firefox being funky. Let me see what I can do to fix that