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  1. Alt Problems Yet Again

    This should be resolved. Please do not use proxying browsers otherwise you will just have to deal with the fact you are alts.
  2. Alt Problems Yet Again

    And the update is?
  3. My question is, If they cant be used, surely they are worthless? If I make something with the iron resource chain, does it then have more worth than diamonds?
  4. A more readable Adventure Log

    I will see if I can LaTeX it up
  5. Sushi Bar & Gallery

    Immediately contacts you to comission some work
  6. MD anniversary plushie auction

    Item 5: Barren soul, 11th anniversary edition. 20 plushies
  7. MD anniversary plushie shop

    The plushie shop will remain open until everyone has bought what they want so dont worry about buying stuff until after the auction if you are bidding. All items can be bought as many times as you want except the 13th anni which is limited to one per person.
  8. MD anniversary plushie auction

    The plushie auction will be run like a standard auction, 7 days minimum time on auction, it finishes on each item individually 24 hours after the last bid. Your bids do not have to be purely based on our own number of plushies, You are permitted to "group up", The only requirement is that if you make a bid you must state whose plushies they are, if they are a grouped contribution. E.g. 20 from me, 20 from Eara. If there are any questions ask!
  9. A more readable Adventure Log

    Two plus votes, Im assuming thats a yes?
  10. Happy birthday Mr Azull!
  11. Mystery tournament III

    No but I gave Sunfire permission to participate in this case given he has earnt that privilege.
  12. Mystery tournament III

    Boo! Marind Bells honour is in pieces! shame on you Jubba!
  13. A more readable Adventure Log

    I can make a link like the announcements page if people like to read it like that?
  14. Token Essence Bug

    You tried reloading? I think that’s the image for the loader doesn’t think all constituent parts have loaded yet.
  15. Molima bug

    Awesome thanks for the update