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  1. I am looking for one or a number of people to help me review and fix up some of the old announcements. This will involve reading through them and suggesting who the author is likely to be, along with suggesting a codename if there isnt one and it needs one. Many of these the author will be assumed to be Mur. I will give the announcements out in batches so multiple people can help. (Some newer announcements had an author written in the announcement but not properly tagged). I will give each announcement to two people to see if both agree and give them out in batches of 400 or so. You can only have one batch of 400 at a time. While doing this task, it is suggested you think about a sister task here, tagging announcements.
  2. The announcements are not as easy to find as we would like so we would like to use some tags for announcements. However we will need them tagged and also need to decide on a good set of tags for the announcements. I need someone to organise a project to decide on a good set of initial tags that can be used to tag up each announcement. Please apply here if you wish to run this project. This will involve going over the announcements with a number of helpers and collecting an "initial set" of tags. You might decide at the end that we shouldnt have a fixed list but that will be up to you to present your conclusion to me. You will not be reviewing all announcements yourself, but working with people who will jointly review them with you and agreeing a "fixed" list. You will discuss the list with me and then we can begin tagging them (potentially with a new interface). If anyone wishes to help, not as an organiser, but as a tagger, etc. Please also post here. I imagine we will have a set of "core" tags (rules, punishment, role, feature, Marind Bell, Loreroot, etc) and maybe a set of less generic tags which are less likely to be used. Anyone who has ideas about good tags for announcements, please post the tags here and an announcement you think it would be good to tag with.
  3. As I said above, I have postulated a theory based on what I can see in the code, the cronlogs, and the DB. If anyone else has other ideas they are welcome to post it.
  4. I said I welcome all ideas. Im not sure what this means.
  5. It appears to have occurred to many creatures that are suitable for "named roles" as the query is searching and clearing their custom names in the cron job (something in PHP). Thats how your creature lost the name. I think the cron ran during the PHP upgrade, malfunctioned on the bad mysql library and wiped a number of creatures. Do you have any suggestions as to why PHP might have done that? Possibly a different idea with how the preprocessor ran? I welcome all ideas from those who understand the problem.
  6. It broke around the time of the PHP upgrade. Not sure what other "details" there are.
  7. Ann. 5014 - [2020-05-23 16:59:23 - Stage 15] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett 0 likes Like It looks like during Mur's PHP upgrade all creatures which can produce resources have lost their custom names. Please use this forum thread to report any that you wish to change back. When reporting any creatures you want their names changed, please post their ID, followed by the new name in quotes.
  8. Has anyone's grasans, pimped's, or similar with specific names "lost" their names? I think there might be a PHP7 issue.
  9. Chewett

    PHP 7 progress

    Should be fixed, can you confirm please
  10. Chewett

    PHP 7 progress

    Murs code assumed a string could be coverted to an array... Not anymore! Fixed
  11. Chewett

    PHP 7 progress

    should be fixed.
  12. This should be fixed (possibly)
  13. Chewett

    PHP 7 progress

    Not a PHP7 issue but fixed
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