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  1. Best wishes Sunfire, while the East may never have formally recognised you as an Emperor, I am sure some of the citizens held you in such regard.
  2. Here are the current prizes chosen. Please confirm you are happy or not! First Trivia 1st @Miq - Tainted Angien 2nd @Sunfire - Sword Shade 3rd @Tissy - History of Elu 4th @Clock Master - 3x Petrify Stone 5th @Eara Meraia - What do you want? 5th @Ledah - What do you want? Second Trivia 1st @Aelis - Tainted Angien 2nd @Ledah - Sword Shade 3rd @Sunfire - 3x Petrify Stone 3rd @Jubaris - What do you want? 4th @Nimrodel - 10 10x tokens on a crit 5th @Ungod - 8 - 3xSend to gazebo/lock in choas
  3. Rechecking this, you are 3rd so need to pick from the second prize pool. So you would like history of elu?
  4. Voting has taken place and the judges have decided on: 1st Place - @Tissy 2nd Place - @Aia del Mana 3rd Place - @Steno All participants will get 5 plushies: Aelis, Tacitamuta, Ailith, Ungod, Tissy, Aia, Steno Thank you all for participating. I will contact those separately.
  5. I have added you into both PM's which detail the interface.
  6. A new interface to help with this project has been created. All those that wish to help with the project please contact me and I will give access to it and add you to the PM relating to it.
  7. @Ledah @Steno @Syrian @Ungod Shall we start a PM where we slowly create a good list of tags? If anyone else wants to be involved post here or I shall begin working.
  8. I have contacted you both, if anyone else wants to be involved please post here.
  9. Does anyone want to start collecting tags together and decide on good tags/groups of tags?
  10. Chewett

    Couple Bugs

    This should be fixed, can you check please?
  11. I have reverted a fix, it looks like land rent is pretty broken, and by fixing it so it runs, everyone loses lots of VP. If it still is happening please tell me.
  12. I submit the the following item should be marked as inedible foodstuffs "@Ledah's Cooking"
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