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  1. This is a PM I recieved: *From: Hemicar (ID:248088) *sent 10 hours and 25 minutes ago Title: messed up ap points you messed something up with ap and moving. it decereases ap when moving even in homeland where i have -1k land loyality. Please fix this issue ----- Since I havent touched AP and moving then I am posting it here. Does anyone else have this issue?
  2. I think there is an account bug, Does anyone else have this?
  3. The nice non flash animation is missing for some reason?
  4. Chewett

    Ann. 4948

    I previously proposed a ticketing style system to improve how it works. Mur previously agreed with me and said I should go ahead with it. In speaking with him today he decided to make this announcement without any forwarning when I started the conversation with asking what his plans were for LHO. I do not know if he wants me to code anything for MD, but I am very happy and want to remake the LHO. I think its foolish to "just remove them" like this. I do not agree with this decision and was not consulted. I have raised that concern privately with him too.
  5. I am speaking with Mur as I dont think this is right and had a plan (and specced it all out and he agreed). I will see what he says.
  6. This error now appears on MD: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/templates/layout-default/liveHelp.php on line 32 Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/magicdue/public_html/core/func.general.php on line 274
  7. I agree. I have moved this the bugs forum and forwarded this to Mur as he can refund you, How many silver were taken from you incorrectly?
  8. I think that its an interesting and probably a good idea to move it closer to the start. Sorry to hear that Steno, I put an end to reclaiming avatars unless the person was completely unknown but I think someone before me must have reclaimed yours
  9. @Muratus del Mur we are considering some events like this so could something be done about it?
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