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  1. Honor points at MP3

    >dst reacted to this What do you think dst? ---- My post is to come, I need to sleep, sorry!
  2. Complete description

    Thanks for your help, I have tipped you 5 silver for the work. This should be done now.
  3. Iv been having real issues 7 year old laptop (primary computer) so im trying to work out if its just me, or MD broken on chrome. On chrome, can anyone select items from the rightbar? I cant seem to get into my inventory
  4. Happy birthday dst

    Happy birthday Miss dst!
  5. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    You have no flash enabled. Press the "Secure" button at the top of the page in the URL page. Go down into "Flash" and select allow. And reload the page. That should enable it?

    I said similar when Nim talked to me about it and its saddens me too
  7. In MD, at a higher level, we have a notion of, he who wields the parenthesis wields the power. Loosely translating to lamens terms of, he who codes, decides
  8. >If the voting is narrowed down so much that it only applies to a certain group, the vote is inherently bad. “Ankh-Morpork had dallied with many forms of government and had ended up with that form of democracy known as One Man, One Vote. The Patrician was the Man; he had the Vote.”
  9. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    Image please, otherwise I cant help Only the scene loader? Tried clearing cache? What scene?
  10. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    This is mostly the post I wrote, minus some finesse ---- On 9/3/2017 at 5:19 PM, Aeoshattr said: don't think that players leave in the early 0-2 days stage, I think they leave in the middle phase (a few days into the game, before they reach 'end-game')... and that's an entirely different problem altogether. I am happy that you are concerned about us wasting time, primarily becuase it means you care. The reason I am asking these questions is not to know what I should implement asap, but to know what the current players of MD think. Originally this idea came to me while I was playing another game that offering google login and their standard. Talking to people many many many of them opted for google login over the games standard login. Part of this was the ease of login, but others gave me reasons along the lines of not having to remember many passwords as they just use their google account and it all links in. While I personally dont like this idea, as I have previously had issues with un-merging accounts, I understand others may enjoy such a facility. To speak technically, I am in the requirements gathernig and prototyping phase of development in MD. This means that I, in part, sit around in bed with a cup of tea, a sketch book and lots of paper. Drawing and planning out what needs to be done, at some point. The primary focus of this at the moment is a three part rework of the base of MD. The first, as currently announced, is to remove flash completely. Its archaic and slow and people dont like it. The second is a boring rework of the internals to make sure we can continue to develop over the next 10 years. The reason behind this is that web technologies change and we need to make sure that our code isnt going to just be deprecated. The third is something I have talked about least, and is a rework of MD's UI. The primary aim is this is to increase the horizontal real estate of MD. Since it was originally desinged screens have gotten larger and have a much higher pixel density. This is important since we have a massive vertical scroll which is annoying. The current horizontal resolution I am working to is both 1280 and 1366. The first being a "new" size square screen and the latter being the standard for 15 inch laptops (also the size of my 6 year old laptop I code on). This is actually a big change from originally being 800 pixels wide. By asking about these technologies that have recently come about (specifically in this case the login via X services). We are looking forward to future users and peolpe who havent yet joined. Not to mention the potential future of MD. It is important not to design MD in s way that potentially would prohibit such a technology that might be important. Therefore in this stage I am asking lots of questions about what peolpe would expect from a site. We probably wouldnt implement something like two factor auth, but if people expected it perhaps we need to? Lots has changed, and lots will change. We just need to accept that these things do change and that we need to be aware of some of them. Technologies rise and fall and fads come and go. But MD, MD is here for the future. Hopefully you dont see me asking these questions as something that I will immediately implement. But merely as sounding the group to see what is something we might eventually add.
  11. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    The main thing with this is that I would first need to investigate what we are allowed to store after allowing a user to login with such a method. I wouldn't want to store a users email if they don't want that. But I do expect that if a user initially created a facebook/twitter/etc account we would allow them to migrate to a "full" MD account. Like dst said, I like this idea. We know it isnt. Im not sure what you point is here, can you clarify? Actually, at least from my point of view, not much work has been put into the game. Mur has spent a decent chunk of time but actually most of my work has been on the backend and doing work to prepare for MD. Actually I have spent a decent number of weekends sitting in bed with a cup of tea and a notepad. Maybe I will scan some of it someday We don't, or at least I don't, have numerical figures but I think it's quite easy to see what happens by watching. I spent a good couple months invisible watching. Perhaps slightly voyeuristically but the old saying of, you observe it and it changes. From what I saw, the point where we lost many players is the point after they had done most of the intro, story and started to fight a bit. It takes a certain person to be able to continue from what we have given (very little) and direct themselves. This was originally one of the filters but is something that we both (Murry and I) feel needs to change. This isn't because of anything that has changed in MD, but RL. Mur and I cannot fund the continual advertising that was originally powering the stream of players into the game. Since there were so many players coming through the number that stayed because of the continual stream to fight and battle and talk with. Since we have turned off the stream it dwindles and the "stream" stopped. So instead of getting new players come and go into the alliances we didnt. ---- I wrote a massive post here but the forum has eaten it
  12. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    Thats part of why I thought I would raise it. I dont like it either but I was talking to some pokemon go friends and they all seemed to love games that let you do that so... Hitting the play and go sounds like a nice idea, maybe I will think towards that. Oh yeah it would be 100% optional. The main idea would be that if you dont want to create another password you log in via google/whatever and that manages your instead of doing all the account verification and such.
  13. I applied it to MD, but the question is more general. Where boundaries lie for votes is indeed tricky I think.
  14. I have went through most of MD and as far as I can find have listed everything that needs to be replaced: Main Nav Page Left Menu Scene loader Activity Bar Erolin device Heat spinny thing (offical name) Sounds Right stats bar and timer Live help button Artwork maniquin Alliance page - Alliance fullness artwork Stats page - Adept worshipping artwork Armour page - All the armour stand flash Messages - Message Cloud Map - The main opening map Combat Ritual Creation Combat creature icons --- Does anyone have any other flash items they think I have missed?
  15. If you were looking to join an online game and instead of taking the time to register it let you log in via google/facebook/twitter/etc would you use that login instead of creating an account. The idea for MD would be you "login" via your account and then when registering pick a playername. Then instead of logging in via the MD password you would login via your account and that would log you into your playername. The only thing MD would use from the account would be just to verify who you were. We wouldn't use it to post/etc. Would you (if you were a new player) opt for this type of login or do you prefer a normal login type thing (aka what MD currently has)? I'm mainly asking since many many sites now run off login via X. I personally don't like those systems so never really considered putting one in MD but if people like it and it lets people join easier then it might actually be important.