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  1. Chewett

    Help Rophs sail West

    Sorry I must have misunderstood this: As it said sail west a number of times. Mea culpa. Still a shame to end this quest here however.
  2. Chewett

    Help Rophs sail West

    oh, is that it?
  3. Chewett

    Bug creature's little image

    This has been resolved.
  4. Chewett

    Protector Papers Bug

    This has been resolved.
  5. Chewett

    addition to crits on crits page

    I like that better. I will consider it.
  6. Chewett

    Blood Drop 2 Token Bugs

    As far as I can tell, both blooddrop 1, 2, 3 are providing a percentage of your stats, ignornig your vit percentage onyxfangs Does this as well, as well as black diamonds, purpurmoon and a number others. Perhaps its just your understanding of how the tokens work is incorrect? However, the description doesnt mention the init which is true. Im inclined to change the description. Comments?
  7. Chewett

    Blood Drop 2 Token Bugs

    Awesome thanks. Clearly I have found some old code in the MD codebase as it wasnt doing any scaling! I will do more digging.
  8. Chewett

    addition to crits on crits page

    Thanks Pip for the drawing. I don't mind the concept however I don't like the implementation as above. It makes an already too vertical design even more vertical in my opinion. I am looking to remove some of that vertial'ness at some point, or moving it around in some way as I dont really like how it is at the moment. So I would veto that idea.
  9. Chewett

    Bug creature's little image

    This doesnt have any artwork so I cant just add them. Mailed Mur.
  10. Chewett

    Bug creature's little image

    For reference this is creature ID 20 and 22 respectively.
  11. Chewett

    Killing contract doesnt work on self

  12. Chewett

    Worshippers not getting confirmation emails

    Anyone? @Fang Archbane
  13. Chewett

    Sign is wrong

    @Blackshade Rider @Azull Was this done?
  14. Chewett

    Scene music doesn't work

  15. Chewett

    Refferal Link To MP5

    @Fang Archbane Is this player still in MD?