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  1. I havent had as much time on it as I wanted but I spent a load of time setting up my Wacom again, happy days. Its pretty terrible but I enjoyed making it so I am very happy with the result I coloured the flowers in red as I liked the idea that poppies were flowering and there was a late snow. If I had more time I would embellish the snow on the ground with more flourishes and probably colour in the road a different colour.
  2. I wouldnt repost someone's article, but I will write something. I will see what I can do during the next week or two.
  3. Fixed + Percentage is certainly a step in the right direction. I would be a little concerned about those with high values given that current combat mechanics give a "fixed" amount of Value points and vit you can get (based on the current maths and general stat trends)
  4. I can announce it too if you want? To really tell people!
  5. Some creatures in the game are set at rather high values to ensure that they require planning to achieve the totals needed to recruit them. I wont name the specific creatures, or the numbers (you can ask me for them if you want Mur, but publicly its a spoiler) but its roughly: Action points XXXX needed (four digits) Value points XXXXX needed (five digits) Sacrificed vitality XXXXX needed (five digits) Exploring Points 4 needed (Literally just four ) How would these changes factor into those creatures?
  6. I apologise for not sending my entry in yet, its half done. When is the deadline?
  7. I can do that once the Mur Madness has abated. Once we decide on a name.
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