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  1. I think thats a very good idea to start, Which is why I shall create a new job open. Many thanks Miq
  2. I need someone to go through MD and find every piece of documentation we have. For each piece you need to write a line saying: <What it is> - <How to get to it> - <Direct link if available> Example Fighting docs - press X, then Y, then z - magicduel.com For the person that gathers the most amount pieces of information found here 1 gold coin. Please post all the information and links you can find here in this post.
  3. For anyone thinking about this the main thing is that we have many many differnt forms of docs and they are a nightmare to find information about. Ideally we need a better way although this might just be a set of easily searchable docs. Once we have a set of docs we then want to work on improving them, adding more content, and having them cross link each other. But the key thing here is for people to see if we can find at least a good starting point. Once we have that we can start the longer process of moving all the docs to the new system, whatever it is.
  4. >just take the data into one place properly labeled, categorized. You think just make a set of HTML pages or so in MD so we can easily reference them, etc?
  5. anyone selling cryptocoins?

    Send me a mail.
  6. How do you propose we then modify the data? Considering that Im planning on getting a lot more data. Fang I am telling you outright you are wasting your time if you are screenshotting things.
  7. Guardian of Tools

    Ungod you are MB right? If so I would approve your appointment. Please can someone pass him the tools. Eara if you arent anymore, I re-approve you Fang, Would need to see proof since you claim Grido has said you should be and thats the basis of your application.
  8. Happy tune

    If you want it Ungod, you can have wookie tk christmas sponsership?
  9. Christmas marathon

    If you want it Ungod, you can have wookie tk christmas sponsership?
  10. Christmas play

    If you want it Ungod, you can have wookie tk christmas sponsership?
  11. Gateway bug #2

    Not a bug then right?
  12. MD Christmas 2017 Helper

    >I've already started 😁 Howso? I havent even given you what we are looking to do....
  13. Newbie Christmas plans

    I appreciate the ideas but we need someone to explicitly plan and test what we are going to do. So applications still open. I need someone "in charge" of this so we make sure we dont break any accounts or have issues.
  14. Discord working group

    Im going to take this as your single task. The others are back open to other people.
  15. If anyone else wants to do this speak now and I will reassign it to you since Fang has taken multiple things as I explicitly asked not to.