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  1. You should decide, I merely have opinions which hold no further weight to anyone elses. If I was doing it, I would do it my way, but I am not so it is fine for you to decide. whats your ids?
  2. I welcome anyone who wishes to to keep track of it and publicly log it. If you need a clickable to store it, or need access to one, please request it
  3. Should be fixed now, thanks for the report.
  4. Please note that, when Nava says MD will not exist, they mean for them. Mur, myself and everyone that work with us are very committed to MD! Best wishes Nava
  5. Chewett

    PM bug

    This bug should be fixed
  6. Thank you Miq. The recommendation is noted but Fang is not being considered for any roles while he holds his current important one and hasn't completed his task. Assuming he doesnt want to give up MP7 for the tool guardianship.
  7. That item is only a testing item and does nothing so it not inclined to fix it currently
  8. Chewett

    Molima bug?

    This has been resolved.
  9. Chewett

    King of Golemus

    As discussed on PM's, I will support this officially once the final particulars are cleared up.
  10. Chewett

    Molima bug?

    Should be fixed now.I have just run it manually now.
  11. I think you missed a key point there Fang. Attempting to shut down a conversation by stating you know spent x years and talked to Y person isnt really the discourse we want. If you dont want to discuss what you know, we can therefore only judge you on what you claim. We can all decide what we think of your experiance "a year+ Dead, and quite a bit of that time was used to conduct research in Necro as well as talking to Lash/Samon". The whole attitude just aims to shut down a conversation by supposed superiority. Its wrong. Now that doesnt excuse Neno from making the comment either. Which is also wrong. But clearly they dont consider your supposed knowledge of being dead as meaning anything. Given that I have seen no actual "knowledge" I an inclined to agree here, thats a personal opinion but hopefully you can see why others might also think its just a load of hot air. I know you havent been massively active, but there was a lot of activity in Necro when The Chaos started. So its more open than you believe.
  12. Hi Fang, quick question, what gives you any knowledge on the current Necrovion situation? What knowledge did you gain there? Anything interesting? On the Necrovion chaos, I will make this official statement. Given the past activity of the shades, and the more recent Necrovion Rebels, it isn't entirely surprising that something has occurred to cause the chaos. Read through the most recent AL (whether you love it or hate it) and see the desperation. Something had to happen, and it did. What happens soon? well As for "Its not open", have you been in Necro recently? Looks pretty open to me. ----------------------------- For everyone: Its always nice to see pride in your knowledge in the game. Mur and I love the theories and debates we have with players. But please remember to never tell people they don't know anything, or that you know the best. Its very likely you don't know "the best" about something, Mur and I don't. There are some legitimately gifted players in MD who have managed to work out a wide range of secrets/lore that we have codified into the games and we are always happy to see more. Sometimes we get ideas that while we hadn't considered, make perfect sense in MD. Then these become "canon" and we seek to integrate more hints about this new lore into the game. This is why I said Mur and I don't know everything, like everyone else. Idling in a scene for a month, year, decade doesn't magically give you knowledge. Many land leaders in the past had no real understanding of the lore behind their land, and thats fine. Not all players care about the lore, even if they are fiercely defensive of their land. Arguments, demanding people are wrong, and this kind of general vitriol is what upsets everyone. To quote a line of my favourite poem "Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit.". We can be better than this, and we should be. ----------------------------- To make a comment on the tools, I wont be giving out any tools for the current time. Unless someone can show me that a certain locations tools are being abused and the item is required. You are welcome to make any and all comments here to persuade me. However, as I said above, this is my current criteria.
  13. Chewett

    Come home

    Thanks Nava for your comments however we have asked all players to move their roleplay into the game.
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