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  1.   Ok, added to the list :).
  2. Being afraid of sounding too eloquent, I would like to add that we may be all going into a new beginning. Between this, and the "legacy" documentation, we are setting new bases (and perhaps an increase in numbers) for the MD playerbase.
  3. I've known MD for some years now, but haven't been active enough to gather a single year of AD. I can't be sure of how consistent this inactivity of the realm is, but it seems a lot more inactive than it was 5 years ago.   Right now, with the [topic='15951']legacy documentation[/topic] we are working on, along with the A25 project, as DD already mentioned, I believe we are setting the bases for a more both player friendly and developer friendly MD. What I fear is the game becoming "too" friendly on the long run, but I guess that the essence of MD will remain untouched. It seems the era of role playing is decaying, and we will start moving into a "game" playing era. I hope that this expansion of game mechanics re-ignite the role playing activity.     About the removal of story mode...  I must admit I find that idea a bit uncomfortable, I like how much it can change on each run, and the different insights it offers with each branch. What's the main reasoning behind the idea of ripping it off, if I may ask?
  4. Is anyone interested in documenting viscosity?
  5. So crucify the ego.

    1. lashtal


      Some prefer to feed it like no tomorrow. Careful not to end like foie gras.
  6.   Added to the list. Apologies for the delay.   Any particular moment of January? From the second half of the month until the end of the first week of february I'll be on another province with less access to internet. It would hinder my capabilities of organizing this, but it wouldn't nullify them.
  7. I added Tal as documenter of Creature recruitment places and altars specifically, not just creatures in general.
  8.   Tal added to the list. I have sent a PM to all current documenters.
  9. Added to the list     Those who send me these questions, please add your desired tag and description on your PM.
  10. I could do that. I would create a page listing all participants with their respective roles and tags, and providing a link to a dedicated page for each document. When we get all documents I could start separating the different subjects for each document into smaller pages.
  11.   I did a quick search and found some alternatives. I tried none of them.   ThinkFree   OpenOffice   Zoho   Do you have any suggestions?   Edit: I just created an account in Zoho, it looks pretty.
  12. Mur, I'll await your signal to publish the google doc. I may post announcements as I update this post. Everyone else, notice me if you find anything wrong or missing in the following list.   Player|                                |Feature to document   Kyphis|                               |Project A25   Aeoshattr|                          |Night Mode   Dark Demon|                     |Expanding borders and Cartography   Dst|                                    |Illusions Mode   No one|                              |Resources ("from admin point of view")   Hiria|                                  |Heat veins   Samon|                              |Cauldrons   Syrian|                               |Creatures   Tal|                                    |Creature recruitment locations and altars Pipstickz|                           |Spell documents Jadendew|                        |Scene-activable items   Grido|                               |Spells   The following list contains possible features to document. Head contests - Torch contests Creatures - Creature abilities - Combat abilities - Cause fighting Shop items - Inventory items - Scriptable Items - Armor items - Land weapons - Totems Player DNA - Personal papers - Titles Citizenship - Alliances Hidden letters Research Interface Affiliate system MDScript Spells Mind Power 6 Protectorate WPs Announcements Rebel System Wiki Advertisement Dreams
  13. I'm afraid to hold the whole responsibility of documenting a part of MD, since it could die with me if I fail to it properly. Therefore I declare that I'm willing to help anyone in charge of documenting a feature if a hand is needed.   If info (stats, mp, creatures, etc) about my character is needed, PM me via forum or in-game.   Edit: I'm also willing to refuse any credit if the person in charge of the features wishes it so.
  14. Edit 3: Added second entry to the original post.
  15. "I didn't remember, until I dreamt of my death by a heart attack. As darkness took away everything, all that was left was my consciousness. And a memory of a child wanting to break free.     One day, during my childhood,  I was at school, during the break,  sitting in the yard, thinking.   In my train of thought, I starting noticing things. I noticed I was thinking,  I noticed I have been doing that during the whole break. I noticed that most of my free time was spent thinking.   I noticed that there was a blurry line between "me", whoever that was, and my mind and it's thoughts.    I noticed I could be aware of what I was thinking, but also that I could think without being aware of it, until I was.   I noticed that there was a blurry line between "me", whoever that was, and my body and it's senses.   I noticed I could be aware of what I was sensing, but also that I could sense without being aware of it, until I was.   I noticed that awareness, and asked myself if I was that awareness. I noticed I had a body, but I was not the body, as it contained me I noticed I had a mind, but I was not the mind, as it contained me.   I thought that the only way to know what I was,  was by emancipating myself from both my mind and body.   And, being the child I was, I didn't have very clever ideas, did I?   Suddenly I felt claustrophobic.  I was a thing, there was a "me", but I couldn't know what "me" meant,  since it was drown in the information I received from my surroundings and from my own thoughts.   I felt the urge to understand what I was.   And, being the child I was, I didn't have very clever ideas, did I?   So I looked for a wall, and starting hitting my head against it. As strong as I could.   If I could break my body, I could break my mind, and I could isolate that "me" from the rest, And then understand it, right?   Blood started dripping, and I was still hitting my head against the wall. As strong as I could.   I noticed I could only think and feel less and less. And it was glorious.   So, being the kid I was,  I wanted to hit my head harder,  and in one final blow against the wall, darkness took my body and my mind.   The last thing I felt, was the shift of gravity as I fell to the floor. Finally, I was free from them.    I could think of nothing,  I could feel nothing. But I was still there. There was still a "me", and nothing else.   I noticed that "me" meant nothing. I was aware of my self, but there was nothing else, only a hollow consciousness.   I spent an eternity with immaculate awareness, being aware that I was aware of my self, but with nothing else to be aware of."   Have you ever tried meditating? I found it's a good way to get rid of both thoughts and senses. Second entry: If clarity is sought after, the senses become a burden: images are seen in the dark, the body makes itself heard in the silence.  If reflection is sought after, it's easy to get lost in the depths of the mind or to drown in the river of thoughts. Something stops feeling genuine, and it seems hard to know what that is. Through the void the self is killed and found anew. No senses. No thoughts. Only consciousness.
  16. Random Number Generator, I cast thee. 81 Announcements, I said.
  17. I would like to participate :)   Koshu Farsight (ID:246441; Days:143)
  18. It would refer to me taming Giant Sponges, as far as I understand, that cannot be achieved, lol. Isn't it possible to tell a dwarf to do nothing but cleaning?
  19. I never played DF, although I saw a friend play it many times. I would like a dwarf, "Koshu Farsight, Tamer of Giant Sponges", with Cleaning as Job. Also, a story of doom worth telling from one of my friends fortresses: He was creating a defense mechanism which involved blocking the entrance and pumping lava to the outside of the entrance of the fortress, or something like that. One day, before such mechanism was finished, on the middle of a goblin siege, an elephant went directly into the fort, ignoring most of the dwarves, and going directly for the lever which actioned the whole unfinished mechanism. The result was quite simple: Lava got pumped out, the whole fortress got flooded in lava, everyone EXCEPT THE F* Elephant died. I think that the elephant somehow earned a special title after that, when we checked the world's history he had something like that.
  20. A cat sat on Zleiphners face and then died... Zleiphner woke up he said, "WHY!?" He shoved the knife into its sheath, slapping DD who's a GoB onto a bee. Zleiphner, thought that this was bizarre So he kicked the puppy Fang and Fang cried... hell broke loose! and licked BoB, poor BoB always whipped by demons. Then came Eon who finally said, "Enough you people!" and killed DD. DD's blood flowed down and down until it reached a river of chicken fat. Change with Lord Tipu is a good pair of idiots. After Eon's retirement, they decided to kill each other but were unsuccessful, so they slept embracing one another's anime collections. Meanwhile, Peace declared war to avenge DD and all bees, headed by *MasterB*'s biggest CrAzY BeE Eff Eff. The war was won! DD's revival was forever postponed but finally happened in his dreams and reality too! But! DD mutated into a glow, eventually becoming human 9000.1 years later. He killed Change's cousin named Chaos with bread knives and a toothpick killed DD again. This time Permanently. With no way (pickle radish turnip) to not revive without dying again. Peace killed Pothos with his scarf and disappeared. DD trains hardcore despite nadrolski copying him. Except DD's dead dog is revived and it kills DD, starting an apocalypse of pretty rainbows indeed. THE END is not here b̷̿u̘̦͈̺ͯͣ̏͑ͯ̃̊͞t̪̀ ͙̘̲̚͠s̸̲͎̳̬̣͉͂̄̇͋ͬͭ̃ͅo̷̳̣̬̺̹ͤ̌̓̅͊̎o͈͎̖ͣ̃͑̽͆̑ͣn̵ͭ ͮ̐́̉͗i͈̘͉̲͇̜̯͂͐̇͟t̞̲̱̰̪̏̓̚ will begin. "Hurdurdur" by syrians balloon that Jester popped, "NO" screamed Syrian, "STOP! HAMMER TIME!" Hammer time commenced, the realm dreamed of red buttons and lollipops galore comes to green buttons that were unpressable. Rophs found a new bannable exploit (and got banned).
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