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  1. And if implemented, should really therefore only for MB, and only once research on the land weapon and their mechanics are fully understood and lasts only as long as the activation requirements are met. Not as something available to all lands. 
  2. I didn't have a chance to join the discussion, so I'll just pour mu thoughts here regarding crafting:   With how me (and the other crafters) have not been very active lately, it would help expedite the item creation process if there are other avenues to which people can go to. However, from personal experience I feel it's best if these are the council members instead of a new person (especially one that gets changed the moment that person is no longer fully active).   One thing that should be kept in mind regarding items is that they stand at the real reality level - they're inner magic with a form. Most item people ask? They're at the personal reality level. And most people who applied to the crafter's guild back then did so because they wanted to create those personal reality level items. This is one of the main factors why it was hard for me to recruit new crafters that could avoid the temptation of creating all those juicy fantastic items and remember that items represents facts in MD's reality.    If we're looking at a long term system, I don't find it very feasible to find a person who fulfills such criteria everytime the previous one fades into RL. I think it would be a much more sustainable system if this was sent directly to council (personally, I'm thinking of a form that appears when you buy an item making wish on the wishshop where you can put the name/description/materials and submit the request - all fully scripted). Even those who can already create items often create personal reality level item - Council, Mur, Demigod accounts, but at least they are the highest authority in MD so if anyone should judge whether a personal reality item should be created (and thus made real reality) it should be them.
  3. Ady technically played for a very short while, I dunno bout Valy though. They're still a kind of legend on the game, though if we want to limit this to just legendary players, then perhaps they should not be counted, yes.
  4. NelyaSetesh Morrel BlackThorn GlorDamar Ady Valy
  5. I've been away for a while so I'm not sure... but is there a way to semi-permanently lock someone in place? Won't jump/chase/teleport spells and all that circumvent that easily?
  6.   Ah, I might have misunderstood when you mentioned "new features or features variations it will require" and thought I could go crazy with suggesting new features to support this.    Artworks and descriptions for the creatures are all ready, all that is missing is the combat ability/stats adjustment to current metagame (which I'm totally out of touch with nowadays). If you want to look at it, it's also on the forum private section on this link.    Most of the quest can be doable with current functions - new feature I mentioned are just suggestions but not really a must for it to work. One exception is probably the function to check for creature stage - I can do without the XP/wins amount but the ability to just check if the player has a certain creature would really be great. As an example the clay golem has 3 stages, and the next tier is the rock golem. Having a function to check if the player has a stage 3 clay golem before he can change it to a rock golem would be very nice (as at that point the game should identify the creature, then take it away and replace it with a rock golem - or simply change the creature type while keeping everything else the same).
  7. Progressive combiner + spells : use spells as ingredient to create an item, or even another spell. Illusion + pickable resource : illusion of resource Heat voting + progressive combiner + spells : community effort kind of spell effects (similarly can be used when you want to implement Land Weapons as usable)
  8. Wow, this is exactly what I hoped was available :D I've had a bit of the framework in mind since long ago, but I still need to flesh out the actual details. I do realize that I don't have as much time for MD, so I don't expect to actually get this selected for this particular batch, but I'm going to share the basic idea here.   What I have in mind is a game-integrated quest as a way to hand out the Golem creature as reward, and most importantly make it available even if I am not in MD anymore. Quest would include building the golem core (can be implemented as an untradable quest item that will be switched out for the actual creature's totem - but probably works better as an untradable Lv 1 creature from the beginning, with the idea that they're similar to the eggs, a very basic form for the creature). Quest chains would include performing the rites needed to upgrade the creature to the next forms (with functions checking if the creature has enough xp/wins).    Features needed (new features in bold): - needs: Implementation of the creature (artwork and creature description are all ready, abilities theme as well but I'm honestly not in touch with how combat goes nowadays. I'll need expert suggestions on how to balance the creature abilities and still make it desirable.) - needs: Clickies, functions to check creature level/xp/wins, player's principles - It can use : new clickable objects - It can use : semi-NPC characters (wodin-ish) that automatedly appear at completion of certain objectives (this is just for flavor, can just use the clickable to achieve same result otherwise). Upon further reading, this is actually similar to the clickable that appear based on other inventory items idea you mention. - It can use : a quest-specific shared gathering tool. Pickable only by those doing the quest (the tool dispatch location can be made to appear only if character is in quest), returns to dispatch location in one day to prevent abuse, collects unique material for the quest only. No transfer. In the same vein, it can use a quest specific simple combiners.
  9.   So, is this manu dude your master or your puppet, Mur? Or maybe puppet master :p
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