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    Tremir got a reaction from TheTigerLady in [Loreroot] Rise Of The Silver Phoenix   
    *not sure that this is the right place for this, but it's the only place I've seen where people post this sort of thing*
    From the elemental maelstrom that lies at the heart of the world, the Silver Phoenix rises.
    His hear is the element of Earth, a diamond the size of a grown man's head.
    His wings are of the element of Fire, silver colored flames of ever changing size, spanning from a mere 6 meters across the the breadth of the sky itself.
    His talons are the of Ice, sharper then razors and longer then a grown man's height.
    His voice, echoing across the Air, can be heard from the furthest reaches of the world, singing his haunting song:
    I am fire, heat and flame,
    I, the one who has no name.
    I am water, ice and rain,
    I, the ancient evil's bane.
    I am air and wind and gale,
    I, who bears the ancient's flail.
    I am earth and sand and stone,
    I, the one who must atone.
    Flying across the land, the Silver Phoenix challenges all who seek to break the cycle of life and death, creation and destruction, light and darkness.
    For untold ages, the Phoenix has done it's duty, fighting to keep the world in balance.
    It is not the Phoenix's way to seek allies. It is a solitary creature by nature.
    But the world moves according to it's own pace, and with war looming on the horizon, the Phoenix is no longer enough.
    A call is heard across the land, as the phoenix cries out to those who would stand at it's side, to fight for balance and continuity.
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    Tremir got a reaction from Ackshan Bemunah in Discovering Inner Magic   
    that does narrow it down, but it still leaves a lot of people, some of whom already have to deal with metric tons of PMs every day.
    I don't even know if it's someone who makes sense for a specific spell, or a central person who will concentrate all "enlightenment" PMs
    And you do realize that you're on that list, right?
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    Tremir got a reaction from Ackshan Bemunah in Discovering Inner Magic   
    that's really unhelpful, Ren.
    Do I just go around PMing every RPC I see with my theories?
    that's a really annoying way to do stuff. to me and to them.

    From what I understand, I'm supposed to reach an "inner enlightenment" to get those documents.
    However, somebody needs to judge that enlightenment.
    Whoever this turns out to be, he shouldn't be kept a secret.
    this isn't about finding the one person who can teach you. it's a question of someone judging that you've reached an inner understanding.
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    Tremir got a reaction from Ackshan Bemunah in Discovering Inner Magic   
    any idea on who this "authority" that we should submit our theories to is?
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