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  1. How are you guys misunderstanding this? This does not change how rituals work in terms of combat at all. You still have rituals. Wins with rituals still contribute bonuses. Breaking a ritual still completely wipes out any benefits the ritual would have had from wins. Imagine you made a ritual that was decent. It worked well. You don't want to forget what the ritual was just in case it's broken in the future so you write it down and hence can recreate it when necessary. The act of writing it down doesn't change anything about the ritual at all. It just lets you more quickly and accurately recreate the ritual in the future. This is equivalent to what I'm proposing. THIS CHANGES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT RITUALS BREAKING OR THE BONUSES OR ANYTHING IT JUST WOULD CHANGE THE UI. Oh forget it, I quit.
  2. I'm not proposing that they get rid of rituals or having them broken (i.e. loosing the win bonuses). I just would like to see two things: 1) the ability to create rituals without having to find a target 2) the ability to store ritual templates so that you can rebind after having all the necessary creatures healed There's not change of the magic duel world by adding this feature. Rituals are still broken, you still have to regenerate, you still have to heal, etc. As for being more realistic, as opposed to what? The entire game is fictional and you're playing via pressing buttons on a web page. Movement is via shortcuts, combat is setting a target and selecting a ritual, etc. The entire game is already indirect.
  3. Punishment for losing should not be via laborious UI issues. Having the bond break is fine, but why make the player reconstruct what often is exactly the same ritual? Having a template you can rebind wouldn't negate having to heal your creatures and wait for sufficient heal, while also eliminating a really annoying task. This is a game right? Games are supposed to be fun. I don't find it enjoyable doing repetitive mind numbing tasks. You're already paying for loosing via health loss and regeneration time. Punishing someone via UI elements is just begging for people to quit the game and move on.
  4. Why do rituals require the user to go and find another player to target before they can be created? Wouldn't it make more sense if you could setup rituals as templates wherever and whenever you wanted via a ritual page of some type? It's annoying having to find someone who you can attack before you can setup any ritual, especially when you're trying to setup any semblance of defense. I tend to have a wide range between my highest leveled and lowest leveled creatures hence a random defense is horrible. Beyond this, it's annoying simply having to setup rituals after having the creatures in them die. Given this game's combat is mostly about cycling through wins and losses, having to do this task hundreds of times is laborious at best.
  5. I contribute to Wikipedia and maintain a few articles there, and I would not consider Magic Duel notable nor would the vast majority of the more significant contributors. I think you guys have a significant misunderstanding of what Wikipedia is. Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate assortment of articles. It is not a source of news, nor a place to document what you believe is interesting. It is not an outlet for original thought, primary research, or even direct documentation. It is not a manual, not a directory, and most definitely not a place for advertisement. Wikipedia is a free open encyclopedia that is provided in a variety of languages. Stop and think about that for a second. You are trying to submit Magic Duel as part of an encyclopedia, a game that hasn't even reached the end of its alpha cycle that has a relatively small user base and has never once been mentioned by a vetted reputable source in any context even in passing. It doesn't matter how unique the game is, or whether it's excellent or horrible -- it must be notable with objective evidence to support that claim.
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