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  1. Thank you so much Braiton. Smartalekrj, trees are not important, don't forget, what is important is what is inside. I ask you, where does all those elves live? Yes, into the trees! So, don't forget to check a tree before to sit under it, it could have some not nice creatures inside.
  2. No, I'm sure he's nice. It seems bunnies confused him a little, but it's ok, he will realize the truth eventually.
  3. Helloo Wha..!? Bunnies? Give me a break. I mean, I'm sure they're pretty strong so they can even eat a carrot with their bare tooths. But, c'mon, we're talking about sheeps here. Did you even see a sheep to lost against a bunny in a fight? If I were you, I were try to avoid to awaken the wrath of The Shepherd, also known as, The Lord of the Sheeps. You see, when he find his lost One Sheep (which will rule them all), this world is done for.
  4. Well, fighting with elves is not something laughable, Morgana, it's serious. The World's fate is in question here. Oh, but if it's elves themselves that you're laughing, then it's ok. Laughing is good for health and it will repel negative energies like elves around you.
  5. Oh, that elves. No, I have no problem with that goblin-heighted elves. I even think I can become friends with them. They seem more goblin then elf. I very very like goblins. But the other elves, that tall and angelic (!) ones, you should be careful. It's inside what is important. Their faces are just a trickery. They're laughing at us from their inside. I'm sure they're about to complete their great evil plan. I'm thinking of taking the most skillful human baby and raise him as a anti-elf warrior so he can save the world. I'm too old for this. Cough, cough... Curse those elfs and their life spans. Lulu, for a moment I worried if a new threat to the world, other than elves, is about to come, from monkeys, so that was a joke. What a relief. I will write this joke to the top of Mr. Scuffy's grave. Uwaahh... Well, sorry for that twenty bullets Mr. Scuffy.
  6. I tried it today. I went there with four creatures and sacrificed them all with 50 action points. All of my action points gone but I managed to make a 80 action points work with 50 action points.
  7. There should be a ritual configuration button so we can make our rituals in a safe place with a calm mind.
  8. Are you serious? Oh my god, I will be more careful about monkeys from now on. I'm starting with killing mr. scuffy (my monkey). I hope twenty bullets can manage to kill him. I was saving those bullets for an unexpected elven invasion but, well, I think this is an emergency. Wow, so the one who put that human corpse in our fridge was really mr. scuffy. I can't believe it!
  9. I meant faeries when I mention about bwatselcs (bee winged always tricky small elf-like creatures). But I don't know those "beautiful" elves you mention. Of course their skulls are beautiful accessories, if it was what you wanted to say. I like cows too. With some sauce and rice especially. And I agree with you that sheeps aren't nice to pet. You see, they're too strong. You have to respect and love them from a safe distance and pet more harmless creatures like dogs, elephants or monkeys. Try to avoid to awaken the wrath of a sheep, especially, the dark sheeps! They're even scarier.
  10. See, I've known she's nice. Yes, they're cool. They're so cool that I want to rip... Ehm... I too dislike those bee winged always tricky small elf-like creatures. But I like other creatures. I like the sheeps most. I even like ogres. They're not that bad as they seem. They were just misunderstood by others when one of them tried to eat an elf to save the world. Then elves murdered that ogre of course, 'cause he could spread their evil plans to the world. Fortunately some ogres have found their dead friends diary and learned how terrible the elves are, but no human believed them. This made them crazy and they deciced to destroy the mankind. So that's why they try to kill you in every game. In future, when you see an ogre running towards you, remember this story and try to understand that ogre, rather than casting spells on him, and don't forget to kill as many elves you can kill. In this way, maybe one day not us but our children can see a peaceful fantasy world and play in harmony. Sorry, I didn't intend to write this long story, but when I remembered that brave ogre, I just, couldn't stop my hands and my tears... Well, whatever. All of you are so nice. Thank you so much for greetings.
  11. Hidden! Yes, they could have hidden somewhere in this world too. Those sneaky short tree-lovers they never give up. Don't worry I can find and send them to another world if there is any, bwahahaha. By the way, thanks to all greetings.
  12. In Fenths Press, it says sacrificing a creature costs 20 Action Points, but I can sacrifice them even when I have no AP?
  13. I'm sure she's not creepy inside, is she? People are good, I like people. They're not like those creepy long-eared-thin-bonned-overabundant-life-spanned-creatures, what do you call them, oh, elves. I hate elves. How perfect that there are no elves in this game... ... There are no elves in this game, right?
  14. Can one of you gentlemen confirm my e-mail too. I haven't received any e-mail confirmation mail to confirm my e-mail. edit: thank you.
  15. I can't believe I actually found a game I can play. I mean, I have a legendary computer, which gives different and creative errors every time when I try to play a game, but it seems even it couldn't find a way to stop the power of internet browser, bwahahaha... Ehm. Of course I didn't decided to play this game just because my computer is a sadistic game-annihilating machine, but also I've found this game really cool. I mean, it smells like a real fantasy world (wha...?), and I worship every game which can take me away from the real world to it's fantasy world. Now, I've stand apart from the game long enough, gotta go. See you in the game...
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