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  1. Karak

    Lost skill

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I used to have access to the back entrance of Loreroot (acquired from the wishshop)  I no longer seem to have this ability and I wasn't sure who to direct this to, so have lodged it here.   Thanks for your help in fixing.   Karak
  2. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339068897' post='113893'] It would be interesting to hear other CoE members views on this, i can only assume this has changed since amoran, who i believe is a senior CoE member, has started this pertition. However i know little of the inner CoE structure, so she might just be starting it on her own without permission. again this is just conjecture. [/quote] I concur with Lucius Tarquinus on this point of regaining the badge within the merits of the game. i do support this petition, but is up to us as members of the Order to once more take our place amongst the community and be recognised for our contribution. though the votes of public support tell us we are valued we must not go the way of many organisations and fade because we are forgotten as has the moon in this nightless land.
  3. Having been like my esteemed brother in arms, Lucius Tarquinus, am one of the founding members of the alliance. Together we have seen many changes in the realm. Much has been uncovered through the efforts of the members of the Children of the Eclipse and many festivals enjoyed by the masses. Evolution is a strange thing and as we grow we see the world from a whole new angle. The moon was once found and shone in a darkened landscape but, the code was lost in the sands and minds of a few now departed. The moon, though hidden to many has inspired a strong following as has been alluded to. We did not shrink from membership but were forcefully ejected and not permitted to return. Instead we chose to stand tall for our faith and what we represented: respect, loyalty, ethics, honour and all that is good in people. I would throw my ancient weight behind this petition. Ever have we been steadfast to our faith and cause. The badge was but a symbol of our dedication. We shall continue, in anonymity if necessary as it was in the beginning, but would be all the better for being known in the realm.
  4. Seeing as death is inevitable, is it not possible the deaths are natural. We may just be under the illusion we live.
  5. [quote] 2. Blood pact archer age 128 Bid-10 sc [/quote] my bid 12sc
  6. The quest is now closed. My hearty thanks to all the questors and congratulations once again to Pazur. I also wish to thank the veterans who supported the quest and made it possible: Innocence Aiiwya Peace Pamplemousse dst Lifeline Grido Tarquinus Granos Now you must await where the Goddess with guide me to see what comes next!
  7. A momentous day, the Moon Chalice has been found by the young questor Pazur! Please find your way to Tarquinus for the wish point reward. Congratulations to all the questors, remember there are still 5 silver coins to be passed on those uncovering the resting place. I must honour all those who have sought the Chalice over a long period of time. You are all worthy in your dedication and perseverance. Praise to the Goddess!
  8. I find it deplorable that such a paragon of the realm be subjected to the ignorance and harassment of an individual with acknowledged power. It is also sad the a priestess of the Moon is so besmirched by an unbeliever and lover of the sun. This is clearly an effort due to fail to besmirch all our priestesses.
  9. I think a reward is suitable but based on active days rather than anniversaries. As activity is more an indicator of commitment. As for alts, perhaps if it were permissable that under a system of honour we could link our alts to our main account then elect which alt between them recieves the WP garnered by the main account. This system, to be successful, would rely on others not abusing this linking to target alts or devine another's purpose for playing multiple identities, particularly those who convincingly play alts that have not had their common owner linked.
  10. Watch for the call from the Sybil or one of her Priestesses. I have done what I can to prepare the path, the Servants of the Moon will now call the worthy to gather for the great enterprise! [size="5"][font="Arial Black"][b]The beginning is at hand![/b][/font][/size]
  11. This is a new quest and is sponsored graciously by Tarquinus. There will be a great gathering called to send off the questors on their journey to find that which is lost. [b]All who would undertake will need the blessings of the Sybil (Dark Mystic) or her priestess, Phantom Orchid, and need to be so marked in their public logs[/b]. This will be done at the calling of the quest. An announcement of the gathering will be made soon!
  12. [font="Trebuchet MS"]The time of gathering draws near. It has been decreed that all those who would take up this challenge must be blessed and marked so by the Sybil that the Goddess will know who to give aid in times of need, for she shall reward the faithful for their service. A gathering of the worthy shall be called and a blessing laid upon them and details of what lies ahead given. The grand blessing calling forth the Quest for the Moon Chalice is coming.[/font]
  13. [font="Trebuchet MS"]The Moon has long been served by the dedicated and devout. In this realm her place is largely forgotten and many newlings walk the realm without memory of her touching our realm. A quest has been set forth for all knights of valour and honour to find that which has been hidden from the Sybil, the Goddess's earthly connection, the Moon Chalice. For the Sybil and her priestesses this chalice holds the key to greater communion with the Goddess. A short while ago a small portion of wine passed my lips and the Goddess took her avenue to instill in me a vision that continues to haunt me to this day. [indent][font="Arial Black"]There was a crescent moon, a bloodsoaked cloth, a dripping blade, an open grave and a stairway. And a command burned into my soul: "Find the key my faithful servant."[/font] [/indent] I have spent countless hours in study and the time draws near for a gathering of those who seek either for personal glory or for faith to join together and set out to recover this lost relic. As the time draws near look for messages or calls to arms that will signal the great gathering and blessing that will be required to ensure that those who seek the chalice have been blessed by the Goddess.[/font] [size="5"][color="#FF0000"][font="Arial Black"][b]The Quest is now begun, please read the full listing to see what you must do to join the quest![/b][/font][/color][/size]
  14. Having read the many and empassioned arguments I surmise that indeed Loreroot has fallen behind in keeping the public informed of the goings on. This leaves new players wondering how to find out about the land and its people and this needs to be addressed and we as the community of Loreroot shall pull out all the stops to redress this. It is lamentable that such a dramatic action was required to highlight the issue, which Yrth has also acknowledged other alliances have fallen victim to as well. But at the same time it is rewarding to see that it has sparked such debate and passion, which inidcates that there is a vibrant life in Loreroot and other alliances and a desire to see Loreroot rise from the ashes, reborn as the pheonix anew. Yes there is important information that has been decided independently by the community of those directly involved in Loreroot affiliated alliances that needs to be made public. Some this has been done already and more will continue to be put into the public arena over the coming weeks. One of the things we as a community of Loreroot alliances have sought to do is to work together as a cohesive whole in relation to certain concerns relating to the lands of Loreroot. We have sought out a council of leaders that will hopefully be able to represent the hopes and aspirations of those who have taken on formal alliance with the land of Loreroot as well as those looking for a home. To that end the High Council was formed from root stock of all of the alliances members (prior to the war that wasn't). Nominations to fill positions on the council were opened to all members of the alliances and formal voting overseen by a representative of the archives. As you can accept there has been much turmoil in the lands since the departure of noted leaders such as Nelya Setesh, Blackthorn, Raven and Knator Commander, to name a few. We are rebuilding and will take a little time to find our feet and ask your forebearance as we do so. We are as passionate about Loreroot, the land and its people, as you all are about the realm of MD and wish to enhance its flavour to all comers, new and old alike. We are happy to bear your judgement but hope you will understand that we may not adopt every idea thrown at us or modify our behaviour in response to every criticism. But in one thing we will be more assidious, giving people a reason to find a home in Loreroot amongst its people of passion, culture and good will.
  15. The Savelites; and The Crafters are the other Loreroot alliances
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