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  1. Life Stealers aren't something I can say I have a lot of knowledge on. They would probably be the type that could play in the frontline or at the back. Out of those creatures I have only seen an elemental, but if you compare their hp and inititive to all out attackers (like from the sound of it, the knators). It would need some stats tweeked to balance (maybe like slightly less hp for lifestealers to discourage everyone using 6 of them and higher defence on armor-types to encourage their use upfront. I'm sure manu would have some fun introducing new abilities around the reach system I fully accept looking back at my idea now though that it would take a while to implement, so don't think I'm saying "Introduce it now with the current creature stats!" Edited: Sorry, talking about elementals I said comparing hp and defence when I meant hp and inititive. Their defence is pretty good, hehe...
  2. Voted for: Necrovion (although Golem could also be quite interesting...) Attacker - A big fan of attacking units New Creature - I'm really enjoying the whole training each creature to see the evolutions and really like the artwork on all the creatures I have come across up to now! If I could select multiple statements then more npc characters would be nice and if I was further in the game I probably have gone for the story additions! But I had one vote, so new creature it is About managing rituals - couldn't it just be set so the whole 'Sanctuary - this is a sanctuary, etc, etc..' activates when you actually select a ritual to attack with so 'create new ritual' and 'unbind' will still be available to use in sanctuary? Just thought it could be a short term solution until manu gets round to seeing to the interface...
  3. Thanks for supporting the idea peeps (nice to know I wasn't talking complete gibberish ) I understand it would take a while to implement and I know all focus seems to be on the stories and quests right now - and rightly so, it's a strong part of MagicDuel. I've just got a little hooked on the game and thought the strategy would give the battles a bit more depth! As tyran242 says though, probably something more for the future than something immediate.
  4. Yeah - I can't claim to be an expert on the whole 'balancing' of the armour and attack points and that. I just thought it would add some structure to battles and actually give putting the creatures in a particular slot some meaning.
  5. I've checked the forums to see if it has been brought up before and I have studied some of my battles to make sure I'm not saying something already implemented, so here it goes... I believe that our creatures should have a 'reach' which would make people have to use a mix of creatures in order to add importance to formation. It doesn't have to be complicated, could just go something like the following: Aramors are pictured with swords and axes (even at the earlist levels) so their 'reach' would allow them to attack anyone in the front row of your opponents formation. Once the first row is destroyed they would then be able to attack the back row. This may mean to compensate they could be given more damage or more armour/hit points. Archers really own at early levels, and naturally an archer would be able to 'reach' all enemy opponents. This could then be balanced with lower armour/hp or something on those lines. At the moment there are a lot of archers in the front row which isn't really 'good' battle strategy in practice. If you wanted to go further you could say that 'hand-to-hand' creatures, if put in the back row wouldn't be able to attack until the creature immidiately in front of it (in the formation) had been killed. This would force a balance in peoples' formations between ranged and hand damage. Powers, like Heal, will still be able to reach anyone as it is much like a ranged effect. Just thought it would balance battles a bit as at the moment any creature can attack any other. Please note I am only MP3 at the moment, so if someone is further in the game and sees a big hole in my suggestion then of course you are in a better position to comment than me
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