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  1. Hey guys, I know its been a while since I've played, but I'm wondering if I've gotten punished for something I didn't know about? Last time I logged on, I had about 23k max vital energy. As I log on today, I have been cut down to 13k max vital energy. Surely, I haven't done anything illegal and this cut in vital energy is unwarranted. I realize there is little chance of change but could someone please investigate this for me? I've definitely spent a good deal of time building that VE. Thank you. Azrael Dark Oh and feel free to move this post to its appropriate place.
  2. The sheer rarity of particular "raw materials" is indeed a problem since no one is completely how to re-acquire the item once they have parted ways again. I do believe setting a standard and constant way of reacquisition of raw materials is the solution to these woes. I've read the previous posts and it seems we all share the same predicament as to how to treat these materials. In general, items are still a rarity and having one of anything is a source of some excitement. I for one believe it is better to have than have not, no matter the value or worth of the item you have in your possession. But like others have expressed a strict economic control must be applied to avoid flooding the market with raw materials while also maintaining the scarcity of said raw materials. To wrap up this long winded post, I just want to post some brainstormed solutions to this item problem. I don't necessarily agree with the points I bring up, but I believe they each bring about a fair balance to raw material acquisition. each bullet point is independent upon the other ideas: [list][*]For the mining / lumberyard idea, with a specific place meant to gain wood/ore, anyone should be able to do this. The two caveats to this idea should be 1. The process of mining/lumberjacking/etc. should take the entire day, so you will not be able to move or attack (or be attacked?) while working, only live chat until you are done with working to get 1 wood/ore. Having an axe or pick would increase the amount of wood/ore you get per work day (say 5 wood or ore per work day).[/list] [list][*]Make finding raw materials a luck factor. Just as the luck stat attributes to finding gold coins occasionally (in the form of value points), a (very) small percentage should be devoted to randomly finding a raw material. Also, what material you find is dependent upon which land you are in (example: you are far more likely to find wood in Loreroot, ore in GG, bones in Necro, fabric in MB) Having/crafting axes or picks or needles increases this chance.[/list] [list][*]Have raw materials age like creatures, with some depreciating in value and some appreciating. Examples include:[/list] wood -> aged wood -> petrified wood -> rotten wood -> mulch, stone -> hard rock -> cracked rock -> fragile rock -> dust, coal -> dark coal -> hardened coal -> pressurized coal -> diamond [list][*]Should there be a limit to the number of items you carry? And should this inventory system be weighted with each item carrying a weight value, or slotted with each item occupying one slot (coins not included in this inventory system)?[*][/list][list][*]To avoid alt abuse, a similar system as the trade advisor should be applied to the transfer of items as well.[/list] These are just some ideas I wanted to share. I know I haven't really addressed the issue of tools like axes and picks, but without a set way of constructing purchasing these tools, I don't know myself. Like I said before, this is just some brainstorming I've done. I apologize if I have infringed upon someone else's idea and feel free to think these ideas are just dumb. AZ P.S - Is this even the right place for this topic?
  3. I would be in full support of such a beastiary where you could view pictures of creatures you've owned in the past and a quick stat summary as well to reference back to requirements of that creature to level. I too have a whole bunch of pictures of creatures I have once owned on my HD and thinks it would be a great idea if MD itself had a feature to record this.
  4. There are tomatoes in my salad, so I name the tomato as an accomplice!
  5. Please be well soon and have a speedy recovery (although that's basically saying the same thing twice I don't care)
  6. Hooray for the cryptic and absolutely random which I never get! Spontaneity?
  7. As far as I know, it happens for both Firefox and Internet Explorer
  8. Name – Azrael Dark Player ID – 18615 Title/Tag – The Silent Reaper Role – An Angel of Death with the role of reaper betrayed by light and imprisoned deep in Inner Necrovion. Time spent there has tainted his wings black and given him powers rooted in dark magic. Seeks to gain control of new found power but still carry out task as a Reaper. Current Commander of Tainted Warriors. Interests – The Summoned Army, Recruitment of new Necrovion Creatures, modification of current creatures, Shades, Black Water Petition – When everything else has abandoned me, Necrovion has always welcomed me with open arms. The serenity and mystery of the sage desert always draws me in and must be protected from the disillusioned outsiders who misinterpret and feel the need to commit violence on this land.
  9. Well, I do see a little bit more of the description text, but the size of the box remains the same [attachment=1317:Clipped Image II.png]
  10. So, this issue is long overdue and I think its about time I should post something about it. I am the proud owner of the item, Skeleton Hand, and from what I see, it has some great artwork. Emphasis on what [i]I see[/i]. The problem is that the box that appears to view the item when I scroll over is too narrow to see the entirety of the item. Now I believe it's a great shame that someone spent work drawing this item and that I'm never able to see the whole thing. Is there any quick fix to resolve this issue? (See attached picture) Thanks, AZ [attachment=1316:Item Clipping.png]
  11. Your thoughts remind me of the ideas presented in the book, [i]Brave New World, [/i]by Adulous Huxley. Should pick it up sometime. It's a good read.
  12. [In regards to Question 1] Maybe one of your ancestors was also bored and happened to have a large surplus of paper did it? [In regards to Question 3] Messenger Pigeons?
  13. Not sure what you mean here Udgard I do strongly agree with you that an alliances represent people who band together under a common cause and symbol. But it is that symbol of the cause that causes the trouble. We're all human so symbols to us represent something important, no matter what the true contents are, only the connotations. If there was any other way to somehow attach that symbol to those truly loyal to the cause more permanently to its members or make it more difficult for a takeover I'm sure it would be done. Right now we have a numerical "Alpha Dog" system in place where high number wins and has absolute say. Maybe if there was a more democratic vote system with a certain percentage of votes needed to kick / recruit a member or vote weighing system within alliances this could settle issues, but who knows, I'm still new to this whole Alliance business AZ
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