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  1. that and if you add a a hiyer lv limet for thes monsters like ading 3 more lvs to the cap. then when you want to mack it stronger you have to mix 2 of the same monster with the same amount of stars together but then the lv cap increass by 6 and so on
  2. i think it a good idea just mack them fight strong monster to get throe. like waryer of the helm.
  3. hi im gona post hello,s in as many ways as i can think of 1:hi 2:hello 3:hey you! 4:howdy 5:whats up 6:morons im back :lol: 7:what yall up to 8:i cant tipe hand langweg 9:stuped get up(when your asleep on my couch :lol: ) 10:give you a wegy(if your a bully ) 11:super wegy(for mega bully) 12:ola 13:yo my dog 14:fart in ther face(couch :lol: ) if you can think of any more reply this post
  4. me like bonuse yea. go bonus!go bonus!go bonus!
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