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  1. Not a good idea for the exact reason Lone Wolf said. Better or much plausible solution would be to take off skill damage when one defending against such players. Skill damage to apply only when the player defending wins. That simple adjustment could make a lot of MP5's come out of hiding.
  2. Yup you seem to agree with me on the implementation side. I would rather not take Eon into the equation and say we should teach the other guy a lesson. Eon is a problem itself far as I see it and is sending the balance of the whole community into pieces and lot of MP5 are not idle (outside of sanctuaries, even a sanctuary is not safe since some random person provides memory stones to take people out and attack) any more due to skill damage. I like the idea of everybody collecting resources otherwise there will be a monopoly of few main accounts and alts. I would rather like to see the syst
  3. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1316267881' post='92123'] really? iv just got 5 for doing nothing from the age achievements. WP's are getting easier and more common. [/quote] Chewett I too have 4 out of the 5 you are talking about but thats like one time isn't it? Its not recurring. So you have 10 crits you need to upgrade and you need a steady flow of WP's. I only have won one WP from Burns others were for age. Another thing you say is its getting easier. Getting for me means its not there still so that makes a certain segment at an distinct advantage. That's my opinion by the w
  4. [quote name='Elthen Airis' timestamp='1316178757' post='92042'] There's also the option where you could spend a Wish Point for an advancement of a certain creature, so that's also a way to neglect the MP requirement. However, you can't neglect it this way in battles. [/quote] For MP5 you can play with the upgraded crit. But my point is you currently have two options which are equally nonviable 1. Go to MP6 (its requirement will change as Mur has indicated but how long? and by then what would be the requirement? will it be gettable to the majority?) 2. It hard enough to earn a WP let alo
  5. I actually think what you propose is good. But how do we as a community enforce or punish the people who deplete resources is the question I have. When you say "dealt accordingly" I do not like that phrase. Since the dealing should be applied to everybody across the board. I will never say it will not work but I think it will not be consistently applied to all players. I'm pretty sure of that. Do you think UN is fair for all? UN for me is a disgrace which is manipulated by powerful countries to their own betterment and economy full stop So I don't want MD to be like UN or have a set which f
  6. Hi, I have the following crits to sell. All of them are not tokened and around 350 age. 1.[s] [b]Reindrac (for immediate sale)[/b][/s] Sold to Lone Wolf for 12 Gc 2. GG drac (will take some time) 3. 5 angien eggs (for immediate sale) Please post your bid here. In case you cannot put it up for some reason pls PM me. I will keep it for about a week and then PM the heighest bidders whom I think has given a fair offer. Also would like to know what would one offer for a nameless angien (tainted or whatever) . This one is just for my info not for sale. According to [url="http://ma
  7. After reading Mur's post on the game development on aged crits I have changed my mind to keep it with me because it might be far worth than 10sc max offer. Mods please close topic
  8. Mods please close topic I got all I wanted - windy
  9. Mindpower advancement for crits looks absolutly ridiculous.

    1. ChildOfTheSoul


      MP advancement for MP5 is what's ridiculous. I can understand 3 and 4. It's just that MP5 is supposed to be the level where you actually stay to fight and train. Ugh.

  10. Hi, First of all I apologies for the fact if I'm asking a question which has been answered before. I have been away from game for a while and recently started playing and lot has changed. I also read an announcement on MP level advancement to get a creature upgraded. Since I'm one of the slow people playing this game I actually could not max my crits before the (my fault) new rule. So I have my angiens which I cannot upgrade. The question I have is this. Does all the crits at some point require MP6 to be upgraded? For angiens I understand because of their importance in the
  11. I seem to have the problem still. My action points do not increase for some reason when a burst is triggered. Any help ?
  12. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1315446068' post='91699'] Yes, I do think that the MP level requirements for creature advancement is a good idea. [/quote] No I do not think its a good idea. All this thing did was to make the super active and stat grinders such as the frequent GGG super privileged.
  13. Hi, I'm interested in selling a water being(id: 151878) I have if a correct price come. [u]Stats[/u] Stored Heat 6275061 Age 1150 Claw2, Claw 3, Emerald Glare and darksky as tokens. If interested PM me in game. BP
  14. I have to partially agree with xreig. Since with the latest developments the door has been closed on many things (I'm not saying it's wrong !!) including the angines (people who take there own time to develop crits has a distinct disadvantage because now to upgrade these one needs to be MP6) and dracs (I have one I must say).... I think it is closing the door on the newbies who actually cannot spend much. I'm 928 old and I don't have any thing rare than the drac that I got from DeathRing before he left the game. So unless the age issue balances out properly it should not hand a distinc
  15. Hi, I want to buy the following crits (with or without tokes)[list] [*]Windy [*]Snowman [*]Tainted Angien [*]Unholy Priest [*][s]Soul weaver[/s] [/list] I have the following to sell[list] [*]Imperial Aramor [*]Marksman [/list] If you have to sell or you want to buy please contact bloodprince in game BP
  16. Pip: I actually know how to get adepts. I'm not a believer of Hunting adapts as well. I did that when this feature came in and I was like pretty new back then. Most of my adepts are not playing anymore maybe alts of some may be not. I will always help any player who asks me if I can help them. But I do not do what the LHO's do or go and say hello as you have mentioned.
  17. I too agree with baiano with this matter. I have been playing this game for sometime now and still cannot get to MP6 because of the fact I cannot get enough adapts. This is what initially prompted only to collect activity days in the game without doing anything else. About the creature update I'm pretty sure I saw some announcement or a post saying that creatures which require higher MP levels will be disabled once the player drops back to a lower level. So my question is what is the purpose of upgrading then? Also the XP upper limit on MP5 restricts most of these people of engaging i
  18. I agree with shadowseeker. Also I would like if the AP requirement is taken away. I think I'm saying the same what shadow says in a different way. Also if changing the AP is not possible I think it should give access to other areas of Golemus like the cannon etc... where people are not allowed to go usually or restricted (not talking about the drachorn layer).
  19. Hmmm Another usable item which is rendered useless with the new development. Anyways it would be nice if it can change the AP requirement within GG to the ones before change upon activation. That would be the only viable use of it as I see it.
  20. Hi, Since GG is accessible to any person with the proper action point requirement what is the purpose of having the GG pass papers? Is it just a usable item which has no value now? BP
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