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  1. I hope the wind will return you to MD one day. Good luck in your journey.
  2. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1321419542' post='95933'] What do you suggest is done about Eon? [/quote] Why do you ask me? Isn't it a thing we as a community should decide??
  3. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1321373704' post='95900'] Actually in the End the Dojo turned into the Sparring ground, which is losely held together by people who still abide by its rules. [/quote] Well not as enforcing as the former right Chewe?
  4. I support Nad in his statement.According to me he is the only dowser who did his work properly. Most of the other dowsers including the citizens of MB has not used the exclusive tools which was provided for them. So punishing Nad due to the zest of doing the job he loves to do in MD is absolutely ridiculous according to my humble opinion. I always believe its good to use all the tools actively rather than flashing it in your inventory without doing anything with it. If one goes by this principle all people who has tools without using them is culpable of the same offense. This also includes
  5. I too think sanctuaries are too much a common place now. From GOE the whole left path through the Fenth's press is a sanctuary. I really did not see a necessity to have sanctuaries in places where public meetings are held and it never happened in the past. But with the recent advancements in the game like giving skill damage to three players can have disastrous proportions if the meeting was not done in a sanctuary. Therefore I agree with Mur on holding public meetings in a sanctuary or making that location a sanctuary. However I also don't like these locations to be a sanctuary forever. So
  6. Oh I edited the page on DOJO with what happened to me Hope that's not a spoiler.
  7. Personally I don't like the fact you need to be online to know the time and location. Maybe location can be kept secret in order for things like items etc... but telling the time would help people a great deal in scheduling their RL stuff. I'm usually not available after about 1800Hrs up until about 0600Hrs server time since I need to sleep and I don't have access to a PC at the place I'm currently based. Other times I can manage with some adjustment so since this is happening at the latter end of day 292 I think I might miss the event as well. This does not mean I do not care. I care
  8. I thought of replying to this post. But this not generally about Grido or to go against him but these are the reasons I see that has created this situation in the first place. I have been in this game long enough (some people might say I was not an active role player bla bla bla but have seen me around well I survived for 964/1248 days and counting ) to know how it has changed for the worst. These are my views and other people in the game might have different views to these. One problem I see is too much power is vested on a single player. I'm not talking about Mur I'm talking about the o
  9. I have the following problem with respect to mirror magic. When a player is under this spell all the other attackers including himself fights their own ritual. So when player A attacks player B who is under the influence of this spell A fights his own crits. The problem I find is this. When A attacks B with 100%(or other values) influence and A wins I find that B has lost its vitality. So my question is does this spell represent an actual mirror? I'm thinking not since a mirror should refelect every thing and damage A's crits and VE. I also think the mirror should reflect the spel
  10. I actually think this is good idea. I fully support MoM and KB in this. There has been many things happening in MD and some people liked it and some did not. For example there was a slave trade in MD sometime back. Hope people can remember that.I think MD as a place of opportunity to try things out and see whether it goes well with the community and whether it could be a part of the community in the long run. May be mur made the dices expecting things like this So let's give this a try and see. Hopefully we will have enough people to make it fun.
  11. I agree with Rendril. I think the question should have bee decomposed into more specific options rather than giving black and white answers. I think I was late by the time I informed Pip. One of my questions would have been "Is conflict of interest forcing Grido not to think clearly", another would be "Should favors etc.. should be done in game because of RL friendship." I'm too lazy to put a pole up for this so I decided to post my Q's
  12. That thread has an inflated price far as I see it. If you are going by that ratio count me out.
  13. I would like to knw who placed the bid for 21 stones. I took 10 stones from Aranna for 1GC. So 21 stone should be around 32 sc. If you go by this tariff I will offer 2GC 2SC
  14. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1317233033' post='92741'] Yes, I have conflicts of interest, so does every other player that has lived or will lived. [will finish this later if required] [/quote] Everybody has conflicts of interest, nice defense. Magnitude of conflict of interest is what matters. Looking at your magnitude of the same offense I think you are very lucky to be in the position you are which reigns power. I don't know why most of the others don't see this. Also I would like to know how did you collect evidence against Phantom Orchid? BP
  15. I need to clarify this point. Phantam orchid is publicly humiliated for a mistake as an example to other LHO's and wanna be LHO's. My question is how consistant are you(grido) in your own methodology? You publicly humiliate a segment and you a have soft corner with a cummulative option for your friends etc... There is a complaint from seigheart in the forum and you say you are not answerable for your actions and say in game you did something. So why not tell us that some punishment out in the open like this one. I absolutly agree with tarq's comment on manipulating the system as
  16. I like this idea. I accidentally pressed the null vote button so could not vote (It should have been Yes for the first Q and no for the next). If its like having a color for each type of attack and crit separately it would be brilliant and easily identifiable.
  17. [quote name='nadrolski' timestamp='1316531479' post='92320'] it is my 3rd week in being an mp5, still learning, still scared of the mp5s who i fear even before, running away from them, and fighting with those mp5s that i see "in-public" that i think i have a chance on winning. that's the way i see the cycle of being a meat in mp5. you are in that mp level in how many months? years? you should know better than anyone else about the 'way of living' in this mp level, but yet you are still complaining about people hiding? good luck on this gimmick of yours [/quote] I have been an
  18. [quote name='nadrolski' timestamp='1316517884' post='92309'] do you really want more people in public ready for duels? or you just want more weak mp5s to come out from dens so you can easily train your critters and stats? [/quote] First one should be the answer. I would like to know how one whould become strong if you don't duel or don't have people to do so. I think you consider yourself as a strong mp5 hence your comment. The first thing is you people don't have a darn clue about the the fighting system but have ranked up many wins thanks to tokens. Some of you people have insane
  19. I like skill damage :P Mur whould have given Eon 1K damage for all skills per attack so he can kill MD or MP5 faster :P.

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      +1 @Xrieg the very point I'm talking about. It seems most people don't get that.

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      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      No, if you see a bank robbery occurring, you don't be a selfish prick and walk the other way.. you walk the other way then call the police and screw the robbers over.

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      +! @Amoran. Pip you should get it at least now :P

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  20. Not a good idea for the exact reason Lone Wolf said. Better or much plausible solution would be to take off skill damage when one defending against such players. Skill damage to apply only when the player defending wins. That simple adjustment could make a lot of MP5's come out of hiding.
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