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  1. Hello Guys Logged in after a while and is in Gateway Island...get me out please 🤣
  2. What other things do you propose?
  3. Hi, I want to sell the following creatures what would be the going price for the following (most cretures have 1 - 5 tokens on them) . Creature and age given below. Water Daimon - 3274 Winderwild *2 - 3273 / 3095 Imp - 3240 /2786 Pope * 3 - 3050 / 2069 / 2069 Joker - 3003 Grasen * 2 - 2998 Blood Archer - 2997 Archer - 2380 Rustgold *2 - 2996/ 2734 Doppelganger - 2614 TS * 2 - 2908, 2109 Angien - 2942/2905 Dark Angien - 2483 Madhorn - 2733 Shade - 2743 Santa - 2738 Reindarch - 2737
  4. Even though its very late....and I just saw the post....thanks . For dst
  5. Well I started playing this game about 4 years ago when my life was not so complicated. With time my activity has gone down and now for about a year or so I just login for the sake of active days and nothing else. So I have decided this accumilating days without doing anything in game which I enjoyed a lot is pointless. I have not decided what to do with my crits or my items for now I will have them with me. Thanks Mur for the great game and all the others for the great fun. You will not see me walking like a ghost around MD anymore I might do the ghost again sometime in distant futu
  6. I like to apply for the post BloodPrince ID:39520 AD: 1170
  7. Yeah... I get the quest over thing. But what I don't like is I was in the tunnel for good 10 days I think and thanks to Windy's and Mya's time zone difference I was totally screwed by the time I got to Kyphis. But I did not like the way it ended. If you send someone in you have to wait until that person looses by getting the Q wrong or get to the end because I can't be present in US to ask Windy and Mya to get up and be online. Big tumbs down for that one.
  8. I would like to know whether all people in the tunnel is transport to the gate of the bored now? Because I was waiting for Kyphis and the drawing he wanted and the next thing I know is I was transported out for no reason. I got no answer wrong. Can somebody please explain.
  9. I was there for sometime recieved nothing from the santa for the all 4 chirstmas's I've been here and the tree throws utterly common Dark Archer always.
  10. Ignnus you are entitled for your own opinion... if you want to neg rep me go ahead an do so it will not change anything though.
  11. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1321881114' post='96338'] Once you have placed a bid, you should be honor bound to make it. Retracting it after making the price go up lots is both rude and plain wrong. BloodPrince you should keep the bid as it is, Or, shadow has the chance to take his bid down to what you took before. You should honor your bids, what you did is untrustworthy and sneaky. [/quote] Chewett I never said Shadow can't do that. I only said I retract nothing about shadow.
  12. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1321876492' post='96333'] Edit: And actually, no, to me the resource is not worth a lot more, on accounts that I can gather them "for free". It takes time, but that's what I have plenty of in MD...but no outlet for. I simply loathe being "scammed" now, because that's simply what it looked like to me. [/quote] Anyone has their own right to feel anything even it is not true.
  13. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1321799624' post='96268'] If someone is just adding 2sc that'll never work..2gc 5sc for sand+fenths. [/quote] Firstly Shadow Starv is selling the Fenths of 295++ and some sand and you bid 2 GC for both. Then I put 2sc up because I thought its worth it simply because of the time one takes to collect all those resources. When I raised 2sc you came out with a nice comment quoted above to say what ever you bid I'm gonna bid higher. You are bidding higher because you know the resource lot is worth higher but you would prefer the low ball. When I bid 4
  14. Starv has already updated the list and it there for everyone to see. I do not want to make myself clear further.
  15. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1321871714' post='96324'] BP, that's pretty lame. If you do not intend to bid, why raise the price? I am refusing to pay the raised price until you give an offer you currently stand at. [/quote] Shadow I have the right to retract or raise my bid and you have that too. You may refuse to pay that's your wish and not my concern and you have no authority what so ever to force me to put a price.
  16. Its awesome to see people get together and do something about Eon but on the other side there is this issue 3 - 4 battles have happened for each cause and the needle was used 6 times to get Eon to that stat level. Anybody fancy him at that stat level? I don't think so. We might have to have a bigger group and a 3 -4 needle sessions and then see the real effects. This is a very good way forward though.
  17. Okay pip what can we do to stop him from depleting resources? Horde the items and get banned? or use the needle which I think is not a good solution or we can use land cleansers to push him out. For that we need a 24 x 7 land police since he/she up for about 18 hours a day
  18. ok i'll add another 2sc to shadows one 2GC 7sc
  19. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1321587328' post='96094'] A needle was used on Keida, you can ask her how it was Also @phantasm and bloodprince: Eon isn't a dictator who needs to be toppled, he's a fellow player and *gasp* a human being. I'm sure Eon would've gotten bored of hunting people long ago if there wasn't so much worrying about it. [/quote] Pip I suggest you look at my response again. I did not say Eon is a dictator I gave an answer to what Phan has written citing dictators. I only said the way the latter two was dealt with. I think you have misinterpreted my answer.
  20. [quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1321529061' post='96021'] "What happens with eon is a phenomenon that happens very often in rl" Aye I have seen it several times myself. [b]Idi Amin Dada[/b] [size=4]Dictator Obiang[/size] Gaddafi [b]Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti[/b] I've seen this way of 'enforcing' ones own paradise many a time in my long years of life. [/quote] Off topic I guess In the latter two cases there was US and a puppet called UN to topple them. Now tell me who is the UN and the US of MD ??
  21. [quote][color=#0000FF][i]"It seems Eon is becoming a problem. I'm not talking about skill damage (even-though its a part of it) but rather other bitchy things Eon has started doing. He has too much power to be contained by most of the MP5's kings/queen's are helpless because any action against him would obviously reverted by Mur. May be because Eon brings a lot of cash to the game which it needs. So it's time to fix Eon if the community think it is a problem."[/i][/color][/quote] First of all I do not have a problem with Eon personally or with its skill damage. Then why am I doing this? Peop
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