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  1. Skyite


    ok...I'll try it
  2. That would suck so much xP
  3. Skyite


    Umm......it's ok Grim xD
  4. Skyite


    Ok, it's edited.
  5. Hello xD. I hope you enjoy the game and make lots of friends!!
  6. Skyite


    It's coming out really good so far xD
  7. Skyite


    Thank you xD!! I hope this list expands~~
  8. Skyite


    So now it seems like alliances are slowly being implemented again~~~ * Lets see how it turns out and watch who will rise or be put to shame xD......... * We might even see the earliest alliances come back and of course new ones emerge____ * Lets just list the ones already here===== Alliance Name -------------------------------- Leader ------------- Active or Not ----------- Homeland 1. Soldiers of the Inner Sun -------------.Muratus del Mur. --------------??? ------------------Marind Bell 2. Guerrilla Golemicarum ------------------Wodin ---------------------------Yes ---------------- Golemicarum 3. Necrovion Sentinels ---------------------??? ------------------------------??? ------------------- Necrovion 4. Guardians of the Root --------------------.Knator Commander. --------Yes -----------------Loreroot 5.The Seekers of Enlightenment ----------- .Chewett. ---------------Yes --------------- Marind Bell 6. | |
  9. *Off topic xP* Not to be annoying or anything..........you can listen to music while it is downloading with some things >_>
  10. Hello and I hope you enjoy the game xD!!!
  11. -8400%???? That is weird..........
  12. It is mostly just a ding........or a scream.......or you can listen to the noise on the homepage.
  13. I like it when there are a bunch of new stories all at once.....xD
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