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  1. hey i am both light and dark and there would be no sabotaging involved though i cant fight myself i can lose to skyite as usual darnit i still cant beat him lol and still cant get into loreroot darn 2nd guard morgana le fey and evoker morganjade have been totally brought up in different ways different creatures different rituals and different play styles the only way anyone would know is if i told them it was me doing both i even play differently except for the darn loreroot guards we are on two totally different paths we both need them dead lol
  2. yes there is but for someone to have those they have to do what i have yet to do finally beat first loreroot guard now the 2nd is doing more damage than me lol though i last all 60 rounds he does more damage to me so i am gonna try with both elemental lvl2's this time with 200% vitality lol love md shop hope it works though my power will be halved for them each it should work i only have 7 power darnit need like 15 or so
  3. my other character Evoker MorganJade is now mp4 and would like to get involved with the test please on the evil side if possible
  4. love it the way it is but one change ritual configuration should be on it so you dont have to attack and you can be in a sanctuary and set up one tha is all other than that it is perfect
  5. that is a great strategy but think of this life stealers in the front and archers in the back the life stealers would heal themselves and the archers would continue to do damage that would completly make for a win if you cant attack them they cant be harmed so it would unbalance the archer to make it one of the strongest creatures they should then be in loreroot which i am still unable to go into grrrr lvl 2 elementals -2 lvl 2 grasan -1 lvl 2 dark archers -2 lvl 1 grasan -1 egg -1 (7k vitality one ) got so lucky i got this but age again i hate it but it is there for a reason still cant beat them
  6. i am newly mp4 and my stats are well very crappy compared to some mp3 guys my creatures are my life blood and sacrificing them now would be a lot of losses for me getting the time to lvl them all up and then sacrificing them is hard work so the bonuses should reflect that hard work stats help out so much at mp4 especially newly one like me i do like the system but i have just got a lvl 3 creature why am i gonna sac him for only a little bonus and the max is 5 sacs and then you cant move no action points then so i say the system needs just a little upgrading for lower lvl creatures i get my but kicked often so it isneeded a little boost for ppl like me lol
  7. MY characters name is Morgana Le Fey no lowercases you have me in their 2 times one with lower cases one with out though i would like 2times the benefit i dont think that would be fair
  8. it could be really good if thought through very carefully i read all posts that is why i am sending you this message sorry if i bother you but i do believe it is a really good idea and i can elaborate and better describe things than they can as i have seen i believe a lottery weekly: 1 prize goes to the winner -cannot win for another month the prize is a random gift of say 100 max vp at mp3 the prize is a random gift of say 500 max vp at mp4 the prize is a random gift of say 1000 max vp at mp5 or something along those lines that will give everyone in the game a reason to play it 1 ticket costs 1 shop dollar which obviously you have to buy but you hold a weekly drawing you could choose 1 winner from each or just 1 winner the person who wins must be online when the drawing goes other wise they donot get the prize cause it will magically be sent and if that player does not know where it is sent then they will lose it also other prizes could be in the form of a riddle that tells where a new creature just for you could be found a creature though not super strong but a little better than the average mp3 player can get say like a creature such as a loreroot guardian but not so since most mp3 players cant get there it will be something they cherish for ever lol mp4 players need other things like stats for instance add 5 points to the stat of your choice one time deal only and if you are not online no good for you mp5 the biggest and baddest of them all what do they need adventure give them a riddle to unlock something new in the game just for them a way to use their experience and knowledge about the game and satisfy their time keeping them online for this will be easier they are challenges they can do and them alone which will encourage them to participate these are just some of the things you can buy with your once a week ticket available only one day a week your choice of days though i would suggest sunday less likely for ppl to be at work then you only have one in the md shop for them to buy so they cant abuse it one entry per week and one or more winners per week based on the ratio of mp3 mp4 and mp5 players if you have say 10000 mp3s then 1 winner is good but for it to be fair you might need to have a runner up with half of the winners gift say if you have 3000 mp4s then 1 winner is good and 500 mp5s 1 winner is good gives them a reason to get to mp5 more chances to win thank you for your time
  9. added imagination now that i am mp4 next will be time always have to have time on our side
  10. not quite i have always 2 filled heat bubbles i used both right after sacking 2 creatures and it said over 4k max then i sacked anotheer andit said overdrive or something like that and had a phenoix picture in the sun like thingy 4k is not the max and i got a good as hell stat gain in that fight it was against the shop guardian 2 and i won like atotal of 4 or 5 points not .5 total rounded up it was alot
  11. the fact that another player is stronger or weaker than another is merely one assuming that they can win against him the true term is how difficult the rituals they use are everyone can be beaten i am a new mp5 and i creamed everyone at mp3 and most at mp4 the ritual i have now has like 65 wins and 0 losses on it it gives over 1k vitality boost lol yummy though when all my creatures diei lose it i will be so angry i will have to make another but hey mp5 is supposed to be harder and watch out loreroot guys i am coming for you again and your awesome stat gain and xp here comes max heat and stat gain at mp5 hopefully but it isn't all about the creatures i use as of right now and i own most rituals i am currently almost done upgrading my elementals and archers they need age darnit lol lol @ black scyther ---nope i defeated the loreroot guards with the creatures you said aswell as i have just about the exact creatures you have here is my hint what is your power stat trust me it helps mp5 now newly lol attack is higher as well as defense but omg does luck ever go up
  12. i will volenteer i am mp4 newly though i am wanting to be on either side A or B mostly the good side lol i am good natured at heart lol every now and then
  13. faster i do like this game quite alot there is alot of skill needed to play this sucessfully especially since i started almost 3 days ago and have been kicking butt though i am not that bad i have something like 39 wins with 22 losses losing is so much more painful than winning i rather dont like to have to lose but hey arent you supposed to learn from your losses as much as your wins though honor is harder to come by it is fun and entertaining and the graphics on the game are very indepth and much to be appreciated adding new things means new and more vivid drawings and the overall difficulty will not be repeating anything to much i think that the story should be able to go a little faster but have the option to slow it down like the 24 hour meditation i will be using that also i rather need the boost lol i only have 4985 vital and 1985 value that dont get you much but a good attack and no armor hardly at all i have to attack like 5 or 6 ppl and win then click on banners just to maybe be ableto get a new peice of armor thank you for this great and amazing game but age is killin me having to wait 24 hours to upgrade any creatures and some 5 or 6 days that is what needs to speed up the most i think it will get ppl to log on a bit more often rather than once a day or so
  14. i chose darkness elemental and light i botched that one up didnt i only mind power 3 for now ill make changes if needed but i think i shouldnt have chosen light and darkness at the same time but probably something else but adding the elemental magic to darkness and light might make stronger magic possible like white fire or black ice something stronger than just plain elemental magic
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